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Jacob Moses recommends Fuji Automotive

August 12th 2023

Some of the best automotive salesmen I've ever met!! Awesome quality, good humor, and amazing selections and deals! Couldn't have asked for a better experience or laughs shared in the shop. Absolutely recommend anyone to go here and share the same experience I've had!!

Theresa Maria recommends Fuji Automotive

August 9th 2023

This was hands down, the best car buying experience I have ever had! These guys are not only knowledgeable but were fun, and helpful throughout the entire process! They took the time and found me the perfect car. There was no uncomfortable negotiation process or price gauging. The environment was relaxed, with an open door policy. No question went unanswered and response time was quick, (I had a lot of questions).I wanted some updates done on my vehicle and they made arrangements for me with an English speaking mechanic that specialized on my car’s specific model. Then, they made sure I was satisfied with the work when it was finished. They even assisted me with the shipping process and helped me junk my old car as a courtesy. All in all, this company is client centered and it’s reputation speaks for itself!

Kevin Rich recommends Fuji Automotive

August 2nd 2023

Fuji Automotive gets 5+ stars from us!
When you've just moved overseas and need a car, it's not the easiest thing to find and trust. But Paul and Joel at Fuji really take the stress out of the process and make it fun. They took the whole, mysterious process of buying and registering a car here in Japan and turned it into a no stress, low hassle and fun experience. They have a great selection to choose from, and they make sure you are happy with your choice.
They went above and beyond to assist us with a registration and paperwork issue we had, and took care of it for us!! We highly recommend Fuji Automotive for buying a car when you have just PCS'd to Yokosuka. Paul and Joel were simply the best and we had a blast getting our car from them! Thanks guys, you made things so easy!

Dallas Lewis recommends Fuji Automotive

June 30th 2023

These guys are, straight up, a pleasure to work with. They were very informative, accommodating, no pressure, and handled everything with professionalism. I am very happy with my new car and will continue to do business with them in the future.

Nathan "Jai" Ng recommends Fuji Automotive

June 28th 2023

Very nice place to get used cars and great deals. Recommend walking in to have a sit down with them because they have a lot more options then you might think. They will also assist you throughout the entire car buying and registration process. You will surely not regret coming here!

Durel Thegreatone Dennis recommends Fuji Automotive

June 25th 2023

Absolutely THE BEST customer service I have experienced from a car dealer in a long time. Paul was very upfront and helpful! I told him a summary of what I was looking for and within less than a week, I am driving! I appreciate how well himself and his team stayed engaged with me throughout the process! I absolutely love this vehicle and I truly love the service! Believe me, they are rated 5 stars for a great reason and no they did not force me to write this lol. If you are ever in Japan, please please make this your first stop to get yourself in a vehicle that you want quickly! Thank you guys for the help! See you all around!

Joesph Harrison recommends Fuji Automotive

June 24th 2023

awesome service and got me a great car!!

Durel Dennis recommends Fuji Automotive

June 15th 2023

Absolutely THE BEST customer service I have experienced from a car dealer in a long time. Paul was very upfront and helpful! I told him a summary of what I was looking for and within less than a week, I am driving! I appreciate how well himself and his team stayed engaged with me throughout the process! I absolutely love this vehicle and I truly love the service! Believe me, they are rated 5 stars for a great reason and no they did not force me to write this lol. If you are ever in Japan, please please make this your first stop to get yourself in a vehicle that you want quickly! Thank you guys for the help! See you all around!

MomoKoh3 recommends Fuji Automotive

June 7th 2023

Don't look anywhere else!! Fuji Automotive has all the cars you need at the price you are looking at. If they don't have your car in the inventory, they will get it at the auction for you!! Paul, Joel and Zoltan will hold your hands and guide you through all of the things you need to get your cars under your name and registered.

Lonnie Hall recommends Fuji Automotive

June 3rd 2023

It was a great transaction, and I would recommend him if you want a better fast and very reliable service.

Blake Asher recommends Fuji Automotive

May 28th 2023

Quality cars at a good price

Michael Francis recommends Fuji Automotive

May 27th 2023

Absolutely the best! Don't mess around with other imitators or 'cheap' copy-cats. If you need automotive assistance go to the professionals at Fuji Automotive! Paul, Joel and Eddy are the experts you can rely on to provide the best car advice and assistance here in Japan. With Fuji Automotive you will receive quality service, support, and professional expertise that's not based on sales but genuine customer satisfaction.

I was looking for a specific car model, about 3 years old, and I had done my research and had a specific budget in mind. During an auction search the Fuji Automotive staff found the car model I wanted with unspecified reserve price. We made an offer which was accepted by the seller and I ended up purchasing a brand-new version of the car I wanted. Not only that but the car was fully loaded, with all available options, and was the top of the line model with only 600 kilometers. I could not believe it!

The Fuji automotive staff told me I was lucky and likely saved $6000, but I went to the local dealers and looked at the same car where they were $8K-$11K more than the car I was buying.

Last I would like say that Paul, Joel & Eddy also went the extra mile to make the deal perfect. When the car arrived there was a blemish on the finish of the rear alloy wheel, and Fuji Automotive didn't just fix it.....they got a brand new replacement alloy rim so the car looked perfectly brand new.

Bottom-line: Because of pro's at Fuji Automotive I was able to purchase my brand new car for thousands of dollars less than the competitive price of the same car that is 2-3 years old. They exceeded my every expectation.

Dean Caniban recommends Fuji Automotive

May 27th 2023

Phenomenal customer service. Won a car off auction from these guys, but the driver side window was broken upon arrival. They immediately sent a tech to my house, and are actively assisting me in getting parts. Buy from these guys, the're great.

Stephan Pulver recommends Fuji Automotive

May 26th 2023

Fuji Automotive Japan is absolutely outstanding. They took me in, fed me coffee, engaged all my silly questions, and most important made me feel like family. As an added bonus they sold me this absolute gem (almost mint) of a car at a steal of a price. The wonderful staff made the whole process an amazing experience. I can’t stress enough just how amazing they are. Joel, Eddie, Zoltan (apologies if I misspell), and Paul are absolutely wonderful, genuine people that have amazing stories and strive to make the car buying process an unforgettable and personal experience. I wasn’t just $$$ (or ¥¥¥) to them and that is extremely rare in todays cash grab society. I give these guys 2 giant thumbs up and a big goofy grin (the equivalent of 5 stars, just better). I highly recommend paying them a visit if you find yourself looking for car with no hassle. Thank you guys for making this an enjoyable, comfortable process and letting me drink all your coffee.

Frank Cary Fregeau recommends Fuji Automotive

May  24th 2023

Great experience buying a car from Fuji Automotive. They made the process simple and easy. Even provided a pamphlet to guide me through the process on base for purchasing a car. 10/10 Highly recommend!

Mark Sidranski recommends Fuji Automotive

May 22nd 2023

If you’re in Yokosuka looking for a vehicle, hard to find or vintage, these are your guys. Fantastic service, super communication and really friendly. Extremely happy with my new Jimny!

Paul Meany recommends Fuji Automotive

May 17th 2023

Fuji Auto is fantastic! Everybody is knowledgeable and very accommodating. They helped me not only find my car, but navigate the convoluted paperwork process to finalize the purchase. Would highly recommend!

Ed Vitti recommends Fuji Automotive

May 12th 2023

Just picked up my new Mini, as many of you know I actually work at Fuji Automotive and not only do I stand behind the cars we sell, I also brought my own car from my place of work because the pricing was unbeatable and when it comes to spending my own money, just like the military we serve I know money is hard to get but easy to spend so I saved so much buying it here. This 2014 Mini Cooper S cost me under $4,200. Find that deal anywhere else.

Daniel Nailes recommends Fuji Automotive

May 9th 2023

5 Star Service! I strongly recommend Fuji Automotive if you're looking for a car. I found the exact car I wanted on their Facebook page and literally sent a message at around 7 or 8pm and they got back to me 10 min later! Their response times are very quick. Eddie, Paul, and Joel offered outstanding customer service, professionalism, knowledge, and were honest throughout the whole process. They're also pretty funny. They explain everything very well and they don't pressure you into buying a car. Prices are very good considering that they take care of their cars and make sure that they're good to go. After driving away with the car, the entire staff promises to provide their continuous support and recommendations. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend Fuji Automotive to anyone, any day.

Alicia Griffin Fregeau recommends Fuji Automotive

May 6th 2023

Very affordable cars, accommodating staff. They understood the guidance foreigners needed to purchase a car in a new country. They're also very pleasant to talk to. Gave me lots of advice from home shopping down to the best wifi to purchase. I'll always recommend Fuji! Thanks Paul!

Chris Froggy Fregeau recommends Fuji Automotive

May 5th 2023

Fuji auto is a 5 star dealership. I have dealt with shady dealerships stateside and this is by far the non shadiest. So not shady it's sunny. These guys handled every piece of paperwork they were allowed to touch where I didn't have to be present, which is a godsend in Japan. They addressed every concern and issue my wife and I had with the vehicle we were purchasing, which for a 4000 dollar car who has to really do that. They are interested in marketing through happy customers and getting us the best deal they can, not going in our pockets for a quick profit. They were friendly, honest and most importantly genuine humans in a world of fake ones. I highly recommend these guys and I will be making another purchase and perhaps sell back before I leave beautiful Yokosuka. Thanks to Paul and the team at Fuji Automotive for the least painful experience I could ask for in a difficult place to communicate.

Matthew Sierra recommends Fuji Automotive

May 3rd 2023

Fantastic auto broker!!!

Paul and Fuji Automotive go above and beyond for their customers. Paul is a dependable and trustworthy professional due to his unmatched passion and industry knowledge. He listens carefully to your needs from the minute you contact him and works relentlessly to locate the greatest bargains for you.

Paul kept me informed and up to date with the latest auctions and the most recent bids throughout the entire process. I had the winning bid on a pristine and low mileage Mitsubishi Evolution 7 in French Blue for a great price, which completely surpassed my expectations, thanks to his market knowledge and negotiating skills.

Additionally, we had previously worked with Paul when purchasing a Toyota Voxy for our growing family, and that experience was just as great. Paul took the time to understand our needs and preferences, and found us the perfect car to fit our family. It's clear that Paul is a car broker who truly cares about his clients and their needs, which is why we returned to him when we wanted to acquire our dream car through an auction bid.

He is a very likable person and simple to talk to. He'll always be eager to address your questions and concerns, and is patient and attentive. You can rely on him to treat your car purchase with the utmost expertise and attention.

Fuji Automotive is an outstanding choice for a car broker. They are a superb option for anyone wishing to place an auction bid on their dream car due to their knowledge, commitment to military members, and professionalism. Get in touch with them if you need assistance with your upcoming auto purchase.

Reinaldo Algea recommends Fuji Automotive

May 2nd 2023

It was a pleasure working with everyone at Fuji Automotive. The staff there were very responsive whenever I had a question. The staff at the dealership were able to help me find exactly what I was looking for and even checked to make sure there were no issues with the vehicle before showing it to me. My kids loved visiting their shop and chatting. I plan to buy a second vehicle from them in the next few months.. I would definitely recommend.

Reinaldo Algea recommends Fuji Automotive

May 2nd 2023

It was a pleasure working with everyone at Fuji Automotive. The staff there were very responsive whenever I had a question. The staff at the dealership were able to help me find exactly what I was looking for and even checked to make sure there were no issues with the vehicle before showing it to me. My kids loved visiting their shop and chatting. I plan to buy a second vehicle from them in the next few months.. I would definitely recommend.

Damian Arrerdondo recommends Fuji Automotive

April 28t2023

The staff is truly helpful and will work with you on what vehicle is right. They were patient and very friendly, definitely recommend them for vehicles!

Wade Takahashi recommends Fuji Automotive

April 28th 2023

Paul and staff are super friendly and easy to work with without sales pressure, they are very knowledgeable in what they do and are transparent on all costs, they accommodated our specific requests, and we got a great car! Thank you again!

Cheryl Washington recommends Fuji Automotive

April 19th 2023

I truly recommend Fuji automotive Paul and his staff are great. Paul truly understood what I wanted in a car and went out of his way to make sure that I got the car I wanted. Very good person. I would highly recommend him.

Wren B. Talde recommends Fuji Automotive

April 18th 2023

Extremely competent, committed with solid communication. Mr. Paul's detailed instructions made the process go very smoothly. Desired vehicle was quickly and efficiently acquired well under budget. Definitely recommended for anyone new to Yokosuka! Outstanding customer service. Thank you for the wonderful experience, Team Fuji Automotive!

Jeff Kuhlman recommends Fuji Automotive

April 14th 2023

Hands down the best used car dealer in Yokosuka!! Paul and his team found a car that met all of my requirements in under 48 hours. I'm a repeat customer and even 3 years later Paul remembered me.

Ruben Arias recommends Fuji Automotive

April 7th 2023

Great place to buy a car. Staff is nice and friendly. They will answer any questions you have, and walk you through the whole process. They take care of their customers.

Justin Chavez recommends Fuji Automotive

April 4th 2023

Highly recommended! The process from start to finish was smooth as can be. Customer service was on point and I never felt pressured to buy. I will be coming back for all my car needs. The family and I are very happy with our Toyota Voxy!

Ron Singer recommends Fuji Automotive

March 30th 2023

So 5+ stars. Great group and really appreciate the service. I was looking for a specific car at a specific price and they knocked it out of the park for me. I would definitely recommend this group if looking for a vehicle.

Tim Willis recommends Fuji Automotive

March 27th 2023

What else can I say about Paul and his team...If you are looking for that one off car you have been dreaming about owning while in Japan or just looking for a grocery getter, then Fuji Auto is the place to go. Don't go anywhere else but FUJI AUTOMOTIVE. Recently had an issue with a wall and my back bumper/rear door. Paul set everything up for the repairs and it only took a week to fix my car. They are true professionals and a real pleasure to work with.
Paul and his team were very professional and were of big help to me when I arrived. I knew what I wanted, and they went right to work finding me the car. I knew in about 1 hour that the car was going to be mine. Took a few days to get it to Yokosuka and LTO, but the process by Fuji Auto was smooth. If you are in the market for a car, stop looking and see Paul.

Samuel Sternney recommends Fuji Automotive

March 24th 2023

I rarely leave a review but the customer service from Fuji Automotive is second to none. Paul and his team are excellent and put the customer first in all aspects of their business. Not only is their car selection great, their experience with the car auction process means they can help you get whatever car you’re interested in. For anyone is who is living in Japan from another country, Fuji Automotive handles the paperwork process and makes it extremely easy registering your car in Japan. Cannot recommend Fuji Automotive enough for anyone interested in a quality car and an honest and trustworthy car buying experience.

Tyler Fuselier recommends Fuji Automotive

March 19th 2023

I recently purchased an Audi from them and their helpfulness and communication was outstanding. they help me find the car I wanted even after changing my mind a few times. they searched the auctions and would update me with pictures and had very good response time when I had questions. would highly recommend them to anyone for their future car purchases.

Allana Lau recommends Fuji Automotive

March 14th 2023

Great bunch of guys!! Fun, easy going and absolutely no pressure to buy. Was able to stroll in and out of shop and when I was ready, Joel was kind and helpful in finding me a cute simple car to explore Japan in. Highly recommend this small business. Honest, sincere and the absolute best. Go visit them soon as the vehicles disappear quick…

Ben Young recommends Fuji Automotive

March 11th 2023

Paul and his team are the best in town and they have earned that title. They are not concerned with selling you a car, they are there to help you and figure out what is best for you. I was very picky when searching for my Land Cruiser, I was looking for very specific features and add ons. Paul and his team never tried to push a car on me or to change what I wanted to make their jobs easier. They worked with me (for a long time) until I found exactly what I was looking for at my price point. Paul doesn’t run a typical car dealership, they will give you their honest opinions and work with you to help you make the best choice.

James Munn recommends Fuji Automotive

March 3rd 2023

MY REVIEW for posting Message I’m a REPEAT customer for a REASON!!! I bought my first car from Paul three years ago just after arriving and had a great experience. It was small, but it helped me get accustomed to driving around the narrow roads and parking in the small spaces of Japan. This time, I knew exactly what Make and Model I wanted. With access to the live auctions, Paul and Joel found a few vehicles in no time. After a couple of close bids I won the vehicle I was looking for. FANTASTIC experience!!! Paul really knows his business and gives his very best to assisting the military community. There is a lot of paperwork to do in buying a car, but they will walk you through it and make it as hassle free as possible. I concur with all the other reviews. Don’t waste your time with the rest, go with the best, Fuji Automotive!!!

Osvaldo Rios recommends Fuji Automotive

March 2nd 2023

Massive shout out to the guys @Fuji Automotive Japan, not only were they willing to help me find what i wanted they also helped me find a great deal and an amazing car, cant recommend them enough

Matthew Dimmick recommends Fuji Automotive

March 1st 2023

Really friendly guys here that give good deals to good cars. Worked with me to get my car fast and will help out with issues that might come up in the future!

Roy Caasi recommends Fuji Automotive

February 22nd 2023

Paul, Joel, and the rest of the Fuji Automotive staff have been a pleasure to work with. I came into their establishment and told them what I wanted in a vehicle. Right away, Paul gave me options to choose from, as well as recommended what may be the best choice. And he was right!
He found me the vehicle I wanted, and ensured that we get it (even if it was after hours). Paul and Joel were very communicative on the process, and provided me status updates along the way. My expectations were greatly met, and such amazing customer service!
Thank you Fuji Automotive for the hassle free experience!

Alexandria Sifuentes recommends Fuji Automotive

February 18th 2023

Fuji Automotive is AMAZING!!! The entire staff are super upbeat and friendly. You can just tell they truly love their job. Paul was so helpful and patient with me to ensure I was getting EXACTLY what I wanted. They made the whole process easy, fun, and stress free! I truly enjoyed my whole experience and I absolutely LOVE my little wannabe VW Sambar van

Majhzel Ramas recommends Fuji Automotive

February 18th 2023

Easy 10/10!! Joel, Paul and their team were super helpful, understanding, and very amiable. Their way of connecting to their customers is second to none. First time I've experienced such an amazing treatment! I would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone as much as possible. If you are new to the team and reading this as one of over 150 reviews here on this page, trust in all of our testimonies. They are 5 stars for a reason. Based on their reputation, I didn't even bother looking at any other dealerships that were in close proximity from them. Team Fuji Automotive family and I are very grateful to your team. Thank you for making us part of the family and we definitely felt it!

Kristina Mihaylova recommends Fuji Automotive

February 18th 2023

Great service from start to finish. Paul will do all the paperwork and will explain the requirements. No tricks or gimmicks, the team at Fuji Motors will be honest with you. Their cars are clean and appear in good condition. Would buy from them again!

Ama Paz recommends Fuji Automotive

February 16th 2023

This review is to provide insight, facts, and perspective on Fuji Automotive; PCS’ing to Japan has been a unique experience for my family, with unfamiliar stressors; Japanese phone company was significantly more expensive compared to my $25 ATT unlimited plan stateside, My family and I were required to find lodging off base (paying upward to $8K)and dealing with base housing have been a roller coaster of emotions, my husbands pay issues, new schools, and adjusting to new stores and higher prices with less money. Our next task was car buying; The husband and I bent our ears to the horror stories of purchasing vehicles in Japan; JCI, VRO, insurance, inspections, parking limitations, etc. purchasing both our cars was the easiest thing the husband and I have dealt with in Japan because of Fuji Automotive, There is no ulterior motive and no deception, just an honest team trying to help you purchase a car that you desire. They take care of everything and they provide step-by-step instructions for the base registration. I applaud how much of a stand-up guy Paul is and how effective his team operates. Thank you! Amabel Paz


Subaru, Audi TT

Pray-alot Buns recommends Fuji Automotive

February 14th 2023

First and foremost, there are so many used car dealers around base and some of those dealers are some shady characters! I went to Paul because he had a good “word of mouth” reputation and positive reviews from people that recommended him. I bought cars from other dealers before and it was a hassle! Paul and his team were very easy to work with and it was a smooth process.

Paul and his team were very friendly and they know the car business here in Japan. I wanted a cruiser van to lug around my surfboards and take long road trips and I also wanted to modify this van and take it back to U.S. also. Paul looked up the auctions site daily and sent me vehicles that he thought I might be interested based on what I told him I wanted! He was very patient and responded to all my questions fast! I didn’t get nothing but a positive interaction from him! We found the van I was looking for and he got me on the road super fast! If you need a car, head over to Paul and his crew at Fuji Automotive!! If you’re looking for JDM cars to ship him….go to Paul! I know I will when I buy that dream Land cruiser Diesel I want to ship home!!! Thanks Fuji Automotive for the great service!!

Brian Zacha recommends Fuji Automotive

February 4th 2023

5 STARS!!!!!!!! These guys are top notch and will go out of their way to take care of you! My family will definitely be back and my friends will all hear me rave about them. I highly recommend Fuji Automotive, nothing but the best and extremely helpful every step of the way! I appreciate you guys and thanks again!

Justin Blackstom recommends Fuji Automotive

February 2nd 2023

I was in the market for a very specific car and Paul was more than willing to help me out. He and his team were incredibly helpful and super responsive. They made the whole process incredibly easy and straight forward. I HIGHLY recommend them! Doesn’t matter what you’re in the market for (rare, routine, safe and reliable.. etc) Paul and his team will make sure you leave a happy customer. 10 out of 10 would use again!

Bella Eslao Padillo recommends Fuji Automotive

January 26th 2023

Already had a car in mind, and good thing they have it in stock.. Paul and Joe gave us a superb customer service and the process was smooth. This is not your typical dealership, they are honest and very helpful, and made sure you are happy with the car. To Paul and the team you guys rock!

Definitely recommend Fuji Automotive!

Ron Magtanong recommends Fuji Automotive

January 23rd 2023

***** 5 stars! The Fuji Automotive team makes getting your used car in Japan really easy! Initially I wanted to procure my car on-base as I thought it would be easy, but was not pleased with the selection at the base re-sale lot at the time. I heard about Fuji Automotive from a colleague at work, and decided to give them a shot. I was impressed with their selection, and also liked the idea of potentially getting a car I want through auction (they are willing to do this for you) if I needed to. Luckily, they had a car in stock (Nissan Murano) that my family and I liked, and it was much cheaper and in better condition than a similar model on-base. These guys even walk you through the process of getting your car registered on-base, and even go to the LTO in Yokohama at no additional cost. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Jamie Lambertsen recommends Fuji Automotive

January 23rd 2023

Everyone at Fuji was so welcoming and understanding of the type of car we needed for our small family! They were very helpful with the car process and having the time for us to look at cars. I would recommend them to anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of getting a car in Japan themselves, They were wonderful!

Bella Eslao Padilla recommends Fuji Automotive

January 20th 2023

Already had a car in mind, and good thing they have it in stock.. Paul and Joe gave us a superb customer service and the process was smooth. This is not your typical dealership, they are honest and very helpful, and made sure you are happy with the car. To Paul and the team you guys rock!

Definitely recommend Fuji Automotive!

Kevin Borges recommends Fuji Automotive

January 20th 2023

Second car I've gotten from them. Awesome! will go for a third with them too!

Dan Lum recommends Fuji Automotive

January 7th 2023

Paul and his team went above and beyond to help my family and I. they didn't have a car in stock that fit our needs so the Fuji Automotive team went on the hunt and found the perfect car for us. Super friendly, knowledgeable staff. highly recommend.

Ruben Maldonado recommends Fuji Automotive

January 20th 2023

It was a simple and easy process! Went in and gave my inputs they had what I was looking for! Definitely recommend them!

Stephanie Takase Miwa recommends Fuji Automotive

January 18th 2023

Huge thank you to Paul and the team for helping us find the perfect car for our family no matter how long it took! The first car we chose ended up having some issues and they graciously went on the hunt to find us a replacement that had everything we not only needed but wanted as well at an amazing price. They took the time to sell us the RIGHT car not just any car to make some money. We had negative experiences at other dealers and were blown away by the kindness and efficiency of Fuji Auto. Don’t go anywhere else for your car needs! The process in Japan can be cumbersome but they make it as smooth and easy as possible for you which is much appreciated! Thanks again guys!

Matthew William Salazar recommends Fuji Automotive

January 17th 2023

The best in the business!! Highly recommended for anyone looking for special orders or family vehicles, Fuji Automotive Japan has it all. Paul Wright and his staff are very professional and go out of their way to help and exceed all expectations. I was very pleased with the selection and buying process. If you want the best deals and a pleasant buying experience, look no further this is the place! Thank you Fuji Automotive for all your help.

Elkin Vanegas recommends Fuji Automotive

January 16th 2023

My family and I m are extremely glad that we reached out to Mr. Paul Wright from Fuji Automotive for our 2011 Honda Fit Hybrid! He was prompt, friendly, and passionate to help us find the right vehicle for us. His professionalism and transparency is what made me want to do business with him. I will gladly reach out to him for our future vehicle needs. 100% Recommend his services for those new to this area.

Joe Gard recommends Fuji Automotive

January 1st 2023

Great place and great people. The amount of effort these men put into their work is admirable, and you can guarantee that Paul will get you a great car. 10/10 would recommend to all, especially military members looking to drive here in Japan

JJ Effern Paz recommends Fuji Automotive

December 28th 2022

This is not your typical state-side, off-base military dealership that’ll rip you off every opportunity that presents itself.

This military-friendly dealership wants your business and they prove this by the amount of time they spend showing you cars and how they’ll take care of all the little things - Japanese paperwork - seamless process (which you’ll have to do on your own typically). The best part about Paul is his no-pressure sales pitch; if you don’t like what you see, he will not pressure you into buying; Seldomly you meet a genuine salesperson; Thank you for earning my business “Fuji Automotive”

Louise Kudo recommends Fuji Automotive

December 28th 2022

Couldn’t have had a better experience buying a car. Paul made it super easy and we are very happy with our little car! Would highly recommend to anyone, especially if you’ve never bought a car in Japan before. If we ever buy another we will definitely come back.

Vicky Millicker recommends Fuji Automotive

December 15th 2022

I was extremely clueless on the whole car buying process on my own, especially in a new country. I was recommended the “dealership outside the gate” from my peers and I was glad I checked it out! The Fuji Automotive team made the entire process fast and easy. The entire team made me feel welcomed and was straight-forward about the pros/cons of each of the cars I was interested in. After about 2 weeks of driving the car I bought from the shop, I can see that I made the right decision! If you’re being stationed in mainland Japan for the new few years and need a car I HIGHLY suggest checking out them out!

Aaron Justin recommends Fuji Automotive

December 23rd 2022

Very professional and helpful. They are flexible with your budget and will do the best day can to fit you with the car that you want regardless of the brand. Got a 2008 Audi A4 with 30k kilometers for a very affordable price! Only paul and his team can get you the best quality cars.

Christopher Doran recommends Fuji Automotive

December 22nd 2022

I been dealing with Paul for the last 5 years. Him and his crew above and beyond. I told them what I was looking for, even they didn’t have it in stock they spent countless hours looking through auctions until they found the perfect car. Once all the paperwork came in we was driving it the next day. I will always go back. They are always my first choice over anyone. Trust me you wouldn’t be disappointed. I recommend them 1000% and will stand by that.

KC Marana Julius recommends Fuji Automotive

December 16th 2022

Absolutely loved our car shopping experience with Fuji! Giving them 100/10! Paul, Joel, and Eddie made it real easy. They were honest and very easy to deal with. Answered all our questions and more. They went above and beyond. Now we drive two wonderful vehicles that we definitely love!

We will definitely recommend them to anybody who’s new to Yokosuka! Need a car? Fuji Automotive is the way to go.

Click Bridges recommends Fuji Automotive

December 15th

Outstanding customer service Paul and his staff go well beyond what’s expected. I have purchased two autos and I am very pleased thanks Paul

Den Lopez recommends Fuji Automotive

December 14th 2022

From start to finish the care for the customer was humble, consistent and caring. A good customer experience starts with how the customer is treated but what makes this place great is apparent happiness every employee has from working there. Cars are cars and if they work and met your need is dependent on way more then the person that sold it to you. To that the staff cares this much about process directly represents the process they took in buying these vehicles. My final note is that the British is not just a salesman but a pretty cool dude as well!

Al Perry recommends Fuji Automotive

December 14th  2022

Fantastic service--Paul and the team at Fuji are friendly, honest, and upfront about every step of the car-buying process. No hidden fine print, no surprises at the finish line, cars are in good shape, and they really do care about continuing the relationship beyond physically buying the car. We had a great experience at Fuji and highly recommend newcomers to Yokosuka in need of a car give them a call!!

James Farley recommends Fuji Automotive

December 10th 2022

I had a vehicle completely crap the bed on me out of no where. The Gents at Fuji auto not only helped me find a great vehicle under budget but were even kind enough to help me out with a loaner to get me to work and back when I needed it. Truly great service and even better choice of vehicles. Would recommend 10 out of 10 !

George Wilson recommends Fuji Automotive

December 6th 2022

AMAZING service! I’ve bought a few cars in my time and dealt with some “interesting” sales personnel, but the people at Fuji Automotive are true professionals. By far my best experience purchasing a vehicle. They went out of their way to make sure I got what I was looking for. They truly care about their customers.

Tim Willis recommends Fuji Automotive

December 1st  2022

Paul and his team were very professional and were of big help to me when I arrived. I knew what I wanted and they went right to work finding me the car. I knew in about 1 hour that the car was going to be mine. Took a few days to get it to Yokosuka and LTO, but the process by Fuji Auto was smooth. If you are in the market for a car, stop looking and see Paul.

E Ang recommends Fuji Automotive

November 21st 2022

My experience with Fuji Automotive was great throughout, making the process of obtaining a car extremely easy and stress-free for me. They were upfront and fair with price, also laid out step-by-step the entire process. Awesome customer service, Joel was very nice and helpful. 5/5 would recommend to any service member new to Yokosuka.

Bryan Dodge recommends Fuji Automotive

November 17th 2022

Great experience overall, got the car at a fair and competitive price. They also took time to explain all the steps to get the car to me, registered, and onto base.

Hector Cruz recommends Fuji Automotive

November 15th 2022

Big shout out to Paul and his team @ Fuji automotive. This is my second car from Paul and I am

truly happy with the experience and customer service, every time I purchase through him. The

cars are always what I am looking for and in stock with multiple choices. I always have a

piece of mind knowing Fuji Automotive stands by their word and products the offer and customers

service top notch. Fuji automotive always have the best vehicles to meet any price point and

the customer experience is always with little hassle and fast deliver to get you on the road as

soon as possible. Paul has gain my trust as a customer and will have me as a return customer

for my next car.

Jacob Carr  recommends Fuji Automotive

November 14th 2022

I would not have guessed that getting a car would be the easiest part of moving to Yokosuka, but Eddy, Joel, and Paul went above and beyond to guide me through the process from start to finish. They have a lot of experience with the process and will give you everything you need to get on the road as fast as possible.
The price you see on their website is the real price, with no hidden fees or additional charges. They are honest professionals and I can't recommend them enough. We will be back for a second car in the future.
As for the car itself, we've had it for only a few days and we wish we could take it with us. It's everything we need and was delivered clean and in great condition.
Thank you, Eddy, Joel, and Paul!

Dayana Martinez  recommends Fuji Automotive

November 1st 2022

Thank you guys so much, you’re the best! We’re so excited for our future adventures!

Beth McCormick Nelson  recommends Fuji Automotive

October 27th 2022

We tasked the team with finding us a Gino we could take back to the States with us, and they totally came through. After weeding out a couple of cars that were of more questionable quality, we ended up with a gem. We really appreciate the time and effort they put in to find us the right car.

Felicia Matlock recommends Fuji Automotive

October 26th 2022

We purchased our car through Fuji a couple weeks ago. Paul, Joel, and Eddie were all extremely helpful. Since we are brand new to Japan, Paul made sure to walk us through all the steps we needed to take on our end to make sure the rest of the registration process went smoothly. We definitely recommend going to Fuji Automotive!

Derek Buitrago recommends Fuji Automotive

October 25th 2022

Their goal isn't selling cars to you but making sure you leave there happy. They're honest salesmen who aren't pushy and will listen to your needs and wants and guide you to the right car. I have bought two cars from them so far, and they're great!

Brian Angelozzi recommends Fuji Automotive

October 19th 2022

These guys are a class act. Not only did they find me a Jimny in budget and in great condition but, when I dropped my payment envelope they came out in force to help me find it. So, if you need a car and want a trustworthy company to find you one these guys are it!

Shellanie Ferrer recommends Fuji Automotive

October 13th 2022

Team Fuji Automotive Japan has definitely brought the Sunshine  on this rainy day for our FamBam! Once again we trusted in your service and you definitely delivered The transaction was easy and smooth which made our choice feel Right when dealing with Mr. Wright  You have made Our Dream Car A Reality Domo Arigato Mr. Robato 

Nic Fouch recommends Fuji Automotive

October 16th 2022

20/10 Would recommend these guys to anyone. Best experience I’ve ever had buying a car. My wife and I both bought cars here. Would never go anywhere else. Very helpful and friendly especially for new comers. The Quality of Performance these guys showed is a testimony of the hard work and dedication of quality of service that far exceeded any and all of expectations.

Matthew Hicks recommends Fuji Automotive

October 11th 2022

Absolute great experience. Would recommend 100%.

Process was easy, the team was very helpful and knowledgeable.

Jeemin Taylor recommends Fuji Automotive

October 6th 2022

First and foremost- Joel, Thank you so much for the BEST car buying experience! I came in not knowing what car I wanted and he helped me go through the auction process which had plenty of options to choose from. Everyone at Fuji (Paul, Joel & Eddie) is very knowledgeable in recommending great vehicles and was able to help me come down to a couple great choices. Joel kept me up to date efficiently throughout the entire process and it was easy breezy- I was so happy that they were able to win the car I selected for my first pick! When I went to pick up the car today, it was a blustery day with cold rain but Fuji came through so positively! They are super duper professional and always had a great time when I stopped by asking an endless # of questions. I highly recommend purchasing your car from Fuji Automotive- they took great care of me and they are the real deal! 1000000+/5 stars

Momona Gwinn recommends Fuji Automotive

October 2nd 2022

10/10 recommended! They made the entire process seamless, answered all of our questions, helped us with all the paperwork & they were honest, fair, and a pleasure to work with!

Harry Hummer recommends Fuji Automotive

September 21st 2022

Great place to do business. Guys are honest and helped me out. Thanks for the assist !!!

Coley Blout recommends Fuji Automotive

September 29th 2022

The Fuji Automotive Team are extremely helpful and understanding when it comes to military schedules. They flexed their schedule around mine and got me exactly what I wanted.

Seiko Fayette recommends Fuji Automotive

September 12th 2022

The process was pretty simple and not too time consuming. We got a problem after we got the car But the staffs were very helpful. And great customer service.

Samantha Mikals recommends Fuji Automotive

September 6th 2022

Our friends recently bought their car from Fuji and recommended them since they take care of all the paperwork for buying a car in Japan. With having just arrived and all the PCS logistical headaches, we wanted an all inclusive type of service for our car buying experience. Fuji Automotive definitely delivered! We really wanted our car labor day weekend and they made it happen on the Friday (and just got drivers license Friday morning too). I liked how they were honest when showing us the different cars and made this delivery possible despite the super short timeline right before a holiday weekend. I highly recommend Fuji Automotive to anyone who just wants a reliable car and to not worry about all the paperwork stuff!

Nicole Johnson recommends Fuji Automotive

August 19th 2022

10/10 would recommend. Great buying experience! Easy, fast, and personable.

Anthony Taitano Frontiero recommends Fuji Automotive

August 25th 2022

The minute I walked in, I felt very comfortable. It was an absolute pleasure working with Joel and the rest of the team. I told Joel our budget and he found something for us quickly that was thousands less and in great condition. I appreciate the quick responses and honesty. I highly recommend Fuji Automotive and I will definitely purchase from them again!

Nathan Luker recommends Fuji Automotive

August 25th 2022

I appreciate their friendly customer service and quick response to any questions I had. A reliable company to buy vehicles from and convenient delivery as well!

Zea Moullet recommends Fuji Automotive

August  24th 2022

These guys were fantastic to work with! No pressure and I never felt like they were trying to take advantage of us. We found a car we liked online and they took the time to find us a similar car at auction in excellent condition, then put on all the work to get it to us for a fair price. Friendly and helpful and they get the job done without the crap I'm used to with used car sales. We'd use them again!

Gerald Ming recommends Fuji Automotive

August 12th 2022

Great team to buy a car from. They made the process from getting a temporary base pass, LTO run, to getting the parking sticker so easy. We ended up purchasing a van off of auction with them.

Daniel Mazurek recommends Fuji Automotive

August 11th 2022

Highly recommend

the team at Fuji automotive.

I was looking for a few specific cars and they took the time to show me the auctions, bid on what I wanted, steered me away from trash cars and kept it under my budget. Got way better of a car using their auction service than I would have buying elsewhere. They took care of all the paperwork and made everything very easy. I’ve dealt with other people in the past who seemed bothered by having me around to look at cars at the auction, not these guys. Their enthusiastic attitudes made it a great experience! Highly recommend!

Kaitlyn Beaver recommends Fuji Automotive

August 10th 2022

Paul and Joel were super helpful during the process of finding an SUV here! Prices are unbeatable and they make it very convenient, doing as much paperwork for you on their end that they can—including driving your car to Yokohama on their own time to get it registered and plated for you. You won’t find friendlier guys than the ones at Fuji. We would highly recommend them to anyone military looking to get behind the wheel in Japan.

Natasha McNair recommends Fuji Automotive

August 3rd 2022

The rumors are TRUE - I won a car!!!

Yes - a whole car - for free!! I still can’t believe it We picked up the new addition to our family today. Words can’t describe how grateful we are. Just in time for the school year. I’m now a SUV Japan-Driving Mom

S/O Paul Wright and his crew at Fuji Automotive Japan. They know how to make your day. Their amazing personality puts the icing on the cake to an amazing experience. Thank you for all you do.

And thank you for the car!!! We are beyond grateful.

Alexander Loza recommends Fuji Automotive

August 1st 2022

Very helpful and Responsive. Uses daily exchange rate and will accept payment in yen or USD.

Tanner Ely recommends Fuji Automotive

July 22nd 2022

I went into Fuji automotive with nothing but a backpack and a dream, the dream to own a slick looking jimny. Boy did these guys come through for me. They got me the vehicle I wanted for a good price and made me feel like I was part of the family. I swear you will want to stay for hours with their hospitality. They kept me up to date on everything that was happening and really put my mind at ease through the whole process. Being a first timer in Japan can be intimidating but this is one thing you will not have to worry about, without a doubt in my mind would recommend the Fuji automotive team to anyone looking for a vehicle to look and feel good driving.

Trever Fink recommends Fuji Automotive

July 15th 2022

Awesome experience, the guys at Fuji automotive are really great. They’ll help you every step of the way from finding the vehicle , to setting up the paperwork for the VRO , to finally getting the LTO run done . I will definitely be utilizing there shop for all my future automotive needs .

Jose Garabis recommends Fuji Automotive

July 15th 2022

Great people. They really care about getting you the right car. Not just right because it’s the one you want but one that isn’t going to cause you problems. Would definitely recommend going through Fuji if you are unsure which dealership to buy a car from.

Mark Merkley recommends Fuji Automotive

July 15th 2022

Had an incredible experience with Paul and his team, and I can't recommend them enough to anyone looking for any kind of car here in Japan! Communication was excellent and I feel confident in saying that the process could not have been made any smoother. After reading all the outstanding reviews, I felt great about deciding to let Paul and his team help me get my dream car! The team at Fuji Automotive took all of the stress out of the entire process and exceeded expectations. I could not have done it without them. If you are wondering if Fuji Automotive can get you a car... you should reach out!

El Plata recommends Fuji Automotive

July 13th 2022

The ultimate in customer service!!!

Talbert McCroskey recommends Fuji Automotive

July 10th 2022

Fuji Automotive is the EXACT type of business that you'd want to work with for any type of dealings. They are the number one place you need to go to for getting a vehicle in Yokosuka.

They are excellent communicators and provide frequent updates in the pursuit of vehicle(s).

Thorough and precise in the entire vehicle processing timeline, from searching for exactly what you want, to the final steps of completing registration.

Genuinely friendly and comforting environment, they make you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the door.

Thank you Fuji Automotive Team - you're wonderful to work with!

Allen Scott recommends Fuji Automotive

June 30th

What a experience with Fuji Automotive!

Paul and his team are absolutely excellent! From the first day you walk in, to the day they hand you your keys. These guys are a absolute joy to work with. This was my first time ever buying a car in Japan and they took care of me the whole time. I was one of the customers that ordered my car off of Goo-Net through Paul. Once my car had arrived. He notified me about an issue with the car. Although it made me a bit worried, i respect Paul for telling me the issue. I feel like a lot of other used car dealerships wouldn’t tell you things until it’s too late, but not him. He went as far as contacting Goo-Net and demanding a refund for me if the car turned out to be junk. Luckily, the issue turned out to be nothing and just a result of the car sitting for quite some time.Afterwards, Paul and his team did all the maintenance prior to handing me the keys to make sure that everything was good to go, and reassured me over and over again that if anything were to happen to the car, he’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. I was one of the more paranoid/worrisome customers of his. Even so, Paul and his team handled all my questions professionally and that right there is awesome customer service! Thank you Fuji Automotive Hope to work with you guys again soon!

Adrian Davila recommends Fuji Automotive

June 24th

Fuji personnel are absolutely the best. Excellent customer service and totally trustworthy. I am very happy with my 1994 LC. Check them out and see for yourself.

Vivek Gurung recommends Fuji Automotive

June 22nd

Smooth transition for getting a car. Auction car bought same day. Took care of minor issues with the car with no additional charge and everything was handled with care. If you want specific car fast, please contact them and they’ll get your car right away with much better version than you requested.

Emy Ree Kikuchi recommends Fuji Automotive

June 11th

Great service, great quality, and most importantly very friendly and fun people! I’ll definitely recommend them if you are looking for nice ride in Japan! They will make sure you feel comfortable even if it’s your first time driving in Japan.

Irving Cintron recommends Fuji Automotive

June 10th

Just wanted to give a shout out to the Fuji Automotive & C2D teams for providing a superb auto buying experience. The SUV was delivered from Yokosuka to Yokota and it was as advertised. Great communication and professionalism throughout the entire process. Thank you!

Colleen Anne Grey recommends Fuji Automotive

June 10th

Great buying experience and price! They even took my car as trade in which saved me time and was very convenient!

Donald J Darling recommends Fuji Automotive

June 8th

They are awesome . Paul ensures they go above and beyond to get you the vehicle you want. No sales pressure, go in, look at the vehicles he has or tell him what you want.

They will make it happen.

Rare to find a business that truly respects their customers these days, Fuji Automotive does and it shows.

Highly recommend to everyone!

Megan Coronado recommends Fuji Automotive

June 5th

Well after wrecking my husbands car, (beginner international driver here) I was in the market for a new smaller vehicle and liked their Facebook page because they have extremely reasonable prices. I was entered into a raffle they had going for a free car (amazing, again) and I so fortunately won!!! The entire process of receiving the car was so smooth, clear instructions on what to do and they took care of everything on the back end (JCI, road tax etc), and had the car ready for me as soon as I got my insurance from base. The best experience by far was the customer service, wonderful bunch to work with. Very grateful!

Katie Jones recommends Fuji Automotive

May 28th

They were so helpful about getting us two cars that we were hoping for. They went above and beyond to get exactly what we wanted! Plus they are all so friendly!! 100 out of 5 stars

Pable Flemate recommends Fuji Automotive

May 27th

So an update for my review of this wonderful place. Please read.

First car Ami the Honda Freed: My wife and I cannot thank the guys at Fuji automotive enough. They were patient and very welcoming. They knew the process in and out and made it so easy for us to get a vehicle for our first time here in Japan. Please please do go with Fuji Automotive for your car buying needs. They are the best at it. I will be coming back to you guys for a second vehicle btw. Thanks!

Second Car Ne-zuki the Suzuki Jimny: The guys at Fuji made it easy to find and buy her. They were there every step of the way. I plan on taking her back to the states so they made sure she was at the appropriate year.

Thanks again!

Jade Coronel-De Dote recommends Fuji Automotive

May 25th

Very helpful and great people. They assisted us with almost every help we needed. Will recommend to others!

Ktie Wittke recommends Fuji Automotive

May 25th

They were so helpful about getting us two cars that we were hoping for. They went above and beyond to get exactly what we wanted! Plus they are all so friendly!! 100 out of 5 stars

Cuong Do recommends Fuji Automotive

May 18th

It was my pleasure doing business with Fuji. Highly recommended. Thank you, car was very clean and transaction was super smooth.

Sarah Miller recommends Fuji Automotive

May 15th

The guys at Fuji Automotive are awesome and buying a car through them was such an easy process. They let us test drive multiple cars and decide which one we wanted, they helped with all the paperwork, and they know exactly what needs to be done on base to register the vehicle. They are so patient and explained each step to us. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to buy a good quality used car.

Pablo Flemate recommends Fuji Automotive

May 13th

My wife and I cannot thank the guys at Fuji automotive enough. They were patient and very welcoming. They knew the process in and out and made it so easy for us to get a vehicle for our first time here in Japan. Please please do go with Fuji Automotive for your car buying needs. They are the best at it. I will be coming back to you guys for a second vehicle btw. Thanks!!

Jennifer Mannino recommends Fuji Automotive

May 12th

Thank you for making our car purchase very easy and straight forward! It was a great experience for us and our whole family!

Evan Osantowski recommends Fuji Automotive

May 5th

Very helpful explaining everything I needed and every step needed!

Frank Caudillo recommends Fuji Automotive

May 4th

Paul and his team were great to work with, answering all of our questions about the processing and finding us the right car for our family. They were transparent the entire time even through some hiccups. When a paperwork issue almost delayed the registration process they did what they had to do in order to get everything finished for us as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to buy a car in Yokosuka!

Zane Balleser recommends Fuji Automotive

April 28th

Very professional. Got me the car I wanted and was very patient with me as far as my work schedule. Everyone in the office made it an easy experience. Would recommend!

Reginald L Hamby recommends Fuji Automotive

April 25th

They were professional and they worked finding me a van in my price range. After I got the van home I didn't know how to reset the windows on the passenger side. Paul sent his guys to my house at 7 at night to do it for me. This was after I told him it could wait til tomorrow.

Jennifer Hartman Douglas recommends Fuji Automotive

April 22nd

Couldn’t have had a better experience! The guys at Fuji Automotive actually listened to what we were looking for in a car and then tailored the choices to fit our needs. They found the right car for us and they did it fast and for a reasonable price. They went out of their way to help with an unrelated paperwork issue that we needed an LTO runner to assist with and again did it fast and for a reasonable price. We’re very happy with our car and with the service they provided. We definitely recommend Fuji Automotive

Tony Simmons recommends Fuji Automotive

April 22nd

I have never been lucky when purchasing cars, so this worried me about the auction. Coming to Japan nothing changed when we purchase two cars, but Paul and his team stood behind product. We brought a 2014 hustle back in October. 2 weeks later the transmission warning light came one. Paul work out a deal to take it back and replace with 2020 Spacia, only playing the tranfer fee. Next we brought a 735I in December with Paul, after he stood behind the Hustler. Drove the BMW for a about 5 days and then it started spitting oil all over the drive blowing head gasket. With out question Paul started on plan and got me into a another BMW in 3 days no additional cost. Paul and his team put in the extra work, I never thought would call a used car sales man a friend or trust worthily You can count on Paul to make sure you will get a good product in the Japan car market

Travis Ties recommends Fuji Automotive

April 15th

Paul and his team are truly the best. When my vehicle had problems, he put in the same model with better options. The best customer service in the industry.

Fredrick Ehlers recommends Fuji Automotive

April 13th

They provided me great customer service with the limited time I had to purchase my car. They were very accommodating with requests I made with no issues. If you come to Japan I recommend Fuji Automotive if you are looking for a car.

Abby Ola recommends Fuji Automotive

April 9th

if you're in the market for a vehicle, look no further. This is the place! I had been in contact with Paul, but my schedule was not the best. The day I finally made it to the office, Paul was out helping another customer. Eddie helped me out, and it was seamless. Explained what I was looking for, got his expertise, and voila, I knew right then, I was home. These are a group of professionals, that get the job done. They made sure I was sorted, and took care of all the details. Took the time to explain everything I needed to know, went above, and beyond. Relocating is already stressful, let Paul, and his team at Fuji Automotive take care of your car needs. They will get you in the vehicle of your choice in no time. I started the process on a Fri, and by Wednesday i was sorted, and driving. 5 stars! 10/10 will recommend. Thank you Paul, Eddie! I appreciate the professionalism, transparency, and the diligence. Looking forward to future business, or just popping in to say Hello!



Long Cheng recommends Fuji Automotive

April 2nd

Best car dealership I’ve ever went! They have crystal clear instructions and will show you step by step guidance to get you on road. As a person brand new to Japan they helped me out and got the car that I been looking for and I was driving within 10 days with JCI and title and everything.Truly appreciate of their service. Definitely come back and purchase another car here and bring it back to US.

Mike Lorrain recommends Fuji Automotive

March 31st

Paul and his team do a great job taking care of customers! I bought our second car from him in 3 years and there was a minor issue with it (missing back seat headrests) and instead of leaving it to me to figure it out he jumped into action and ordered a new set with no questions asked. He truly does care about his customers and is a firm believer in reputation over profit when it comes to his car sales. I only wish he was in business the last time I was stationed here!!

Randy Benton recommends Fuji Automotive

March 25th

Shoutout to Fuji Automotive and especially my dude Paul for getting my son, his wife and most importantly, my first grandson on the road!! I told him what me and my wife wanted to get for them and WITHOUT HESITATION HE MADE IT HAPPEN!! We live close to Camp Zama and that was never an issue!! Outstanding Customer Service from start to finish. All we had to do was meet a staff member after vehicle registration and we drove off!! The entire staff was on board with our purchase and I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND that if you are in need of a car, the first place you should go is Fuji Automotive. Excellence at its BEST!!! Keep doing great things for the people in your community!!!

George Fitting recommends Fuji Automotive

March 24th

I went to Fuji Automotive with a certain type of car in mind, but after consideration of many vehicle types and their pros and cons, Paul and his very knowledgeable team helped me decide on a BMW 330i M-Sport. I could not be happier with this decision and am very grateful for Paul in helping me decide on the BMW and for winning the car at auction at an absolute STEAL of a price. I did not expect that this type of car could be acquired so affordably. The car is a stunner, in perfect condition with low mileage.

Not only does Paul's team get the perfect car for you, they also assist in making the vehicle registration process seamless, which can otherwise be a confusing pain in the butt. A+++ for customer service.

I HIGHLY recommend Fuji Automotive for anyone looking for a great vehicle at an affordable price.

THANK YOU Fuji Automotive Japan !!

Steven Wright recommends Fuji Automotive

March 16th

Has my highest recommendation, went in just to see what they had, and was able to get a car in just a few days. The team here works together to maximize the effort of not just finding the right car but taking care of you and that you understand all requirements when doing the paperwork portion. Thank you guys very much!

Annette Glover recommends Fuji Automotive

March 11th

Fuji Auto is the place to go. We lived in Japan for two years without a car and finally decided it was time for one. Paul is as good as it gets. He helped us find a vehicle that fit our needs- and within budget. Paul was so understanding and held onto the car for us. A knowledgeable, helpful, selfless guy! No one else I’d rather do business with. Thank you so much, Fuji Automotive

Michael Lopez recommends Fuji Automotive

March 9th

I purchased yet another car from Paul and as normal he exceeded my expectations once again. This time I wanted a car just for me and Paul knocked it out of the park with what he found. Fuji Automotive is by far the best place to go car shopping and his knowledge of the cars and procedures are un matched. Highly recommend.

Andrew Quinones recommends Fuji Automotive

March 2nd

I purchased both my cars from Fuji. The best customer service in town hands down. They took care of me, helped me with the registration process and went above and beyond by fixing minor issues with my cars after I had already purchased it at no cost. Paul has a good heart and truly cares about his customers.

Aaron Rogers recommends Fuji Automotive

February 26th 

Prepare yourself for a epic tale with a roller coaster of emotions.. both highs and lows. But the outcome was better than expected.

So there I was, celebrating my new set of orders, by purchasing another car from Paul (my third in 4 years). Don’t let this timeline mislead you by thinking his cars are anything but clean and dependable, all with a price point that no one else can match. I go through cars once a year and get bored.

Back to the story. I narrowed down my search, due to a friend having recently purchased a Lexus LS460 from Paul, so of course, I needed to get one as well. I wanted something luxurious, comfortable without hurting my wallet too much.

Paul just happened to have a beautiful LS460 in route from the auction, so I jumped on it.

Just a few days later, I get a phone call from Paul, telling me that his entire transport truck and 9 cars were stolen. I’m thinking.. this has to be a joke. But, Paul was cursed by my own misfortune and the cars were likely on the way to Russia, for the pending invasion.

But that didn’t stop him from being the true friend and professional businessman he is. He immediately cheered me up, with his quick wit and off color humor, and sent me no less than 10 different cars that were in my price range, with varying models and specifications.

After he combed the auctions, he found the one.

Not only was it the highest model, it had 30,000km less than the original Lexus, it also had leather and sunroof. Both of which I secretly wanted, but settled for on the original Lexus. To top it off, he honored the original price, even tho the new car was worth much more. We jumped on the auction and won!

Then came the long process of waiting for the car to come from Osaka. I was worried my bad luck would intervene again, but then I received the word that my car had arrived in Kawasaki, and was undergoing a full service and cleaning.

One business day later I get a picture and a message that my car had arrived in Yokosuka. Just a few short days later, I was driving my new Lexus!

Let me tell you that I’m blown away by the cleanliness of the car. This car does not belong on base. It still has that new car smell. It fees as if you are driving on a cloud, but with lots of power when you need it.

Oh, did I mention that I was offered a loaner car from Paul? What other dealer does this?

To summarize.. if you are looking for a new car, don’t waste your time by going anywhere else. Go talk to Paul and his partner in crime, Eddie, and they

will put you in the car you want, and work with you to get something in your budget.

Kara Shelton recommends Fuji Automotive

February 25th

They went above and beyond to get us our one of a kind van. It took a ton of extra work and learning on their end to be able to get the van approved with all the paperwork, but they hung in there and got us the van my husband had been searching for. We highly recommend them.

Marielle Torres Rios recommends Fuji Automotive

February 17th

Paul and Eddie we're very helpful from the moment we entered their office. Even though we already have a car in mind they still explained the advantages and disadvantages of the car and that helped us a lot in making the right decision, very affordable prices and no pressure from them. They will explain and guide you throughout the whole process. They made it happen for us to be able to get the car right away eventhough we gave them our paperworks at the very last minute. Highly recommended if you want a stress,hassle and pain free car buying experience. You'll even get good stories from them

Erica Bain Alvarez recommends Fuji Automotive

February 10th

Yesterday my husband and I took possession of our new Toyota Noah, and again, we were pleased beyond our expectations! We have purchased a few cars with Paul and his acumen on finding the perfect vehicle for our needs has always been at the forefront of his priorities. If you need a specific car, van, or truck, he and his efficient staff, will work tirelessly for you. We highly recommend his service to anyone who wants a vehicle!

Brandon Gauthreaux recommends Fuji Automotive

February 9th

If you're looking to buy a used car here in Japan, look no further. Paul made the experience easy and painless. If I ever needed a second fuji automotive would be the first place I would go to.

TJ Whiting recommends Fuji Automotive

February 9th

An excellent choice! Highly recommend! I hadn't even finished my purchasing process yet and I was already referring Paul's services to a friend. I purchased a 2007 Subaru Forrester STI from Paul today. Our conversations started a few weeks ago (just before the holidays) when I asked him to hunt for a Forrester STI. It feels like quite the leap of faith during these sorts of transactions. Being in Japan as an American is daunting enough, let alone navigating the world of car purchasing here. The worst part about this transaction was realizing that I likely would not find someone else like Paul to help me source a car later in life. Paul kept me informed on every car that he found, both those previously sold so that I could understand the value of what I wanted as well as the cars which were currently on the market. Ultimately, the car that he found me is absolutely amazing. The car literally smells new. Granted, I custom ordered a car, which is slightly different than the average family, but the basics of my experience bode well for anyone looking for top notch service, complete transparency in the process, and the best value I have ever had in a car buying experience. The crew at Fuji, especially Paul, went above and beyond during every step between telling Paul what I wanted and picking up the car. I cannot recommend Fuji enough. 5 out of 5 stars.

Marvin Mario recommends Fuji Automotive

February 8th

There's a lot of clean, fresh and nice car here in japan but there's only 1 PAUL that can help you find what you WANT. Forget about the car, paul and his team are top notch on what they do. He delivered my car from the auction house in less than 10 days just in time for my road trip. Definitely coming back to fuji automotive just to get fresh coffee and stress paul out , knowing him and his team can deliver!

Mogie Pogie recommends Fuji Automotive

February 7th

We just found ourselves a great vehicle at Fuji Automotive. Just what we needed. The staff there was wonderful and went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. Very much appreciated!

Mitch Dittlebrand recommends Fuji Automotive

February 2nd

I’ve known Paul for over six years! I have purchased several vehicles from him over the years, totaling more than $100,000… He is, without question, the most honest and trustworthy car dealer I’ve ever met! He goes out of his way to make sure that you receive first class service… and represents what you are looking for, going the extra mile to make sure you get what you want or better! Dealing with auction sites can be confusing and frustrating… He takes all the worry out of it by doing the hard work for you. I cannot say more strongly, how HIGHLY RECOMMENDED he is!! Thank you FUJI AUTOMOTIVE JAPAN for everything you have done for us!!

Thomas Whiting recommends Fuji Automotive

January 26th

An excellent choice! Highly recommend!

I hadn't even finished my purchasing process yet and I was already referring Paul's services to a friend.

I purchased a 2007 Subaru Forrester STI from Paul today. Our conversations started a few weeks ago (just before the holidays) when I asked him to hunt for a Forrester STI.

It feels like quite the leap of faith during these sorts of transactions. Being in Japan as an American is daunting enough, let alone navigating the world of car purchasing here. The worst part about this transaction was realizing that I likely would not find someone else like Paul to help me source a car later in life.

Paul kept me informed on every car that he found, both those previously sold so that I could understand the value of what I wanted as well as the cars which were currently on the market.

Ultimately, the car that he found me is absolutely amazing. The car literally smells new. Granted, I custom ordered a car, which is slightly different than the average family, but the basics of my experience bode well for anyone looking for top notch service, complete transparency in the process, and the best value I have ever had in a car buying experience. The crew at Fuji, especially Paul, went above and beyond during every step between telling Paul what I wanted and picking up the car.

I cannot recommend Fuji enough. 5 out of 5 stars.

DeYardra Bass recommends Fuji Automotive

January 24th

Paul and his team has been a breathe of fresh air and amazing to work with! Moving to Japan is stressful and he made buying a car the easiest thing I’ve done here so far! His personality alone will put a smile anyones face even on their worst day! He knows cars and he cares…he even ordered a part just in case I may need it in the future! Hands down 5 STARS from me!

Joshua Welch recommends Fuji Automotive

January 21st

Friendly staff, with direct access to the japanese auctions. They were able to find what I was looking for in my budget and even helped with the registration process. Highly recommend them.

Asami Ehrhart recommends Fuji Automotive

January 16th

Highly recommend if you are looking for your right car. Mr.Paul and Mr.Eddie are very helpfull and work hard for you!

Thank you Fuji Automotive Japan!!

Asuka Vest recommends Fuji Automotive

January 6th

Mr. Paul is the BEST! I was in desperate need of a van and he even let me have his work van he just got because it was perfect for us! They are awesome people! They take care of LTO run and everything. Makes everything easier for you. Highly recommend!!!

Gracii Falcon recommends Fuji Automotive

January 5th

Highly Recommend! We had a great experience buying our first car here in Japan. Paul is very professional and helped us find the perfect car.

Jay Swan recommends Fuji Automotive

December 30th

I highly recommend if you are looking for a vehicle to come visit them. As I was looking for a specific vehicle, I wanted to do a special order. They were more than willing to help find it on the auction sites and I couldn’t be any happier than what they found.

Damien Pulvino recommends Fuji Automotive

December 29th

Paul and Eddie are both top notch! They live up to putting people before profit and it was a pleasure working with them.

The time finally came to replace an old car and Fuji Auto was there every step of the way to help with both the old and new vehicle. From junking the old vehicle, finding the right new vehicle under budget, and taking care of VRO and LTO info and runs, Fuji Auto had us covered.

I recommend Fuji to anyone in search of a new car. Highly responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. One simply can't go wrong with Fuji Auto!

Alicia DeMoss recommends Fuji Automotive

December 22nd

Thank you so much for your hard work finding the WRX STI  Impreza for us! 

Gregory Palermo recommends Fuji Automotive

December 19th

Paul Wright is simply the best. He will go out of his way to find a car that matches your budget. His professionalism and outstanding customer service is truly out of this world. I've been a loyal customer of his for the past two years and I've never been disappointment. If you come to Yokosuka and are in need of a car, for a reasonable price, at a reputable vendor then Fuji Automotive Japan, Yokosuka is the place to go. Thank you for everything you do Paul Wright . You are truly great at what you do. Best regards. GREG

Dylan Hardman recommends Fuji Automotive

December 9th

Paul and Eddie were awesome to work with! No pressure sales, and will go the extra mile to help you out. Highly recommend these fellas and will be going back for any more vehicle needs.

Grace Noble recommends Fuji Automotive

December 2nd

Paul is very easy to work with. He has gone out of his way to help and get the right vehicle for us. A strait shooter that allows the buyer to decided. It has bern a pleasure to work with

Johnathan Bates recommends Fuji Automotive

November 29th

This was my first purchase of a vehicle while in Japan and I was completely in the dark. But Paul and his team were there every step of the way. From explaining everything thing I needed to working with my time schedule. They had me on the road within a week. Will definitely recommend to everyone I know.

Adrien Inman recommends Fuji Automotive

November 26th

Thank you all for the car! The process was very easy, and the guys made it a fun and enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend them to anyone trying to buy a car in Yokosuka.

Claire Blackwell recommends Fuji Automotive

November 23rd

Having taken a quick look at low inventory on base, I messaged Fuji Automotive who sent me details of vehicle which had my required 8 seats and was below my budget. They walked me through the process, did the LTO run, and handed me keys… I found buying a van in Japan (a process that 1 wk ago seemed overwhelming), one of the easiest things I’ve done since PCS’ing to Japan. The van exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with the service I got at Fuji Automotive… thank you boys

Rodel Basco recommends Fuji Automotive

November 19th

Paul, you are the man brother. I can't thank you enough. You went way beyond my expectation. From the beginning till i got her you are always there to help me out and figure out something....hehehe. If you guys want an honest and get the vehicle you really want, this is the man. You cannot find any other service like Paul does. Give him a visit and i promise you will not regret.

Thank you so much again for getting me this badgirl brother.

Juliano Santos recommends Fuji Automotive

November 18th

I met Mr. Paul a few years back when I purchased a 350 Z from him, she served me very well was a beautiful car in great conditions I had her for a few years up until I got a family and had to get a bigger vehicle so I went back to Mr. Paul he provides the best customer service best prices and great quality vehicles and takes care of the paperwork and JCI, I recommend several friends since than and all of them got great quality vehicles. Now he sold me this beautiful family mini van well preserved great miles runs super smooth brand new tires and very well detailed. I am looking forward to spending my next few years with this vehicle. Thank you very much Sir for once again helping me and my family find a great vehicle.

Trisha Smestad recommends Fuji Automotive

November 11th

FUJI Automotive is legit! Paul and Eddie came through big time for me and my family. We bought a Subaru Impreza a few weeks back and while we were chatting in the office, I mentioned that I was interested in finding an older model 4WD Mitsubishi Delica to throw my outdoor gear into while we explore Japan. About three days later, Paul reached out to me with pics showing the exact vehicle I was looking for, asking me if he would like him to bid on it, twenty minutes later, I owned it! He was able to secure it for us below budget which was a huge plus. Bottom line is Paul and The folks down at Fuji Automotive are good people and will take care of you. Moving to a new country has been really stressful at times, but buying our cars at Fuji was a piece of cake! Highly recommend!!

Julia Valdez recommends Fuji Automotive

November 10th

Thanks Eddie for the awesome customer service 

Ryan Lee recommends Fuji Automotive

November 9th

Always a pleasure with Paul he helped my Wife pick out and purchase a vehicle with no hassle when I was deployed so I knew exactly who I was going to for my vehicle I purchased BMW 116I from Paul and every interaction felt as if it was on personal level and that's cause it was you won't find a better guy to buy cars from here Yokosuka I can promise that. Thanks For everything Paul and Fuji Auto

Mariel Ramos recommends Fuji Automotive

November 3rd

We had a wonderful experience with purchasing our vehicle with Fuji Automotive Japan. Paul was very responsive to our inquiries on FB and most of all knowledgeable with the vehicle/car insurance process. He guided us through it all and made the process seamless. Top notch customer service and exceptional quality of vehicles. We highly recommend this business for military/civilians that need to purchase a vehicle in Yokosuka. Thank you Paul!!!

Kyle Lawless recommends Fuji Automotive

October 29th

Paul & Team - Thank you for your support and guidance and a very easy process! Would highly recommend working with you all to others!

Jade Mila Hall recommends Fuji Automotive

October 28th

So I walked into Fuji Automotive Japans Yokosuka Office recently in need of a car. I am not too picky when it comes to cars anymore. I will drive just about anything. I know that regardless if I can get a car that I want for cheap that I can work on in my free time I would prefer that. That is exactly what I got at Fuji Automotive. A car that I have wanted and wanted to work on for years now below a budget that I didn’t want to budge from. I came in and Paul and his staff gave me a lay of the land. Showed me how the auctions worked what to look for and what were unreliable. He did not push me to cars but pushed me away from cars that he thought were too expensive for the condition or cars that he was not sure were 100 percent reliable. I received a pretty clean Crown Athlete with low mileage for the year. It had leather heated seats, a front camera drive recorder, aftermarket mirror with a GPS display, adjusted suspension, and other modifications were already made to the car. All these things and one of my dream cars and I paid 3,915 for what I believe to be more of a 5-6 grand investment. From the time I started the process too the time I received my car was 2 weeks. I went in spoke to Paul then I went in again looked at cars bid and the car was with me in a week. I have no complaints. We had nothing but good conversation and laughs. We looked through a lot of cars. He did not once pressure me to bid. I only bid once on one car and it took so I was happy and he made his sale. It was pretty effortless. I would recommend this place to anyone, great hospitality, great people, quick work, and you can tell that actually give a damn about people.

Trisha Smestad recommends Fuji Automotive

October 24th

Best customer service, a wonderful car at a great price! Very happy we ended up doing business with Fuji Automotive. Highly Recommend!!

Ket-ab Hairston recommends Fuji Automotive

October 22nd

10/10 Experience. They handled everything perfectly, from me coming in to do my junking, to sitting down and picking out the car I wanted. I couldn't be happier! If you come you're sure to get the best customer service experience in helping you find the car you want. Thanks again Fuji Auto!

Bj Smith recommends Fuji Automotive

October 22nd

Great customer service, went above and beyond to ensure that I got what I wanted. They were also very accommodating. Always recommend them to people asking for cars

Mariel Ramos recommends Fuji Automotive

October 21st

Thank you Fuji Automotive/Paul 🙏🏽! We are very pleased with our mini van and customer service!

Tara Oliver recommends Fuji Automotive

October 21st

So we came to Japan not knowing at all what we were going to do about a car. We did receive this company name and Paul specifically by reference and I’m so glad we did! He was so extremely helpful from the very beginning of the process to the end. We looked at a car on his page that we wanted to check out and he held it for us until we were able to come by and see it. We test drove it and everything with the paperwork was so easy. I cannot recommend him enough! Thank you so very much for the beautiful car!

Jo Murphy recommends Fuji Automotive

October 18th

Thank you Paul and everyone on the team at Fuji Automotive. You made this experience extremely easy and I will highly recommend you to anyone searching for a new ride!

Nancy Alijure recommends Fuji Automotive

October 14th

It’s been a couple of months since I purchased my Pink Honda Fit and I honestly couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I direct messaged Paul with specifics of exactly what I wanted and you know what with a little patience Paul made it happen and kept it in my budget. There was no added fees or anything. He truly went above and beyond to make sure my girls and I were getting our pink car out of our system while we get to live overseas for a few years. The car runs great, excellent on gas and perfect for tiny roads. Paul and his crew are definitely the ones you wanna purchase a vehicle with.

Sean Thrift recommends Fuji Automotive

October 1st

I can’t recommend Fuji Automotive enough!! New to the area, and Paul got us exactly what my family and I were looking for. Additionally, he walked us through the extremely complicated paperwork processes for both on-base/off-base, helping making the registration process seamless and ensuring we had immediate transportation. If you’re looking for a reliable, fairly priced vehicle with no hidden fees, and help to register the vehicle, definitely use Paul and his team at Fuji Automotive Japan!

Claudine Urrutia-Caoleng recommends Fuji Automotive

September 23rd

Hey guys !101% I will recommend Fuji Automotive. If you guys are looking for specific car and within the budget ? Don't sweat it, they are just one message away and tell them what you need Mr. Paul and the team is at your service. They gonna help you with everything that you need even babysitting your baby . We would like to thank Mr.Paul for helping our family to found a perfect mini van for us. Thank you Sir!! Salamat po!!

Ghellan Alburon Ponce Deleon recommends Fuji Automotive

September 20th

Paul and his team were the best in assisting us in purchasing our vehicle. Theyre amazing and makes the whole process easier and smoothly. He assured us to get the car we liked and fits our family. Paul was very responsive from the beginning till the end. Our kids loved the car and was very happy. Thank you Fuji automotive for the 5 star service you guys have given us..

Christopher Bulzone recommends Fuji Automotive

September 16th

If you are new here or been here for a while and want a vehicle Paul Wright at Fuji Automotive is absolutely the perfect place for your needs. Having a laugh and being treated like a person instead of a customer was exactly how you should be treated when dealing with Paul. Alot of shady car dealers out there, but Fuji Automotive Japan is not one of them. He was able to find what I wanted and didn't feed me a load of BS while doing it. Thanks Paul!!! I will highly recommend your place to all the new comers in Yokosuka. Go see him for your new car today!

Stacy Mitchelle recommends Fuji Automotive

September 15th

Paul at Fuji Automotove took great care of me. I reached out and told him my budget, the car I wanted and the color palette and he went out and made it happen. And came in under budget!! He takes care of all the small things and all of the big things. I appreciated the clear step by step Instructions and his open dialogue. Thank you Paul and the team at Fuji Automotive. You have another happy customer!

Tasha Brownlee recommends Fuji Automotive

September 13th

Thank you Paul, you and team was extremely helpful and amazing in helping me and my family finding the perfect vehicle. Thanks for providing us with a loaner while waiting for ours to arrived. I highly recommend your service to anyone. The knowledge that you have for this market and provided, made the process stress free and smooth! Thank you so much for all of your help!

Payton Birdsong recommends Fuji Automotive

September 13th

Thank you Paul! You and your team made purchasing my car such an incredibly smooth and simple transition! You all found the exact style of vehicle I requested, provided a quick turn around, and wonderful customer service throughout the sale. I will gladly be recommending your services to those on the hunt for new car!

Erica Blaha recommends Fuji Automotive

September 12th

We came to Paul looking for a great condition Honda Spada and he delivered!! He is very easy to work with and makes the car buying process in Japan very easy. I recommend him and Fuji Automotive if you’re in the market for a new vehicle!

Patricia Leone recommends Fuji Automotive

September 12th

Paul was awesome to work with! I was very specific and particular, but Paul put up with every request I had and was very patient with me. He was communicative and would message me photos if he came across a car that he thought I might like. He wouldn't be upset/take it personal when I passed on a recommendation. He definitely listened to me and found me the perfect car. I never felt pressured to settle for a car that wasn't quite what I was looking for. And besides all that, I genuinely had a good time every time I spent time at his office.

I ended up with a beautiful car that I love, but if I ever need another one, I know I'll be reaching out to Paul again!

Allen Burkett recommends Fuji Automotive

September 4th

Just bought a Toyota Sienta from Paul and his team. The whole process went off without a hitch. Paul has many years of experience selling cars to the military community and it shows with his expert knowledge and customer service. He found us the car we were looking for. Buying a car in Yokosuka seemed pretty complex but Paul made the experience very easy. I would highly recommend Paul and Fuji Automotive when you purchase a car.


Sai Pan recommends Fuji Automotive

September 2nd

My car buying experience at Fuji Automotive is enjoyable and educational. Paul does not sugarcoat just to make a sale which I like. He will tell you straight up if a car is a gem or chicken manure dressed in glitter. I originally wanted a different car but it's hard to get one in good shape without spending an arm and a leg. I got another car which fit the same category. Surprisingly I love it! The Honda N Box is roomy for the size, economical, fun to drive and still has that cool factor. I will have a long commute to and from work and this car is perfect for me. Thank you Paul for steering me in the right direction. I got the car that I like to drive and I think will serve me well in my time here in Japan.

Tuan Tran recommends Fuji Automotive

August 31st

Paul and his team at Fuji Automotive are great and easy to work with. There are many options for used cars and my family and I decided to check out Fuji based on multiple recommendations. Paul was very honest about his experience with vehicles and would go through the pros and cons of our choices. He was also very transparent about his business practice, so we felt very comfortable taking his advice. We considered going through the auctions for a particular car at a cheaper price, but after Paul explained the process, we realized our wish list wasn’t going to be cheap. So instead, we browsed their stock and found a car that fit our needs (and was in excellent condition). Despite hearing horror stories of the car buying/registration process (LTO, VRO, etc), Paul made it very easy for us. He got us on the road by the next working day! We never felt pressured or rushed to buy a car at any point and it made the whole experience more enjoyable. To anybody shopping for a used car, we definitely recommend going straight to Fuji Automotive for a no hassle experience.

Anthony Marin recommends Fuji Automotive

August 28th

First things first, Paul is willing to go above and beyond to make sure the vehicle you get is a great fit! The man will literally give you the shirt off his back if that means you'll drive away off happy! Our experience with Paul was a bit of a unique one, but he went through tremendous efforts to ensure we were taken care of.

Our initial van we were interested in had an issue with the AC, which he had fixed within days. Unluckily, some other issues came up and we had to reach out for a solution. During that time period, he was able to get us a temporary set of wheels to keep our newly arrived family mobile so we could take care of our check-in process much easier. Paul offered to replace our originally purchased van for the same model that was newer and with less miles. Again, top notch service!

During this time period, we were also looking into a second commuter vehicle in the form of a "kei car". He had a model down to his lot in two days and we processed the paperwork that same week, driving away in 5 days total. Just superb service that is quick and efficient!

One of the things that many servicemembers new to Japan are unaware of is how tedious the registration process is for purchasing vehicles. Paul makes this process as streamlined and efficient as possible and breaks it down Barney-style to ensure no steps are skipped. Him and his team (LTO runners) make the process we read horror stories about something that we don't even have to worry about. We even reach out to Paul for questions in general about the car process or recommendations for anything car-related and he points us in the right direction with an easy solution every time.

All-in-all, I would trust Paul with all of my car needs while in Japan, especially through the purchasing process. I pity the fool who goes anywhere else!

Pat Hrezo recommends Fuji Automotive

August 26th

Paul did right by us. Few issues came up, but he kept us up to date and fixed it all. Came away happy.

Heather McDowell Egger recommends Fuji Automotive

August 25th

Paul and his crew were so great to work with! They made the car buying process so stress-free and explained everything in detail. Paul even gave us a step-by-step process on the steps required to register the car and got us on the road the next day! Will visit him again when it’s time to buy my husband’s car!

Matt & the Estuans recommends Fuji Automotive

August 16th

Was surprised to see Paul when I visited. As usual the process and patience from Paul is always a welcomed sight. Always answers my questions, as silly as they may be. Even manages to message back when my wife forgets to check the time at 2300 and still get messages back :) Got 2 new front tires as they were pretty bare. Also got a pretty good deal on the Toyota Voxy 2006. Can't recommend them enough.

Gregory Palemo recommends Fuji Automotive

August 9th

Extremely professional support. Highly recommended in every way possible. We are extremely happy with our Toyota Ractis.

Rikki Lee recommends Fuji Automotive

August 6th

This was the easiest car buying experience ever and it was in a new country. We had seen the car we purchased and happened to walk in to get the process info before we got our license. Paul held the car for us and had it ready the day I got my license. 2 days later I was driving home in my car! He gave me step by step directions with the VRO on base and explained everything. I work full time and would have never been able to figure this out on my own that quick. Will be back when my husband is home and ready for his vehicle!

Bill Repko recommends Fuji Automotive

August 6th

I’m a repeat customer with Paul (3rd vehicle). Once again Paul delivered a Gem. I came to him again with a firm budget and a specific custom request. Paul found several vehicles at auction that fit my request. One in particular was super low miles and showroom condition. Seemed impossible I would get this in budget, but somehow Paul made it happen. I can’t say enough how great it is to deal with him and the folks at Fuji Automotive. A+++

Thanks Paul!! You’re always true to your word and you know I’ll be back when I get bored with my car.

Toni Nieswiadomy Gullekson recommends Fuji Automotive

August 6th

We are EXTREMELY EXCITED about our new Mini Cooper that Paul helped us to locate When we went looking for second car, we had several ideas and spent lots of time with Paul trying to decide which route to go. We kept coming back to the Mini Cooper. Paul worked closely with Joe, my husband to watch for Mini Coopers that met his specifications and our budget. Persistent paid off and we came in under budget I can’t say I have ever enjoyed buying a car until now It’s certainly a complete different experience here than in the states. But with Paul’s help, it is an easier experience. Most of all Paul is simply fun & honest. We laughed every time we saw him We now have two cars we have purchased through Paul and if we ever need another we will definitely go back to him — with Joe Gullekson.

Ginger Wagner recommends Fuji Automotive

July 31st

I would definitely recommend Paul! Found me a great car in my budget range and great communication. I did have to do a little legwork, attend VRO, (get parking sticker on my own) but the quality of the car more than made up for that. Great buying experience!

Justin Hitch recommends Fuji Automotive

July 26th

I told Paul I needed a car within the week and showed him cars I liked. He found me exactly what I was looking for well within my price range. He didn’t try to coerce me into buying from him just showed me what he could get for me and made it happen. Paul’s the man!

Keely Ann Korsen recommends Fuji Automotive

July 23rd

Hands down, an unforgettable experience! Paul at Fuji Automotive was patient, understanding, and honest from the first day my husband and I walked into his business, to the day we received our car. He was honest and upfront about not wanting to upsell us a vehicle that isn’t reasonable for what we need it for during our stay here. We first had our eye on a tiny Japanese car, so Paul very graciously insisted that we borrow the car for a couple of days to see if it was the right fit for us. Unfortunately, it turns out it was a tad bit too small for our liking, so we were able to bring it back and purchase a slightly larger vehicle, no strings attached. He was available to answer all my questions (yes, I had an embarrassing amount), and made this process the least painful thing about PCSing to a foreign country. Paul is truly an expert when it comes to his chosen field of work, and he genuinely cares about his customers, even once the transaction is complete. I cannot recommend his business enough and am elated that we took other peoples’ recommendation to conduct business with him.

Ghenna Mincey recommends Fuji Automotive

July 21st

Fuji Automotive is a wonderful place to get a vehicle. Mr. Paul lets his cars speak for themselves…no hard sales. Which is greatly appreciated. Fuji automotive customer service goes above and beyond. If your looking for awesome customer service, a variety of vehicles to choose from, and a just an all around easy car buying experience Fuji Automotive is the place to go

Robert Bingaman ll recommends Fuji Automotive

July 21st

Looking for a vehicle during you visit to Japan look no further than Fuji Automotive Japan. We chose a nice Serena for family trips and we weren’t disappointed. But what set Fuji Automotive Japan apart from others is that they stand by their sales. Literally a day after we made our purchase the AC compressor failed. I called Paul and he didn’t hesitate to send someone to the house to diagnose the issue. Not only was the compressor replaced with a new part the mechanic identified that the OBD plug was faulty and that to was replaced. While the repairs were being made Paul kept me updated on the repairs and when they were expected to be completed. All repairs and questions were completed and answered timely, and I genuinely felt that I was the priority during the entire experience. Top Notch!! You won’t be disappointed.

Melinda Vang Icard recommends Fuji Automotive

July 21st

Great customer service! Paul made everything so easy for us. I love my new car. I highly recommend him and his team!!

William Brady recommends Fuji Automotive

July 21st

Great Service, Prompt responses and fast delivery. Even paid for an extra JCI for my car when a hiccup occurred and allowed me to drive my car sooner rather than later. overall great service, highly recommend for anyone, especially US Military members looking for a car.

Rex Santosvalerio recommends Fuji Automotive

July 19th

Paul and Dan, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! You gave me a great deal in this vehicle. You are the “BEST” dealer I ever had from the day I step foot last 2014 in this wonderful country of Japan. I will surely recommend you to everyone. The family loves the van. Let the journey begins..

Hyenjin Yoon recommends Fuji Automotive

July 19th

This was hands down the easiest and enjoyable experience I have ever had buying a car, let alone in a foreign country. Despite not knowing anything about buying a car in Japan, Paul made the process super simple all without the pressure or upselling you would likely find elsewhere.

Marv Rodriguez-Tino recommends Fuji Automotive

July 17th

Paul and his wife are very friendly and helpful when it comes to selling cars, keeping up with the car after you bought it and Paul specifically is crazy in a funny way. Paul even conducted a little training on what to expect with my car and how to navigate the features that come with it. He is running around and always busy but always manage and find time to take care of you. Thank you for getting my car and I highly recommend him and FUJI AUTOMOTIVE to anyone on and off base !

Bradley Hansen recommends Fuji Automotive

July 16th

Paul made the process of getting a car for my tour of duty in Japan very easy. Upon initial contact and letting him know what I was looking for, he got to work and had a vehicle ready to show me the following day. After I decided to purchase the car, he told me exactly what needed to be done on base and gave me all the paperwork to make it happen. He took care of the rest and the vehicle was fully registered in my name, fully insured, and legal to drive on and off base the following day. He even threw in two brand new front tires since the original tires had lost a lot of tread. If you're looking for a pain free process, he's your guy!

Mini Moos recommends Fuji Automotive

July 14th

Without a doubt THE Best car buying experience we’ve ever had! The no pressure fun environment are what you need when navigating the stressful event of buying a car in a new country. Paul knows his stuff, bottom line. From the second I reached out about some of his available cars to the second we drove a beautiful vehicle away was memorable. He made us feel like family and took care of every single detail. Look no further than here. Fuji Automotive is where you can trust to meet all of your needs! Thanks again Paul for everything!

Tyler Cole recommends Fuji Automotive

July 12th

You will do yourself an injustice if you use anyone but Fuji Automotive!

Let me explain, we bought a vehicle from auction, when it arrived in Yoko, Paul and his crew went over it with a fine tooth comb. Found out the previous owner rigged it and pretty much ruined the engine. Paul and everyone at Fuji Automotive tried to fix it, they even searched for a new engine. Now you're saying "dang you have to pay for another car!".... nope! they ate the price of that vehicle and found me another.... at no extra cost to me. Nobody else will do that for you. They make buying, registering and the whole process of buying a car a breeze. I'm telling you.... talk to Paul and his crew, they will not let you down. they will find what you want and be honest about it. I know this sounds like puff piece to boost the company... but it happened and no one, nowhere will do what they did for me and do for all their customers, especially military. Thank you Fuji Automotive for everything!

Jamecia Rollins recommends Fuji Automotive

July 8th

This was an awesome experience. Paul and his staff were friendly and attentive to what I wanted. I recommend this place to anyone looking for great quality, honesty, and friendly service.

Donald J Darling recommends Fuji Automotive

July 1st

Paul we can’t thank you enough for everything! You made buying a vehicle here in Japan very easy. You took the stress away . If your looking for a vehicle we highly recommend contacting Paul at Fuji Automotive as he will work hard to get you the vehicle you want.

Dean Gushikuma recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 28th

Paul at Fuji automotive was absolutely fantastic! He made the car buying experience very easy. Super cool guy, easy to talk to, down to earth guy. Didn’t pressure me into buying anything. I asked him about a lot of different cars he had advertised on his website and Facebook page and he got back to me right away with information, pictures, prices and whatever else i asked. When I finally decided on the car I wanted; he made it extremely easy for me by giving me step by step instructions about where I have to go, what I have to do and even what insurance policy I should get for driving on base. I would rate Paul and Fuji automotive 5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend all my friends and family to go check him out and buy cars through him. Looking forward to seeing him again when I buy my next car.

Thanks Paul! You’re the man, bro!

Lauren Jackson recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 24th

Fuji Auto is the place to go. We lived in Japan for two years without a car and finally decided it was time for one. Paul is as good as it gets. He helped us find a vehicle that fit our needs- and within budget. We even had some hiccups throughout the registering process(that had nothing to do with him), which caused us to not be able to purchase until 2 months after original planned buy date. However, Paul was so understanding and held onto the car for us. A knowledgeable, helpful, selfless guy! No one else I’d rather do business with. Thank you so much, Fuji Automotive!

Carrie Kenton recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 23rd

What a great experience! Less than a year ago I decided to go on the adventure of a lifetime. Sold my car packed up my belongings and moved around the world. Paul was one of the first people I met here and after a long talk he knew exactly what car I needed! And he was right. I can't say enough nice things about Fuji Automotive and the care they took to make sure my new car was perfect for me!

Nelson Seis recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 22nd

Paul is great! He wasn’t pushy in selling a car, he is very knowledgeable about the cars and accommodating to your specific needs/wants. Found us the perfect vehicle for our family for less than the vehicles we were initially looking at. Best car buying experience we’ve ever had! Highly recommend, no stress or hassle!!!

Kathleen Jordan recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 18th

It’s been great working with Paul. He has taken care of us during our entire tour in Japan from car buying to working through the paperwork and questions. He responds promptly and takes care of his customers.

Jillian Streff recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 16th

Hands down, the best car buying experience! Paul and his team at Fuji Automotive went out of their way to help my husband and me find our dream car, a 1996 Toyota Landcruiser. They set the bar across the board for a perfect customer experience. From the moment I reached out with a brief inquiry, Paul was responsive, extremely knowledgeable, not only about the vehicle itself, but in walking us through the entire process. Their integrity and attention to detail and our satisfaction was unparalleled- going above and beyond in every aspect!

It took some time to scout our car, as they are in-demand cars right now, but Paul was more than willing to help us - even on the weekends - until winning us the perfect cruiser at the auction within our budget.

Buying a car in Japan may seem intimidating, but this process was seamless. If you’re looking to buy a car in Japan, Fuji Automotive is the place to go!

Thank you again.

— Your Landy friends!

Lloyd Ostertag recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 15th

Yet again my man Paul has outdone himself! I bought a clean MPV from him back in 2018 and it has served my family and I well, but we are expecting a new baby girl and needed something with more space. Paul suggested I take a look at his auction sales and sat with me over the course of a week to comb through the auction pages to find exactly what we wanted. And he knocked it out of the park on this one. Great deal, low miles, and even went the extra yard to install a custom stereo with rearview camera for added bluetooth music pleasure. This thing is clean as it gets too. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Do yourself a favor and check out these auctions! Killer deals and great service. Thanks again Paul!

Fateema Stanfield recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 10th

Paul put my husband in his dream car. My husband told him what he wanted and man did he deliver. Paul made the process of purchasing a car in Japan less stressful. Excellent customer service! Thank you Paul and crew for all you do! You guys Rock! If you are looking for a vehicle come check Paul out, you won’t be sorry. #OneHappyCustomer

Justin Dabner recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 8th

A very genuine and honest person, Paul helped me get a vehicle for my family almost immediately. He may not say it but I feel like he went the extra mile to accommodate me and family’s needs, and I’m very gracious for him and Fuji Automotive. I only wish I had more hands to give him 4 thumbs up

Katrina Thomas Jarrett recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 6th

I got a testimony! I am driving in my DREAM CAR and OVERCAME my CAR PCS DILEMMA!

If you are looking for a specialized dream car at an affordable price, you must must stop by Fuji Automotive and see Paul! He is in Yokosuka, but you can do it from Yokota. His name was highly recommended from a co-worker and from day one, I had his undivided attention. THEY WERE RIGHT! Not that I am high maintenance (lol), but when undertaking such a purchase, I need special attention. He worked to understand what I liked in cars, my budget, and the auction process. We came out with best car for the buck! YES a VOLVO CONVERTIBLE C70 T5. He delivered it to me from Yokosuka to Yokota. He would not let me purchase a lemon which protected the working relationship. In all TRANSPARENCY! Yes, it did malfunction when it arrived at Yokota. The coolant plastic bottle dried rotten and started to leak coolant. Not uncommon since it was sitting at the auction. The part was ordered, I was provided a loaner car, and now I am driving again in my dream car. No extra money out of my pocket! The teaming between Yokosuka and Yokota was AWESOME! During my crazy PCS time, that is what I needed.

EXTRA EXTRA! On the same day: I needed to junk a car, I needed to register my new car, and I needed to ship a car to my next duty station in Okinawa. DONE! In one day it was all arranged. My PCS stress level was reduced by 50%.

If you have a need, go see Fuji Automotive. Woot woot!

Sean Clarke recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 3rd

Paul was honest and upfront from the start, willing to work with me and was very patient with me during the process from choosing to buying. Daniel was great at breaking down features in each car and giving advice on choices. Great experience start to finish and I'm beyond happy with my purchase. Thank you both so much!

Jose Luis Rivera recommends Fuji Automotive

Jun 2nd

Paul and his whole crew were very knowledgeable, very diligent, very welcoming and my overall experience was great. If you want a good car at a great price this is the place to go.

thank you

Dee Lopez recommends Fuji Automotive

May 29th

Very honest and highly professional! Paul and his associates made my car-buying experience all about the customer. Never once felt pressured and once I found the right vehicle, the process on his end was very smooth. Paul even made sure that the car I was buying was immaculate and ensured to correct details on vehicle before I drove it out the lot. This made the car-buying experience even better! If anyone is searching for a vehicle, I highly recommend Paul for your car-searching/buying needs.

Thanks again Paul!

Marion Diaz recommends Fuji Automotive

May 21st

Great man, Paul! Don’t let his accent fool you! First purchase and me and the wife were amazed on how he explained everything step by step, and doesn’t bat an eye to help… he even offered his kei car when we realized how the VRO has a time constraint to get a car to register due to its fully booked appointments and i have a pregnant wife so we dont have to walk all over base.. always responds to my messages even on saturdays!!

Highly recommended to get a car from him!

Chantel Dela Fuente recommends Fuji Automotive

May 18th

Highly recommended.

Quick response and quite helpful.

They take care of everything to make sure it gets processed smoothly.

They provide a great service.

Thank you!

ImMr Slater recommends Fuji Automotive

May 18th

I couldn't be happier with my purchase. After not feeling the most love from another outfit in town I came across Paul at Fuji. I ended up buying two cars, one off the lot and one at auction. The auction experience couldn't have been easier because Paul was explaining everything every step of the way. He helped me zero in on the exact car, condition, and price range that I was looking for. Even though I'm really happy with the cars that I got, the best part of this experience was the support that Paul offered after the purchase. Not only did he answer all my questions with the registration process, but he went above and beyond to take care of things that weren't even his responsibility just to ensure that I had the best possible sales experience.

If you do some asking around you'll find that Paul has been selling cars in this area for quite a long time and has made a lot of happy customers. Why chance it with another outfit?

Jory N Rhonda Brownd recommends Fuji Automotive

May 17th

We are second time customers and can not say enough great things about the customer service and vehicle quality that Paul offers. From the moment we walked in the office, we felt an immediate sense of honesty and pressure free buying. Paul goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are satisfied with their purchase. We highly recommend Fuji Automotive for your car buying needs. You won’t be disappointed!!

GS Chowdhury recommends Fuji Automotive

May 15th

Thanks Cheap2Drive Limited.. from the beginning of ROM to the day I picked this vehicle up, Paul was extremely professional and kind! Very happy with the customer service and he truly sells great, reliable and cheap cars.

Zach Grandinetti recommends Fuji Automotive

May 12th

The best experience I’ve had when it came to car shopping. Paul truly cares about customer satisfaction and will put in 110% to get you in the car you want. You’d be crazy to choose anywhere else.

Sophia Sandvig recommends Fuji Automotive

May 7th

Paul made the whole process pressure and stress free! He also expertly lays out everything you need to accomplish with the VRO and Japanese offices so that you are never lost.

Bilson Quilatan recommends Fuji Automotive

May 6th

Thank you Paul and to your team on getting us back on the road again. Your team has made our vehicle purchase very easy. No doubt that your team can deliver quality vehicles that is priced way under the market. We are looking forward to future transactions with Fuji Automotive Japan! Highly recommended to new and old Sailors and Civilian families! Thank you very much!

Allison N Sam Hodges recommends Fuji Automotive

April 28th

An absolute pleasure working with! Paul was so kind to help us begin the process while in ROM, and helped us buy direct from auction. He always kept us in the loop, and is very attentive to all messages. He was always willing to go above and beyond during every step of the process! Looking forward to our next vehicle purchase from auction soon!

Vince Carota recommends Fuji Automotive

April 28th

I just wanted to take an opportunity to commend Fuji Automotive for getting me into my first car in Japan. From start to finish, Paul prepared and guided me to get into a comfortable vehicle. During PCS moves to Japan, a person normally takes on an unexpected amount of stress, but Paul never added to that chaos. His calm demeaner allowed me to enjoy this part of my move here without any concern on my part. From Paul showing me available vehicles, to putting me in my car and explaining how all of the accessories worked, completed my awesome experience with these guys. Spread the word to others that THIS is the place to get your Japanese me!

Jeffrey Hackett recommends Fuji Automotive

April 24th

Been almost two weeks and I have been enjoying the van that Shane and Paul helped me pick out. Shane drove me around twice to look at different vehicles after not finding a vehicle with latches for car seats, I found one that did, still within my budget. Paul is very well versed in the whole process, was flexible, and entertaining. I enjoyed my experience there!

Leonard Yee recommends Fuji Automotive

April 17th

Thank you for taking care of my family and I. You found the van with all of the features we wanted. You made buying a vehicle very easy.

Teddie R. Urey recommends Fuji Automotive

April 16th

I can’t say enough about Paul! 5 STARS! A true professional and great and fun guy. Took great care of me and it was a pleasure dealing with him and his team. If you’re new to Yokosuka and looking for a vehicle, look no further than Fuji Automotive.

Sgearr gearr recommends Fuji Automotive

April 14th

Paul Great guy, I got a car from lemon lot on base and it turned out to be a lemon, was lucky to get a refund. Found my way over to Fuji auto after going to a few other places. They had the best deals on their cars and Paul was great. If you need a car this is the place.

Kevin Bartram recommends Fuji Automotive

April 13th

Paul and Shane made our car buying experience a truly enjoyable one. Highly recommend. They were knowledgeable, efficient, entertaining, and totally no pressure. Most importantly they listen to what you are looking for and will work to make it happen.

Emerson Tan recommends Fuji Automotive

April 13th

great to work with. easy day buying a car from them. thank you

Kelly Stevenson recommends Fuji Automotive

April 11th

Paul is really the glue that holds Fuji together. His integrity is beyond reproach. Paul will keep you informed from start to finish and has a business ethic that is nonexistent now a days. Keep Paul in mind for any car purchase. I can’t recommend him enough.

Christine Porch recommends Fuji Automotive

April 7th

I would absolutely recommend Paul to anyone! He is awesome. Professional, friendly and I truly believe he cares more for his reputation than profit.

We have been here for a couple of years but were just looking for something newer and more reliable. Paul listened to what we had to say and gave an honest opinion on a couple of the models we were looking for. We were able to junk our old car and get the new one in one trip. He makes the process so simple and painless!

We even had a question about something we noticed after the sale and I cannot emphasize how well he handled it. We couldn’t be happier with our new car or with the service we received!

Thank you so much Paul!

Genesis Pacasio recommends Fuji Automotive

April 3rd

I highly recommend Paul and his team at Fuji Automotive. Really helped to take the stress out of the daunting task of looking and purchasing a car here in Japan. Very accommodating especially to my hectic and unpredictable schedule. Helped to get my family up and mobile in no time at all. Given more time and money here in Japan, I would not hesitate to purchase another car from Paul.

Helena Heu Vigil recommends Fuji Automotive

March 31st

Fuji Automotive has great customer service. From the first phone call with Paul to talk about the van we wanted to the first class pick up in the Toyota Century from Shane. Paul and Shane made this a fun experience for my kids also. They will never forget their ride in Shane’a car. The whole experience was easy and stress free. I wish the VRO had the same customer service. I would recommend to buy from Paul any day. He was so easy to work with and gave me great advice from the start to the end. Thank you Fuji automotive!

Diana J Allison recommends Fuji Automotive

March 20th

Thank you so much Paul my Husband loves the car I picked out while I was in the states! I knew seeing this on your fb wall, it’s is the one for our family! My Husband said it’s the best deal we can get, drive so smooth and it looks cool and nice for the price! We definitely recommend Fuji Automotive Japan ! Paul is very patient , professional and answer all your questions even the stupid ones lol! He goes extra miles to help you whatever extra you need! He is the best of the rest!

Lance Coverdill recommends Fuji Automotive

March 20th

Paul, you yet again provided top notch services. The wife totally loves her new car. I will keep highly recommending you to other friends who may be interested in a new used car. You always work your magic and make it easy. You always seem to go out of your way to ensure it very pleasant process for the customer. THANK YOU

Anthony Alexander Allen recommends Fuji Automotive

March 20th

Purchased a Gray Toyota Mark X, Paul and Shane was very helpful from start to finish. Also may have a nice conversation and a cheerful laugh here and there along the way. So when you buy a vehicle from Fuji Automotive, mention Anthony sent you.

Che Ruth recommends Fuji Automotive

March 16th

I rarely post reviews, but this place is too awesome not to review. Fuji Automotive is as good as it gets when purchasing a used vehicle. From service to pricing to quality and total ease of the process, this place has it all. Paul & Shane were professional and helpful in tending to personal needs, not pushy. Quickest and easiest car buying experience we've ever had. I highly recommend this place to anyone buying a car.

Julie Peterson recommends Fuji Automotive

March 12th

Thank you so much Fuji Automotive Japan for helping us find our family car. Your costumer service is excellent and cars are great! You made our car buying journey easy. Very responsive for all our questions even after store hours and gave us honest answers and advise regarding car questions! Helped us through the process of buying it and getting the paperwork done. Wonderful stuff! Very patient and accommodating specially with kids and make you feel at ease to ask questions and works really quick too once you have all your paperwork. Superb in finding the car within your budget. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Dion Butler recommends Fuji Automotive

March 10th

We liked it so much, we did it twice!
My wife and I bought two vehicles from Paul at Fuji Auto. This time we gave him a challenge and he knocked it out of the park. I asked him to find me a Toyota BB with all of the bells and whistles, low mileage and I gave him a budget. Paul not only came through he delivered this nice ride to us within a limited time frame. Paul and the crew at Fuji Auto continue to provide us with excellent service even after the sale.
The Butler’s

Jim Grieg recommends Fuji Automotive.

March 7th

We received outstanding service from Fuji Automotive from the time we first walked in the door to the time we left with our car. We change our minds about the car we wanted several times and they took each each change in stride and found the car that filled our needs. Paul and Shane were very helpful throughout the process. When it’s time to get another car, I will not hesitate to go to Fuji Automotive Japan.

Ryan Miller recommends Fuji Automotive.

March 5th

Fuji Automotive made a potentially stressful experience a breeze. Their experience, helped me navigate the process of registering my first car in Yokosuka. They helped me find exactly what I was looking for at the best price. Paul and his team were always real with me and didn't try and steer me down path that was more in their favor. If you are looking to buy and want both convenience and a honest no b/s experience, Fuji Automotive is exactly the place to go.

Kellyn Endo recommends Fuji Automotive.

March 4th

Without a doubt, I highly recommend Paul and his team at Fuji Automotive Japan!!!

Their customer service goes above and beyond. You’ll never feel pressured into buying anything and you can tell them what you’re looking for in a vehicle and they work their magic and boom! You got the car you wanted and perks come with it! I feel so cared for and spoiled by them!

Thank you for making this the easiest part of our transition here!

Go check um out! Aloha!

Justin Kobielusz recommends Fuji Automotive

March 3rd

Highly recommend Fuji Automotive Japan!!!Absolutely blown away by the level of customer service Paul and his entire team have provided.

I have had several tours in Japan throughout the past 20 years and this has by far been the most seamless experience obtaining a vehicle from start to finish. I provided a brief description of what I was looking for and he delivered beyond my expectations.

I reached out before arrival and stayed in contact during ROM while the team worked their magic, and the vehicle (from auction) was waiting on me to physically inspect and consider without any high pressure to purchase. Honesty is integral to Paul’s business model and it shows!

Thank you all again for offering such an outstanding service to the fleet and I know exactly who I will be recommending to everyone for their vehicle purchase needs.

Cheers mate and looking forward to seeing you around

Laura Cullen McClernon recommends Fuji Automotive.

March 1st

Thank you to Paul and his team for making our car buying experience seamless. Buying a car shortly after arriving in Japan could be a daunting experience but Fuji made it super easy for us. Fuji has a great selection and knows what most Americans end up buying I plan to recommend Fuji to everyone I know moving to the area.

Alexis Garcia recommends Fuji Automotive.

February 14th

Easiest car buying experience I've had! Paul knows what he's doing and is an expert in customer service. Everything was upfront and transparent from the start! His care for customer service is above and beyond, I'll be back for an EVO later Paul!

Yaer Namzug recommends Fuji Automotive.

February 13th

From the beginning (2018) with our first car until now with our upgraded car, Paul and his team have been nothing but fire. From the constant messaging and answering all our questions, they have been great and very helpful. He made upgrading the car 100% stress-free and easy. On top of that, the whole process of junking our old car was such a breeze. I highly recommend Fuji Automotive!

Chad McGrath recommends Fuji Automotive

February 13th

Excellent experience. Highly recommended! Paul and Shan found the perfect car for me at auction.

Monica Ashford recommends Fuji Automotive.

February 13th

The best experience, couldn’t have asked for anything better! Paul was a delight and so was Shane. Paul irked with me on the mount I wanted to spend and presented me the perfect car. I love that this business takes care of the hard parts for you. By far the easiest process. If you go through this business I promise you won’t regret it!!!

Ade Clove recommends Fuji Automotive.

February 6th

We had a really amazing experience purchasing a vehicle from Paul Wright over a year ago. It is very challenging when you first arrive to Japan, trying to learn so much information and adapt. Paul never made me feel as if I was being talked down to, he provided clear and complete instruction on the process of purchasing and registering a vehicle. He was patient, friendly and genuine. The vehicle we bought meet the needs of our family. Since purchasing our vehicle, it has required minimal mechanical maintenance and any time I have had a question, Paul has been prompt with replying, informative and excelled at customer service. Thank you, Paul for a positive purchasing experience! We’ve been able to take many adventurous trips and explore Japan!

Nissa Trejo Young recommends Fuji Automotive.

February 3rd

I cannot recommend this enough, they worked with our budget, and their cars are reliable. I bough my first car in Japan off of Paul 2 years ago and other than normal wear and tear is a great car and we just recently bough our second car and I didn’t even think about talking to anyone else. Shane and Paul worked with us and our budget and walked us through the whole registration process, I didn’t want to buy a car off of someone because of the horror stories I’ve heard about those so having a good dealership to trust made the whole process a whole lot less stressful.

Jason Hefner.

December 10th

Super easy, streess free. Everyone is real nice and easy to work with

Robert Lodato.

December 6th

The cheap2drive group made everything as simple as possible for me. Definitely one of the easiest car buying experiences I have ever had, if not THE easiest. The team knew the ins and out of what needed to be done and when for registering and getting me driving. If I need another car I’ll be coming back.

Matthew Burke.

October 29th

Had a unique experience with Paul, bought a van and once all the paperwork was complete and we tried to drive off started to stutter. Without even asking the guys told us they were keeping it and putting it in the shop. After a few days and two shops later they couldn’t identify the issue, so instead of sending us AS IS, the guys were outstanding, they took the van back and offered our money back or to see what else they had in stock. We decided to see what they had coming in and the van they recommended was Better than the one we had bought, and we were able to do a one for one, no extra cost. First time I have left a dealer in a long time knowing we were treated right, and on Top, received a better vehicle for the price. If you are just getting to Japan you can’t go wrong with him, OUTSTANDING Customer service and would recommend to anyone

Brandon Evans.

November 25th

Really great guys, we just walked in and they answered all my question and showed me some cars Everything was included and overall good price. Even installed a backup can for me upon request

Joe Holiday .

November 16th

My experience was excellent! The staff were very helpful and friendly, and provided me with everything I needed to behind the wheel of the vehicle I wanted! Love the new Honda! Thanks again!

Ktens N. Indelhi.

November 4th

Easiest car buying experience ever!

Cassie Tohill.

October 29th

Paul, and guys worked great as a team. Paul is a true fountain of information when it comes to the registration process and cleared up all of the questions that VRO created. They were incredibly responsive and easily accessible right outside the main gate.

Paul A Lewandowski.

October 29th

Paul and the Team make buying a car easy, affordable and fun. Great customer service; they truly do put Service first and Profit second. In my opinion profit for them is at the bottom of their list. They enjoy what they do and that is helping an individual or family get a vehicle that suits their needs.

If you are in need of a vehicle, I highly recommend stopping by their office and seeing what they can do for you.

Keep up the great work Team!



Sarah Stole Tolar.

October 29th

Great group of people! They made the process very easy and did it with a smile. We found their selection of vehicles diverse and fairly priced.

Melissa Barfield Sanchez.

October 20th

You guys are the best! Thanks so much for the smooth purchase and taking care of all of the required paperwork!

James Burke.

October 10th

Great place if you’re looking for a good deal. Very friendly and helpful staff. Went out of their way to ensure the process of purchasing a car was hassle free. Highly recommended!

Juliana Yauwelgam.

October 1st

Paul and his team were very nice, very helpful, professional and quick. My husband and I cannot say enough how amazing our experience was with them. The best place to get a vehicle. We highly appreciate and recommend to anyone who is thinking about get a car!

Jenny Dougherty

September 24th

I cannot say enough about how amazing my experience was with Paul. I was very intimidated by the process of buying a car with 2 little kids in tow and with my husband deployed. Paul and his guys went way above and beyond to make sure that my entire family was taken care. Between shuttling us all over base so we didn’t have to walk in the rain and being available to answer any question I had about the process, I couldn’t have felt more comfortable with buying a car in a new country. They truly mean what they say about service first and profit second. I’m beyond grateful for the support throughout the buying process but also the moral support the team offered my family. I am one very satisfied customer!

Marcus Bonner.

September 22nd  

Very good customer from Paul and the team from the day I test drove vehicles to the day I drove out the garage. They will pick you from and return you to base. All paperwork will be completed by them, you just have to read and sign . They are well aware of all the base procedures, and will not get frustrated if you have a lot of questions. Do not look any further than them!!!

Adam Gunns.

September 16th  

Paul was great and was very nice, very professional and most of all helpful. They even messaged me off hours for a question I had. I had zero issues and zero complaints. The van runs great! Thank you for your help Paul, I also appreciate you taking the time looking at the auctions for me! See you guys again!

Bernadette San Nicolas.

September 2nd  16.14 PM  

We were looking to buy a small compact car that can still accommodate our family and when we came across the website, we were pleased with how easy it was to navigate. It contained all the pertinent information and included quality photos of varying vehicles. The whole experience of meeting Paul was awesome and we could tell that they pride themselves in making the customers feel comfortable and satisfied! Overall, they made the process very simple, explained in detail what we needed to do, and they took care of everything else. We really appreciated the time given to us and are exceptionally happy with our new vehicle! We will definitely use them again and highly recommend anyone to see what they have to offer before looking elsewhere. 🙂🤙🏽

Steve Romenick.

August 25th 3.13 PM  

Our experience was great and Paul was professional, kind, and punctual with replys making the process a quick and easy experience. Their cars are affordable and well maintained. They are very experienced to deal with the Navy and will work with you. They will break everything down barney style if need be and have alot of patience. We love our new car! Thank you to all the staff!

Katherine Matz Young.

August 21st 14.08 PM  

My husband and I were in the market for a second car. My husband had just started a job. We already knew what type of car at least size that we needed. When we went to the lot and met with Paul and he was super helpful. He showed us everything within and ours specs that we wanted to consider. Because we were getting a “third” vehicle (own a motorcycle ) I had to wait for my command to approve the acquisition and purchase of said vehicle. Which meant it was going to take some time. Ken and Paul both were more than understanding and patient with the process. It took us several weeks for the paperwork to go through. But once everything was said and done on my end they were more than ready to accommodate me in my timeframe. We did a down payment at the beginning and they held the car for the length of time that it took for my paperwork to process with my command. They Detailed the car and took it for the LTO run that was required. After that she was ready to go. I picked her up and was well on my way to a new ownership. I highly recommend these guys because they are so accommodating with the requirements of military members. Their price points for cars also very. Whether you’re looking for a newer model under 4 to 5 years or something older. Whether you're a family or just a couple like myself and my husband. They have something for everyone. Happy hunting I’m sure you’ll find what you need there.

Arnel Dorn.

August 19th 18.58 PM  

Paul was very professional and quick. Really he goes out of their way because he understand the qualities of vehicles we’re looking for the price and the age of the vehicles that you can’t find anywhere else, hands down. Additionally, made the process to get a vehicle easy, with all the proper information. Finally, I would definitely recommend to anyone in search of a vehicle here in Yokosuka..

Bing Docuyanan.

August 10th 09.38 AM  

Best place to get a car here in Yokosuka. Paul the great guy pulled through on getting the car that the wifey really wanted. We picked a car from the auction. He got us what we wanted, and completed all maintenance, topped off all fluids, new brake pads, spare FOB on the car. He went far beyond our expectations. Very professional and car savvy. Easy communication, great transaction and great to work with. Thanks to Ken for the test drive and Abby for entertaining the wife. Best part is we got a 2008 BMW for the best price in town! Highly recommended. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟🌟

Maritess Almendares Manipon.

August 8th 1.24 PM  

Our car buying experience was great with Paul and his team. The staff was friendly and the process was quick. We love our new, pre-owned car! 😆

Claire Jones.

July 26th 18.17 PM  

We have had a great buying experience with cheap2drive. Very easy to work with, always ready to go above and beyond. They work really hard to provide excellent customer service and a good product. Conveniently located by base with a shuttle van to their sales lot. Every step of the way, I have felt like they went above and beyond what was expected. If you’re a good customer looking for a great experience shop here.

Ren Magtira.

July 18th 9.17 AM  

Communication was key between the seller and us. During the tough time of being SIP, with all the extra rules our base set for us, They were patient and never once rushed us Into getting the car right away . I wasn’t able to get the vehicle I wanted initially, but with only a quick inquiry message via fb, Paul was able to special order, deliver the best and perfect vehicle for our family. Buying a car can be stressful from previous experiences but they did good and right, Thankyou team you guys go above and beyond for your customers and we truly appreciate it. Above all The flowers was beautiful, the wine was sweet and our car is everything we asked for.
Absolutely without hesitation we recommend cheap2drive 100 & more percent.

Amanda Jackson.

July 11th 20.11 PM  

I was able to tell them exactly what I was looking for on deployment and came home to the perfect car. It was easy and super fast. They know what they’re talking about. Highly recommended!

Rebecca Zea.

July 11th 16.14 PM  

I needed a car and quick, I have a kind of unique situation and these guys took care of me on my schedule. They even gave me a ride all the way from Atsugi. Super friendly people and the cherry on top is definitely the flowers an wine.

Rich Canales.

July 8th 8.39 PM  

Highly recommended to those that are looking to buy a vehicle. Very helpful and knowledgeable of the vehicle registration process especially to those that are in the military. Very helpful and will work with you if you’re looking for a specific vehicle from start to finish.

Jim Clark.

June 30th 19.47 PM  

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Friendly and professional service. Paul has the inventory of cars for any buyer. They made the process of buying a car in Japan very easy and at great prices.

Noel Cen.

June 24th 5.00 PM ⭐️ ⭐️

Awesome customer service, quick process, and very responsible and super patient to answer all my questions. It’s a great place to find your vehicle. Thank you very much for all your help and assistance! I would recommend Paul to all my friends.

Jessica Carr.

June 16th 18.17 PM ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  

This is the best place to get a car! Not only is the entire staff great, they got us what we needed and with a quick turn around. Also they were pretty cool with my wild child running a muck in their office, but seriously they were fantastic. I would recommend 100x over!

Aleeza Parra.

June 12th 11.04 AM ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Greetings to All,

I write this post in regards for showing gratitude to Paul, but also his staff and the individuals in the insurance department. As everyone who is here in Japan on SOFA agreement knows, buying a car here can be a lengthy, and sometimes stressful process especially if your service member is away due to deployment or some other means like quarantine because of COVID like my husband is, but this team will assure you every step of the way. I hit some minor hiccups that just extended the days of obtaining my vehicle, but nonetheless, these guys were here in both a motivational, and professional manner. They will explain the process to you step by step in a non- overwhelming and uncomplicated way. It was the utmost pleasure purchasing a vehicle with them and just mingling. Do not hesitate to look on their page for potential vehicles you may want to purchase, message them for any questions/ comments/ concerns (they are more than happy to reply/ make the time for you), or you can even call/ visit them at their location right outside the main gate and across the street! He has more than enough vehicles and you are sure to find one that is within your budget and style. Happy shopping everyone!

— with Marlene Betancur.

Jeff Korcal.

June 10th 11.26 PM

Paul was amazing! super friendly and they definitely have your back when it comes to any car you purchase from them. I had a custom order that ended up having engine issues right after I purchased it. I know that there's always a risk in purchasing auctioned cars and most places will just tell you too bad, but Paul put me in another car that met my needs at a VERY reasonable price. Can't get better service than that. I truly appreciate what you guys do. Highly recommend! 😁

Kristina Hensen-Drumm.

June 9th 8.27 PM

After two years in Japan we decided that it was time to get a another car from Paul. They are friendly, very helpful and no pressure. My husband and I got to view lots of cars at the lot, they have something for all budgets including ours.
All prices are set with all fees included (Current road tax, 25 month JCI and LTO fees) so you know how much your paying up front plus they do the LTO run. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Ryan Clifford.

June 9th 6.34 PM

Great working with Paul, no hassle or rushing. Very professional and knowledgeable, making the whole process easy. They showed us exactly the selection we asked to see and now we have a reliable vehicle at a reasonable price. They handled the paperwork and did the running around. Would highly recommend! license plates. Overall, I am extremely happy with my new (used) car. Thank you Paul you made my life so easy.

Erin Oroszi.

June 6th 9.34 AM

Representative Paul was great to work with. He answered all my questions at any hour I would text him. I live on Zama so most of the communication was done via texting which worked perfectly for me All of my questions were answered and I was immediately notified of any news or updates regarding my vehicle. The driver who delivered my vehicle was prompt and friendly. All of the taxes and paperwork were prepared ahead of time which was extremely convenient. I would definitely recommend him.

Bob Kim.

May 30th 22.00 PM 😁

When I asked my friends where to purchase a used car in Yokosuka, two told me to check out Lemon Lot and five told me to ask Paul outside main gate. I found out most of the cars at Lemon Lot were associated with dealerships anyway, so I decided to call Paul who took me to the vehicle lot several times to show me various vehicles available. They were very understanding and accomodating and we were able to find a car the whole family liked; wife liked the car and I liked the price. The whole process from purchasing to gaining ownership with insurance and registration was very straight forward and they made it so easy. The only drawback to the whole experience was that I could not test drive any of the vehicles in the lot because they didn't have license plates. Overall, I am extremely happy with my new (used) car. Thank you Paul, you made my life so easy.

Cody Spurlock.

May 20th 07,02 AM

Very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. I probably would have given up trying to buy a car out here without their help. Highly recommend going to their lot and seeing the cars in person.

Dion Butler.

May 16th 1.25 PM
We purchased a 2004 Toyota Alphard on May 12th and the experience was phenomenal. The staff was knowledgeable and the process was very smooth and easy. Unlike the 7 to 8 hour process we had to go through to purchase a car for our son in the states. The staff did all of the leg work and all we had to do was visit VRO, pick up the paperwork and drive away. Anyone looking for a car needs only to deal with Paul. Their honesty and integrity shows when you spend even a little time talking to them. They really care about making things right for each customer.
The Butlers ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Joshua Messier.

May 15th 7.09 PM

straightforward about what you're getting and no bs. Paul was fantastic to work with

Patrick Duffy.

May 1st 9.52 PM

I bought a 2005 Nissan Murano in December, I noticed a small oil leak about a week ago and contacted Paul and Ken to see if they knew of any mechanics that I could take the car to. They said they would send out a mechanic to take a look. Tonight Lenorado came to my house at 730 PM to look at it and found out the oil gasket was bad. He said that he would order the parts and let me know when he could instal them at my house. His customer service is the best! I can not thank you enough! It is a great feeling to buy a used car and know that they still look out for you after you purchase a car from them! Especially when you are here from the states! Thank you!!!

Marcus Ann Walker.

May 1st 18.08 PM

At first what I heard about Paul seemed too good to be true. It IS that good and IS true! At a great price, the team took on the many efforts required for my family to get on the road.

Daniel Peavers.

April 23rd 18.37 PM

We had the greatest car buying experience from beginning till the end. Paul was so friendly and helpful. We went in with a car we had in mind and they were honest with us about it and showed us a car that they thought would be better for us and we ended up loving that one more. We were looking for a car buying experience with the least hassle on our end and this was it. They got us on the road so quickly. They were so kind to not only clean our car once but twice. We highly recommend him and would return for any further business.

Fiero Ceaser.

April 21st 09.57 PM

Looking for a relaxed professional no-pressure atmosphere to purchase a quality used vehicle? Look no further than this guy!!!This is a fantastic business that's been around for a while. They have a reputation for outstanding quality, honesty and integrity. I've enjoyed doing business here, I will go back here again because of the excellent customer service and high quality vehicles. You won't find a better dependable car dealership around to cater to all of your automotive needs! (LTO Run, Junking, Insurance and JCI)

This is the ultimate one stop shop for any service member needing to get out on the road in something reliable during your time in Japan.

Reuben Jordon.

April 10th 09.27 PM

I dont think my car buying experience could have been any better. These guys sacrificed their time to accomodate me and i truly appreciate.

Douglas Drew.

April 9th 16.37 PM

C2D does for me and my family again! This is the 2nd car we bought from Paul (bought an “A” plate for my younger son last year). Picked up my Elgrand yesterday and it wasn’t easy with all of the base closures. (Paul, & his folks) all made it as painless as possible. Now, I just have one more car to buy in the near future, for my older son – yes, we’ll be coming back to C2D!!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Mitch Dittlebrand.

April 1st 03.36 AM

By far the most reputable dealer around! Paul and his guys stand by the cars they sell. They go the extra mile by helping you get it registered and ready to drive away — you won’t see that from any other dealership on or off base! Having problems with your New car? You can depend on them to help and do the right thing. Again nothing you’ll see on or off base from any other dealership. You’re not just a customer… Your family! Highly recommended!!

Paul Buc Gittens.

March 27th at 04.18 AM

Great service and friendly staff!! They really do it all!!

Jessica Fu Fernandez.

March 25th at 13.28 PM

We just purchased our 2nd vehicle from Paul, and as always, their service never disappoints! This time the car was for me solely, and I am a happy customer. I know I am not the only one who has gone back to them time and time again. They have rave reviews because they go above and beyond for their consumers. They are super helpful and friendly, and you can’t go wrong with their company. In addition, their location is so convenient and they make the car buying process easy and expedient. Make sure to visit them if you’re considering purchasing a vehicle or two (or more) in Japan! Like Nike says, just do it.

Helen Rose.

March 18th at 20,14 PM

I’m so very lucky I got this car and everybody at this office was so kind and helpful!
Thank you so much!!

Kimshin Lim.

March 18th at 18.55 PM

Exceptional customer service from Paul! he does not discriminate nor pick customers. If you have a set budget, they won’t force you to buy anything higher than that price. They will even find a car that matches your budget. From the moment I walked in, I was helped and assisted throughout the way and to the day I got my car.

Super fast process. Got my car within a week. Maybe faster than that if everything works well with VRO. They also make sure your car is all cleaned up and fixed as best as they can. I can definitely say I’m given 5 star service. Definitely will recommend this to anyone looking for a car!

Carson Fontenot.

March 12th at 19.17 PM

Awesome people. Fast, easy, affordable. I wish I would have went to them sooner.

Brittni Hernandez.

March 11th at 15.01 PM

Its been about a month now so plenty of time to let my whole experience with my new car set in! This is probably the first review I've written for a service...ever...but I thought I should share my experience. From the first minute on the lot even up until now, the friendly, courteous and professional service I have received has been nothing short of amazing. Whether it's been answering questions, giving me advice, or even helping me name my car (Maple lol), I have enjoyed getting to know the team and highly recommend them for any car needs (or even just a great conversation!!). They made car buying effortless. Thank you again!!

Alima Onadja Kaba.

March 10th at 18.57 PM

We bought our 1st car in Japan with Paul. The entire team was amazing from the beginning to the End. I highly recommend them. Kudos to Chrissy for that personalized experience. We love our new 8 seater Stepwagon. Thanks Paul for trusting US. They all went above and beyond expectations. Give them a chance when looking for a car in Japan. No pressure to buy!!!!

Mina Soler.

March 5th at 18.31 PM

I got a great car from them! The year, km and price I wanted 😁 buying and getting my car insured was done at the same place. They both answered my questions every time i had one. I’ve recommended them since day one and will continue to do so. Thank you 😁

Tyquesha Hewitt.

March 2nd at 18.17 PM

If you need a car, this is the place to go!!! From the moment I stepped foot in this space, I felt like family. Paul and his team took amazing care of me and ensured that I got into a vehicle that fit my price and situation. They are all so caring, genuine, and friendly. Plus, the conversation and laughter is spirit lifting! No matter what you are looking for, this is the place to go!!!

Nathan Laygo.

March 1st at 17.31 PM

Top notch 5 star customer service! And so convenient for all those who are Placing to Yokosuka! Highly recommend for all your used. car needs.

Timothy Steward.

February 27th at 14.21 PM

Great doing business with you again Paul. This is the third great car you have sold us. There is no disappointment here. You have treated us like family. We really appreciate your outstanding service not only to us, but the community as well. Thank you for supporting the Armed Forces with the quality and caring special business practices. It means a lot to know that each person that comes to purchase a vehicle from you is taken care of and you stand behind your product. You are a good man. Thank you very much!

Rachel Lynn Montoy.

February 24th at 17.03 PM

We knew exactly what we wanted and he went above and beyond to get us exactly what we wanted!!! They were awesome to work with!!! Thanks again guys!

Yuri Campbell.

February 21st at 20.33 PM

Paul was amazing! Wonderful customer service! Explaining the process each step of the way. My husband and I just got to Yokosuka last week and we already have a car. It’s probably the quickest process ever! Oh can I say the price was extremely reasonable. PCSing overseas can be a stressful process but buying a car through/with his team is very simple. I highly recommend you check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Edzel Pacheco.

February 20th at 21.59 PM

Paul was awesome. He got us our family car that we wanted and the process was very easy. They basically did everything, all I had to do was get some stamps on my paperwork and before you know it I'm driving away in a beautiful car. Thanks again guys. 10/10 service and would definitely recommend.

Kat Brianard.

February 19th at 20.14 PM

I reached out to Paul via email while I was deployed after perusing their site and finding a vehicle I was interested. Not only did they respond to me right away, they answered all my questions and reserved the vehicle for MONTHS while I finished up my deployment. Once I returned home they accommodated my busy schedule to get me in and out, fully street legal and ready to go in just one day. Never once did I feel pressured or like I was being taken advantage of, he genuinely has their customer in mind and I cannot recommend their services enough! Thank you so much Paul, and everyone else who has helped me throughout today’s process for making it smooth and stress-free!

Phil Clarke.

February 17th at 11,58 AM

Had the unfortunate event that the transmission in my car went out. Luckily I had paid for the protection plan. Paul was very helpful and is getting me into another car no questions asked. This is the best used car dealership in Yokosuka!

Jason Parth.

February 12th at 11.47PM

Affordable car with great customer service. They really helped take care of alot as far as being close by and taking the car to get all the fees taken care of February 12th at 11.47PM

Rossane Nerbonne.

February 12th at 11.13 PM

Paul is super nice. I wanted a specific car and he found it. Excellent cars for a fraction that other charge.

Joel Tidd.

February 12th at 10.21 PM

We've had our car for over a year now. No issues...great car. Would buy from Paul all over again. Keep up the great work!

Rene E Martinez.

February 6th at 20.54 PM

I have been and out off Japan for years. This without a doubt has been the best experience ever buying a car here.

Paul and the crew are amazing to work with and keep you in the loop during the entire car buying process.

From Yokosuka to Zama folks need to check out Paul to purchasing their car.

I cannot say thank you enough. Best of luck!!!

Jess Okasama.

February 5th at 16.24 PM

Exceptional service! They're clear cut with how things are done and will help you in anyway needed. If you know what you want they will make sure to get it for you. Definitely recommend!

Kyle Andrews.

February 3rd at 18,14 PM

One of the easiest and best places I’ve ever purchased from. These guys are pros in the greatest sense of the word and they make sure they take care of you. Would definitely deal with them again!

Marcus Seeger.

January 31st at 19.21 PM

Awesome service! Awesome car! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Christian Alvarez.

January 30th at 20.17 PM

Thanks a lot Paul, it was great doing business with you!
Awesome car, in such great condition, and all the paperwork was so easy!
Strongly recommend

Troy Desouza.

January 29th at 21.32 PM

Real stand up guy is Paul. I had a great experience from start to finish. I was in and out the door same day with a quality vehicle at a great price. He is the way to go.

Khanh Duy Ngo.

January 27th at 10.23 AM

Paul are super knowledgable and helpful from finding a car I want and register the car. Without a doubt, they are the go to place to purchase a car in Japan. I highly recommend anyone to go see them to get the car you want. You will love it, as much as I did

Ruben Garcia.

January 22nd at 18.01 PM

Highly recommend them when searching for a car they’re the best👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Khristian Ebreo.

January 22nd at 9.39 AM

Bought a car from Paul about 2 weeks ago, the team there is amazing. My wife and I originally came in to look at a specific car, but came out with something better. The team there made the process very easy and was very helpful. Definitely would recommend buying a car from them. They for sure live by there motto.

Danielle Stocki Debano.

January 21st at 22.23 PM

I waited to leave a comment until I had had my vehicle for a while so I could be honest and transparent about my experience. I arrived the end of August with 3 kids, no husband, and a million things to juggle on my own. I gave Paul and the guys my budget and the type of car I wanted, and they were able to find exactly what I wanted quickly. They also went above and beyond with bringing the car to my location and working with my schedule. It took a lot of stress off of my shoulders during a difficult time. I have had the car for 5 months now and have no mechanical problems with it. I really appreciate the service I received and recommend them to incoming families looking for assistance finding a car.

Gregorio A. Palermo.

January 21st at 13.07 PM

Thank you for your help. Your company is awesome. The car is amazing. Glad we were able to make a deal. Will definitely be recommending you to others. Best regards. Greg

Matthew Heaton.

January 18th at 18.11PM

They did an AMAZING job of getting me into the right car in a fast and efficient manner. This is our 3rd tour in Japan and our 7th Japanese car purchase or transfer. BY FAR the BEST experience I have had in all of my transactions. Ken and the staff did an incredible job and will do WAY MORE than any other dealer near a military installation. Go with these folks - they are the PRO'S!

Jason Queenie.

January 17th at 5.26 AM

The entire team was amazing. From the get go, they were extremely helpful. They just help find the cars that you need. They did not pressure us to purchase at all. It was the smoothest experience we’ve had when it comes to car buying. We would highly recommend swinging by their office to take a look at their inventory. They’ve got a great mix of things.

If you’re just getting here from the states, this is a good stop for you. They can explain the whole Japanese transportation system with you easy.

Jackie Brown.

January 6th at 8.11 PM

These group of people were such a delight to work with! They really helped my family with two wonderful vehicles and worked with us on the pricing. Thank ALL of you for such a wonderful, fun and entertaining experience!!!

Joe n'Melissa Leahy.

January 4th at 6.08 PM

We HIGHLY recommend Paul to ALL military of any service and paygrade. Talk about 5-star treatment. I spoke with Ken prior to our PCS to Japan and he was extremely communicative. When we finally arrived in Japan, we were surprised he remembered who we were! It's not often when working with a business, especially in the US, that they remember your name! That meant a lot to us when we arrived in Yokosuka. That played a huge role in our decision making

Paul took us to look at the cars and their goal is that you get the car that fits YOUR needs. They got to know us and really explained and broke down the process for us.

And just so everyone knows, USED cars here in Japan, especially with him are NOT like the USED cars in the states... they look BRAND NEW!

Paul, treated us like we were old friends.. they got to know us and offered to keep in touch if we ever needed anything.. even if it wasn't car related... where else would you get that kind of kindness??

Lisa Montplaisir.

December 25th at 9.09 PM

Thank you for the wonderful service! Paul went above and beyond to get our car to us before the Christmas holiday. We appreciate the professional, straightforward service and pricing of vehicles. We will definitely direct people their way if they are looking for a car. We are very happy with our car and the overall experience in the purchasing process. Thank you for all your help in walking us though this process. Happy holidays!

Tabitha Clarke.

December 20th at 3,37 PM

Finally a reliable car. Love it! 🚘💐🍾 #HubbyWentToPickUp #SinceMayaWasSleeping #ThankYou #Yokosuka #Finally #ToyotaSienta #JapanDrivers #Car #Flowers #Wine

Ashley Reifenberger - Lundy.

December 18th at 5.28 PM

Paul was so helpful in the process of helping us buy our car. They were honest, great with communication, and so much fun to work with. I would highly recommend coming here when searching for a car. Not only are they great guys, but they give you flowers and a bottle of wine to celebrate with. Thank you Ken and Paul!!!

Aubrey Tolentino Parreno.

December 17th at 10.26 PM

We appreciate the excellent service you provided; great communication skills, excellent paper works, high quality and very affordable car.

We would love to recommend your company to anyone who needs a car in the future. Keep up the good work Guys! Awesome Team! 🌟☀️10/10

Sandy Esparcia.

December 12th at 19.55 PM

Great service, reasonable price, and the meet your needs type of deal are awesome. Love you guys and we’re glad you’re around just in time. I will definitely buy my next car with C2D. Goodday mate.

Aiko Fujino Blocton.

December 7th at 14.28 PM

We bought our family van (Toyota, Vellfire, 2010) from Paul. Paul and his people are very sincere, diligent and thorough. Our van looks so nice, and we truly appreciate you!! Very satisfied with our van and their great service. We strongly recommend this company if you are looking for a nice, safe and cheap car!!

Eloise M. Duffy.

December 6th at 8.17 PM

We couldn’t say enough great things about Paul, and the staff.
We moved to Yokosuka 12 days ago and went to see them right away to have an idea of car options.
Ken took us to the car lot and all the cars sold by them were in great condition.

It took less than 1 hour to buy a car and do paperwork. They make the process easy and convenient, plus you cannot beat their prices. I can tell they are very honest people and there is no sales pitch or pushing to get a car. They make you feel very comfortable.

We picked up our car today and are so happy that we choose them. We might need a second car eventually, and there is no doubt that we will go back there.

Thank you,

Eloise & Pat

Leo Trendale.

December 5th at 7.36 PM

Best car buying experience I’ve had since I’ve been here in Yokosuka since 2005. Paul is a 5 star dealer with exceptional customer service!

Jesse Cervantez.

December 5th at 11.58 AM

Wouldn't go anywhere else, even after our situation. We purchased a vehicle, drove it off and noticed a transmission problem. Brought it up to the guys and no questions asked, they had their mechanic look at the vehicle. Since it was a transmission problem , Paul put us in another vehicle as soon as possible and it was upgrade from the original with no money difference. They even installed a new backup camera and purchased 2 new rear tires , again at no cost. So glad we were referred to cheap2drive.

Ialiuxh kobel.

November 30th at 21.33 PM

We had a really amazing experience purchasing a vehicle from Paul. It is very challenging when you first arrive to Japan, trying to learn so much information. The wonderful folks really made an effort to provide clear and complete instruction on the paperwork process of purchasing and registering a vehicle. The vehicle we bought meet the needs of our family. Thank you for a positive purchasing experience! We’ve been able to take adventurous trips and explore Japan!

Michael Brown.

November 29th at 20.41 PM

This is an awesome place! I wish we had something remotely as good as these guys back in the states. Paul, and his mechanic Leo are all great guys. I was a little skeptical because I just came from the states and was use to the run around, etc., but they are very upfront with no pressure and vehicles overall are in great condition, given the very fair prices. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them for any future purchases!

Terilyn Stephens.

November 26th at 21.11 PM

Great buying experience! Highly recommend  this place! These guys are awesome; helpful, friendly, easy to work with, knowledgeable, and have a great selection of vehicles to choose from. If it’s not in stock they will find you, what you want. Thanks for making it an easy and enjoyable process to upgrade to a newer Sienta!

Tara Kelley.

November 21st at 08.32 AM

Paul was recommended to me by a friend when I came to work on Yokota Air Base! I had a very specific idea of the car I wanted and my price range. ( I wanted a newer Mazda Demio ) Paul found exact what I wanted in my price range at an auction! They also delivered the car and took car of all the paper work! It couldn' have been easier and I couldn't be happier!

Edward Button.

November 18th at 18.17 PM

This is definitely the place to go! This is my first time being stationed in Japan so I wasn’t familiar with the process but Paul made it really simple. Great deals, excellent customer service, and complimentary bottle of wine! 5 out of 5 stars

David Carrano.

November 14th at 19.41 PM

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle in the Kanto Plains Area then you should chose working with these guys. Paul and his crew are amazing to work with. Once I told Paul what I was looking for, he went to work and found me exactly what I was looking for. He exceeded my expectations and I am a very satisfied customer. I would recommend Paul and the crew to everyone and tell them the entire process is seamless from start to finish! Job Well Done Paul!

Stephen Broadnax.

November 3rd at 10.54 AM

If you are looking for the best quality selection of cars, this is it. They not only have newer cars available with significantly lower mileage, but they will also order one on auction for you if they don’t have what you want in stock. Paul was very helpful in helping select a good car, giving tips on models, what not to buy, recommendations, etc. They got me the car I wanted from auction, and kept me updated of the progress every step of the way. And finally, they had the car delivered to me in Camp Zama. I can’t thank  Paul enough for having such a great business where I can get a good car at a great price. Other dealers wanted to charge me the same for a car much older, with higher mileage, and little to no warranty. If you have questions, give them a call. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Aaron Valigura.

October 30th at 20.52 PM

These guys are awesome. They are the type of guys you want to go out and get a beer with, but when it's time to work, they work their ass off. My new Subaru looks great and was delivered to me with absolutely no effort from me at all. If any of them are ever back near Zama the first beer is on me! Keep doing a great job. I'll hit you guys up when it's time to get another ride 😎

Yandere S. Gaze.

October 17th at 13.09 PM

Purchased 2 vehicles with Paul, and hands down to Paul, his staffs and mechanic for consistently high quality of service. His team goes above and beyond our expectations. Keep it up!

Seth Maclaughlin.

October 15th at 16.13 PM

I had an amazing experience buying a car from Mr Wright! THe was able to find and sell the exact make and model I was looking for even though they did not have it in stock. Their customer service was outstanding by walking me through each step of the buying process and answering every question I had. Even after including the JCI, LTO run, the price was well below my budget!

Nancy A. Smith.

October 9th at 20.13PM

Amazing customer service! I can't say enough good things about this place. Paul was great, he found us the perfect size van for our family of six within the budget! He was very kind, patient and very very very helpful. He walked me step through step and helped me get things done. I highly recommend him for anyone needing/wanting a new vehicle.

Lachean Kimbrough.

October 5th at 18.26 PM

I had a great experience purchasing my car from Paul. The process was very smooth and Paul was very friendly and helpful. They also have a great selection of cars to choose from. I am happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend Paul to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

Frank Migliaccio.

October 4th at 14.07 PM

Their customer service is outstanding, from beginning to end. There is no haggling, which I actually appreciate, and they offer a good range of options for everyone's budget while here in Japan. Everyone is friendly and honest. I will recommend them to everyone I know looking for a car here.

Cristina Campos.

October 3rd at 21,27 PM

Fantastic service overall!

Del Boyer.

October 3rd at 20.04 PM

Fantastic car and even better service from the true professionals there!
You guys are an absolute class act! Thank you!
Momma’s happy!

Chi KNP.

October 2nd at 10.11 PM

Great experience! Paul was extremely helpful and got us a great deal. Highly recommended.

Josh Roderick.

September 26th at 09.24 AM

Outstanding costumer service!!! You always feel welcome when you go through those doors! I haven’t heard a single bad thing about these guys or their cars. They helped me get exactly what my family need with a little extra space. You are never pressured into anything. Their reviews both on this site and through word-of-mouth speak for themselves. Every part of the process was easy. They do 99% of the work for you. I highly recommend getting your next car here!!

Joanna Bernardo.

September 24th at 11.17 PM

Other than having an array of great cars, what impressed me most was their customer service. Very quick to respond to help me find a car that best suites me and my family’s needs and stay within the budget yet provide the best quality vehicle with all inspections included. The whole process pretty much took a day and I got to drive the car home. Definitely a one shop stop and they will make everything so much simpler and easy. Highly recommend.. all the staff was super friendly, knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish.

Angel Valdez.

September 16th at 11.06 AM

If you are looking for the best quality selection of cars, this is it. They not only have newer cars available with significantly lower mileage, but they will also order one on auction for you if they don’t have what you want in stock. Paul was very helpful in helping select a good car, giving tips on models, what not to buy, recommendations, etc. They got me the car I wanted from auction, and kept me updated of the progress every step of the way. And finally, they had the car delivered to me in Camp Zama. I can’t thank Paul enough for having such a great business where I can get a good car at a great price. Other dealers wanted to charge me the same for a car much older, with higher mileage, and little to no warranty. If you have questions, give them a call. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Grant Carter.

September 14th at 19.31 PM

Wonderful service, communication and execution. Found what I needed and got me on the road quick and safe. Highly recommended!

Mari Schuchmann.

September 13th at 16.37 PM

Great customer service from start to finish. Prices were affordable. We highly recommend Paul Wright for anyone looking to buy a car. They will not disappoint.

Steven Smith.

August 27th at 20.18 PM

If you need a car in Yokosuka, this is the place to go. Absolutely the best service around from start to finish. They make the process so easy. It relieved stress you don't need when you move overseas. I'll go back for my next car.

Hitomi McDonald.

August 22nd at 12.14 PM

Great price. Great staff. Great experience from start to finish!

Erle Arnold.

August 17th at 16.36 PM

Great experience. Easy process to buy our new vehicle. Highly recommend Paul

Justin Williams.

August 15th at 13.08 PM

mr Paul provides unrivaled customer service, extremely affordable prices and an all inclusive package. They were there for me every step of the way providing guidance whenever I needed it. I would seriously recommend the service to anyone in Yokosuka getting their first car!

John Nicholson.

August 12th at 13.47 PM

The team was great to work with! Our car buying experience was short lived due too the stock of clean, low mile and affordable vehicles they have on their lots! We researched the cars they have available online, then called them to setup an appointment to go see the cars we were interested in. The office is very convenient since it is right across the street from the main entrance to Yokosuka NB. If you are in the market for a new car go visit them first!
Thanks guys for the wonderful, no pressure and fun experience! Love the new ride!

Kira Hurst.

August 11th at 11.17 AM

I just want to share the experience I had with Paul and his staff. I was looking for a very specific car that was newer than the 2003's that seem to be all over CFAY. Paul was extremely helpful and listened to what I wanted in a car. They didn't try to sell me a car they had in stock, but waited until the car that met my specifications came up in auction. While this took a couple of weeks, I have to say that it runs great. Thank you to Paul for a good experience.

Juan Rivera.

August 10th at 15.08 PM

Thanks for a super fast buy. I got this car before I got my license. I got my license walked off base n drove away. They took care of all. True cash n go

Azumi Walker.

August 5th at 11.51PM

Staff and service are great!!
They do Japanese Kanji plate. That was helpful.

Sirron Vessels.

August 3rd at 3.43 PM

Great Staff!! Great Prices!! They even offer a 1-year protection plan!

Lina Tomoyasu.

August 2nd at 06.35 AM

We had a really good experience with Paul. He answered all of our questions and addressed any concerns we had (we’re on Zama and he’s by Yokosuka). When we took possession of the car his associates were nothing but gentlemen. I appreciate their service and we got a great car out of it too.

James Huang.

July 31st at 15.01PM

Big Thank You to Paul. They worked hard to get you the best vehicle! Awesome customer service and will do business again!!

Abbey Salise.

July 24th at 9.14 PM

Paul makes you feel confident that you chose the right car, and their service does it all — from showing the car to doing the LTO run. Of course there are some things that you have to do yourself with VRO, but he makes car-buying less stressful. Paul gives you the options based on what you want and what they have. He never pressured me to buying one, and he remained kind and helpful throughout the process. I opted not to do their signature photo at the end of transaction (for personal reason — not ready for a photo op), and Paul respected my decision. I’ll be using their service again if I ever buy a 2nd car.

Nitsuj Sioul Nomis.

July 22nd at  07.11 AM

Paul, had a part to play in my choosing of great used car. Going through the whole inbound PCS process is a hassle, but the business plan they have laid out made acquiring a car EXTREMELY stress free! I saw a car on their website, emailed them, saw it, bought it. They truly took care of EVERYTHING. I only visited the the shop on two different days, one for looking, and one for paperwork/purchase. The total process from initial email to driving was 3 days! I can’t recommend the company enough, and thank y’all again!

Ellie Schultz.

July 19th at  8.44 PM

Wow, this was one of the best experiences we’ve had so far in Japan! These guys did it all. They took us from the Navy Lodge to the lot where they store the cars, let us look around, were very patient with all of our questions (and not just about the cars either!). All of the staff were so friendly, and we actually had a pretty fun time picking the car that we will drive while we are stationed here. Thanks to the whole team for making this such a pleasant experience!

Aaron Sousa.

July 19th at 4.21 PM

From my first message, to driving our new car off the lot, I had a great experience with Paul. I initially messaged them on facebook, showing interest in one of their vehicles and they quickly replied with all the information I needed to know in a professional and kind manner. I showed up at the office one day, after calling ahead of course, and Paul was more than happy to accommodate my 2 year old and I by driving us to their big car lot located approximately 15 minutes from their office. I just wanted to see what cars they had on hand. When we got to the lot, Paul showed his knowledge of the vehicles on the lot and the care that they go through when choosing vehicles to sell. Paul did not try to push any vehicles on me or pressure me into buying any. I ultimately did choose a vehicle that day on the lot because it was a deal I could not pass up. During the drive back to the office, Paul answered all my questions about owning a vehicle in Japan, and even questions about Japanese culture in general. We went back to the office and started the paperwork and it went extra smooth. Paul walked us to the insurance company right next door and got that taken care of just as smoothly. Today, I went and picked up the vehicle and met Dane who was great as well. We did some final paperwork, made the payment and was ready to go. Paul answered all my questions about the car and more with professionalism and showed that he is very knowledgeable as well. Overall my entire experience was very delightful and would suggest him to anyone looking for a vehicle. Thank you so much Paul and the rest of the staff.

Shayle Rogers.

July 16th at  10.42 PM

Gotta say I loved the ALL the conveniences and great service we received here. Found the car we wanted and had it in less than 2 business days with ALL the paperwork taken care of. And on top of all that, we got beautiful flowers and wine too! Can't recommend them enough. Thank you, Paul and everyone there! 🤗🚙🍾💐

Corinne Ransberger.

July 11th at  21.52 PM

am so happy about my experience with Paul! Friendly staff, very welcoming just an overall great experience! They made everything so easy, I mean everything! I love my new to me car! Thank you guys so much!!

Shona Lawrence.

July 5th at 19.53 PM

Paul made my car buying experience in Japan unbelievably easy. I was simply amazed at how easy they made the paperwork process. Having purchased a vehicle in Japan before I am somewhat familiar with all the running around but they eliminated that issue altogether. I highly recommend these gentlemen for your all car buying needs.

Phee Gel.

July 2nd at 21.28 PM

Paul is simply the best with the best and most professional people working in it! I can’t express enough in words how grateful I am on how awesome Mr. Paul Wright and his team works at this Motor Vehicle Company! They are truly exceptional at customer service! I highly recommend Paul to anyone! Paul will ensure you that you’ll surely be one happy and satisfied customer! Ever since the day my husband and I purchased our vehicle from him, we never had problems with it! We’ve driven our car in far places and it still runs smoothly even if it’s a very old car! However, today I had a bit of a problem figuring out what could possibly be wrong with the car because I couldn’t get it to start and there was a clicking noise coming from the fuse box. A couple of really good people and sailors on base tried to help me out but we couldn’t really figure it out. I don’t really know about cars and not having my husband around when he’s deployed is already stressful as it is, especially having kids around when the car goes into trouble. So, good thing I didn’t hesitate to message Mr. Paul about the car problem I was having today and he immediately responded to my urgent message! He recommended me one of his mechanics and gave me his phone number! I called his mechanic and on the same day my car problem got fixed! His awesome mechanic named Leonardo got on base, inspected the car, and the car got fixed super fast! And he figured out that it was just low on battery!lol! Something so simple when it comes to cars which I could hardly figure out! So, thank you so much, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Mr. Paul, to your super duper team and your awesome mechanics! I’m just super grateful! Especially my kids were super happy that their mommy finally got to start and drive our car safely back home tonight! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for always giving a great customer service to every military and their family members! We truly appreciate you!!! This is truly an awesome company!!! God bless you more and more so that you may continue to be at great service to others!!!

Danika Jones.

July 2nd at 10.14 AM

I call her Rosë. I inquired about her June 27th, was able to view, inspect and drive away with her June 28th, AND I officially owned her July 1st (because everything is closed on weekends). Paul made this process soooo easy and they worked with my wild schedule. I even received some unexpected discounts that allowed me to save some money on the back-end! Bro and I got a free bottle of wine and some flowers with it lol if you’re coming out to Yoko, this is the move.

Johvin Perry.

July 1st th at 16.38 PM

Short & Sweet.....Five star customer service!

Desiree Truet Blinkens.

June 19th at 19.41 PM

I simply could not have asked for better customer service. As a military spouse, husband on deployment and only been in country 2 weeks these guys got me exactly what I needed/wanted and at a great price including me having NONE of the hassle. They knew exactly what needed to be done, communicated my part to me clearly and now I'm driving myself and three kids around no problem. I personally worked with Dane and he was so nice, down to earth and no pressure. I would highly recommend this place! Thanks guys!

Mersade Lynn Mejia.

June t4th at 21.37PM

Pauls place is the place to go when you are looking for an easy way to get a vehicle that is well in good shape! The price is reasonable and includes a hassle-free process. These guys will help you every step of the way and make suggestions to make buying your vehicle easier and faster. They will go above and beyond for you to make sure you are on the road in no time! I highly recommend him, especially if you are new to oversea travel!

Note: If you see cars that run far cheaper on base, you might be entitled to spend extra while putting in effort. Whereas, if you do it through Paul, you are guaranteed to pay the same amount with no effort. They do most of the hard work for you.

Take my advise and avoid a headache. These are your guys for hassle free vehicle buying!

My experience with them was phenomenal and outstanding. In the beginning, I thought we would be waiting for our vehicle. But they went above and beyond to deliver the vehicle the same day my husband and I made the decision on one. Starting at around noon, I was on the road by 5 pm.

THESE GUYS ARE AWESOME! Just listen to them and get the papers you need, and you are good to go in no time. Its better to get the worst part of walking around over with so that you can be on the road faster. 😊

Tyra Rivkin.

June 11th at 21.37PM

Such a great, smooth, easy, and fun experience with the  Pauls team. I began emailing with Dane prior to my arrival in Yokosuka when I spotted an interesting-looking car on their website. They kept in touch with me throughout my move and first few days in Japan. While I didn’t act on that first car in time, all worked out for the best when I walked into the shop on a Saturday and had the good fortune to meet Paul who quickly nailed my taste and matched that with a car that had just been added to their inventory. The rest of the process could not have gone more smoothly. Dane drove me out to the lot to have a look at the car, and once I decided to proceed, he laid out for me me each of the steps required to complete registration and drive away a few short days later. At no time did I feel pressured into anything, and I am so grateful for their help, patience, and good nature. I never imagined that buying a car would be the easiest part of my PCS! Thanks, guys :)

Wei Ling Cayce.

June 10th at 21.01 PM

Our car broke down this winter and we tried to cope without a vehicle for a bit. When we gave up and walked into Paul Wright’s office, he showed us all the cars in his inventory that would suit our needs and our budget. He was very honest and forthright about vehicle history and I really appreciate how he did not try to convince us to buy cars that were more than what we wanted to pay. This has been the BEST car buying experience we have ever had. Paul was honest, knowledgeable and incredibly efficient. We had our vehicle registered at VRO within 48 hours of buying the car. I am going to recommend him to all incoming families that we meet from here on.

Brit Honey.

June 10th at 14.31 PM

Looking for a great car? Go see Paul Wright and his colleagues. They work hard to make sure you get into the car you want/need. The whole group has been so good to me during my purchase.

EsLot Penaflor.

May 29th at 07.01AM

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
The team’s is amazing. From the moment we arrived to look at possible cars for our family, Paul, Dane really took care of us. Dane took us to the lot and showed us their stock, and walked us through the process. Paul made sure we were taken care of even while he was on vacation! As soon as we picked out the car it took less than a week before we were driving our 2006 Nissan Murano impul. That’s an amazing turn around time especially switching it from kanji plate to Y plate,JCI and road tax all taken care of! We are really happy with our new car, and can’t express enough our appreciation to Paul and his team. Highly recommend their services for others looking to buy an amazing car at a good price! Thank you cheap2drive!

Jorrel Jay ReichBrooks.

May 25th at 15.01 PM

Great experience on buying a car and extremely military friendly. These guys made it easy for me while being new to the island in need of a car! Great customer service and flexible with military schedule...btw..Dane is dope, thanks again!😎
-Master Chief Jay ReichBrooks

Rob Clopton.

May 22nd at 18.13 PM

Paul knew what car I wanted before I did :) I bought my car a few weeks after I PCS'ed here and everyone there made what seemed like a confusing process very simple and easy. And I got a great deal. Thanks again for everything

Abigael Robinson.

May 15th at 19.11 PM

What started out as a daunting process turned into a really great experience. Buying a car in the states is painful, but not in Japan. Buying a car was extremely easy and pain free thanks to the wonderful, experienced team at with him. He took care of all the paperwork. Only here can you buy a car in under an hour. Wonderful people! Wonderful car selection! Wonderful experience!

Christina Johnson.

May 13th at 18.38 PM

What an amazing experience with Paul and Dane! Just the best business to work with to get a vehicle. Moving to a new country is hard enough - and getting a vehicle from him was easy. I would give their customer service ten stars if I could. Just. The. Best!!! It's as easy as a Facebook message to this page letting them know what you're looking for, and they will take it from there! Thank you, guys, for everything! Love my Toyota!!

John Kelley.

May 7th at 6.32 PM

Paul is amazing. He showed us all our options. He was patient and did a great job when we chose our van. He is honest and just a SUPERB salesman. His employees are also helpful, honest and just very nice gentlemen. Thanks for assisting us in purchasing a vehicle. You have made our stay here in Japan much easier. Thanks for such tremendous service. You receive a 10 out of 10 stars.

Joshua Simmons.

May 5th at 9.54 AM

I would like to say that Paul is the best dealer I have ever dealt with. After seeing a vehicle on his website I stopped by to chat with him. He was very upfront about the vehicle. Since the vehicle was not there he took me through the pictures and discussed them in detail. He showed me the selling sheet, which showed its purchase price, BMW rating, and if it was in any accident. He was willing to get it to Yokosuka on the same day, but I chose another day in the week. While test driving the vehicle Paul allowed me to take my time and really get a feel of the vehicle. Afterwards I told him I needed a day to think about it. He said to take your time in the decision making. He did not pressure me nor try to call the next day in order to push to buy. After I decided to buy the vehicle, within 1 day, he had it detailed, inspected and changed the oil. While waiting to pick it up he kept me updated on the process and to check in if I had any issues getting prepared to purchase. With Paul’s classy touch I walked in to see a red bow on the hood, large bouquet of flowers and a nice bottle of wine. He then walked me through the vehicle and controls. He offered me to stop by anytime if I had any questions about the car. As one last surprise he purchased night effects tire stems. In the end Paul was easy to talk to, he wasn’t pushy, and he focused on our conversation even when others were walking in. I highly recommend Paul and I promise I didn’t drink the entire bottle of wine while writing this review.

Tanja Schiedt.

April 28th at 20.54 PM

I have been a customer of Paul's since 2017. He was very kind and helpful walking me through the whole process of buying a car here in Japan. He also assisted me in repairing my first car. He took it to a mechanic and gave me a loaner. He really took care of me and the car. When my middle son left for college, I thought it was time to down size the car. Paul was there again with the perfect car. He sold me a 2009 Mini Clubman, I Loved that car! Then my college son decided to come back to visit, and the mini was too small for two boys over six feet tall. I asked Paul again for help to get the perfect car. He did it again! Paul has been so patient, kind, and helpful assisting me with finding that perfect ride. If you need someone who is dedicated to making you happy, satisfied and who is very professional, Paul is your guy! I highly recommend his services! He will get you what you want. All you have to do is ask. He is always there for you every step of the way! Thank you Paul for being there when I needed a car or had a question.

Mark Morgan.

April 27th at 06.32 AM

Highly recommend purchasing a car from Paul!! Him and his crew are very professional and will get you set-up with a quality vehicle in no time! Paul’s office is pretty much one stop shopping, car, car insurance, and all the Japanese paperwork. Also, he’ll go through all of the paperwork with you so you know when you’ll need to renew your insurance, JCI ect. Paul and his team are true professionals!

Kerri Scala-Schultz.

April 24th at 21.32 PM

I was a little nervous picking out a vehicle without my husband, but they knew exactly what I wanted. The process was easy with very professional people.

Mike Lorrain.

April 22nd at 21.32 PM

I have to agree completely. This is my second time in Japan and this was by far the EASIER and FASTER experience in purchasing a car. I had to ask Paul three times what I was missing for paperwork and requirements because I couldn’t believe how easy he made the process and thought I was missing something!

Del Boyer.

April 22nd at 21.18 PM

Thanks Paul and Abby!
You guys are simply phenomenal at what you do and made the whole process super easy and actually enjoyable!
You guys go above and beyond...many thanks!

Ed denney.

April 19th at 13.26 PM

I just want to give a huge shoutout to Paul for another amazing vehicle! Thank you so much for working with me again. I highly recommend to anyone who is in need of a vehicle to go through these guys. Excellent service + delivery on time! Transaction was very smooth. And huge thanks to Dane for delivering my vehicle today.

Magno Gallardo.

April 16th at 23.46 PM

Honest and great people. Fast response.........and great cars...

Andrew Hahn.

April 16th at 09.12 AM

Easy purchase...I have purchased 2 cars from Paul, The service, speed and quality from cheap to drive is unmatched. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a quality car to drive during a tour overseas.

Kelly Mitchell.

April 13th at 20.30 PM

We had a wonderful experience buying a car from Paul! He was great to work with, quick to respond, and was very professional! Highly recommend!!

Arnold Manipol.

April 11th at 22.41 PM

Thank you PAUL. You and Your team's customer service is above and beyond and I would give you a Big "10". This car buying experience wouldn't be amazing without all your help and ensuring all the administrative items are taken care of b4 we drove off. We really appreciate all the help and flexibility throughout this process. This is what you call customer satisfaction. There is no doubt that Paul Wright is the 1st spot you should look for a vehicle because you will have that piece of mind. ALL, why look around when he is just a couple of steps away from YMB Main Gate, You won't be disappointed!

Dany Higinio.

April 8th at 21.14 PM

I have bought 7 vehicles, but this has been by far the best and easiest car buying experience in my life! Paul is intimately knowledgeable on the vehicles they’re selling. Paul thoroughly explained the purchasing process and went into detail on what documents I will need to drive the car. He and his team did most of the leg work to get the required documents. The price of the vehicle included all of the necessary taxes and insurances. All I needed to do was to get my own insurance coverage (provided on site) and parking verification.

I did not have to worry about anything and I am very happy on our purchase of our new vehicle!

I strongly recommend C2D to everyone looking for a great car. Make C2D your first stop when shopping for a vehicle.

Sashy Mac.

April 6th at 08.06AM

First off, they post what they have in stock and what is coming their way. They respond quickly to your messages. They let you view the car before purchase and answer any questions you have about the vehicle. Purchase was fast and easy, as they do everything that needs to be done here in Japan. They go above and beyond to get everything done fast, to have you up and driving! They serve military families with honor!🇺🇸❤️

D.A. Speer.

April 3rd at 10.10 PM

Buying a car through Paul and the team was a breeze! He was very helpful from start to finish. I called about a van last Thursday, and not even a week later we have a very nice and very affordable ride.

Everything went super well, and I highly recommend giving them a call if you are looking for a used vehicle.

Matthew Oswald.

March 28th at 21.31 PM

Thank you so much Paul for all of you and your teams hard work! We truly appreciate the flexibility and earnest effort for me and my family to get us exactly what we needed! Cheers!

Jon Evarts.

March 27th at 20.47 PM

Thank you to Paul for finding my family such a great El Grand. Our old car was on it's last leg and we needed a new one quick! Paul is personable and easy to work with. He found our new van within an hour and took care of everything. The switch to our new vehicle was seamless and he even junked our old vehicle. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend Paul and his team. Plus who wouldn't want a bottle of wine and flowers for the wife. 🚐 👊

Nicholas Trans.

March 23rd at 13.09 PM

I don’t know where to start with this review since I had an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish with Paul. Paul was extremely professional and kept in constant contact during the search for the perfect vehicle, which I really appreciated. The customer service I experienced with him was some of the most outstanding I’ve ever encountered here in Japan, and that says a lot! After just one visit to the auction, Paul was able to find the EXACT type of car I wanted well within my budget. The vehicle was in immaculate condition and he ensured the entire process was stress-free with his helpful staff members. I have no doubt I will be buying another vehicle for my wife through him in the future. Paul truly makes you feel like a valued customer. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY! 5-star customer service and high-quality vehicles at prices that can’t be beat. Thank you

Daniel Stadie.

March 17th at 22.14 PM

Paul was great! Such an easy process that helped make our move to Yokosuka a little less stressful. Great selection of cars and they do an amazing job of helping get the car registered. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good car at a good price!

Terri Hicks-Hatche.

March 16th at 18.22 PM

Paul was fantastic! I was very specific about what I wanted and he delivered an amazing BMW under my budget! I’m enjoying my new ride. Thanks again!

Mark Sowell.

March 14th at 14.02 PM

Paul was great and upfront about everything about their cars. I was glad to have found them for the perfect car for my second time here in Japan. They went out of their way to make sure that I was satisfied with the car that I chosen. You should definitely check them out before you look around the base for your next ride. Their prices are hard to be beat.

Tyrone Johnson.

March 13th at 17.24 PM

I was recommended by a friend who also purchased a European car from Paul. Paul is definitely one of the best car salesmen in Japan. He is an absolute professional and has even better customer service! Paul is a straight-forward guy who aims to please. They have a large inventory of a vast array of car models. The buying process was how it should be; simple and sweet. I found the car listed on the car website's inventory and made an appointment to test drive the car. At the appointment, I was able to view, test drive, and review the history of the car. It took no longer than an hour to complete the paperwork and I received the car two days later. The all-inclusive price of the car included the vehicle inspection, JCI, registration, delivery of the car and of course a bottle of wine and flowers. In addition, the car came with a service warranty. I bought a great car for a great price. I highly recommend checking out his inventory and judging for yourself.

Christa Murillo.

March 10th at 16.14 PM

Paul and his team are top notch! Wonderful customer service explaining the process each step of the way, providing recommendations and making it overall a very simple process. PCSing overseas can be a stressful process but buying a car through/with Paul is very simple. I highly recommend you go take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Matthew Ford.

March 13th at 08.13 AM

Amazing experience, easy to work with, fast communication and excellent price. He worked with me with paperwork, included all of my LTO services, set up payments and is an overall great guy. Would 100% recommend Paul to anyone looking for a great car in Japan! 😊🚙

Lorain N Lito.

March 7th at 18.13 PM

We been here in Yokosuka for almost 7 years and this is our first time buying a car from a dealership. We’re so glad we found  Paul and Kris they are so very helpful to us! We’re very thankful for finding a new car for our growing family!! We highly recommend them to anyone interested and looking for a reliable car 🚘 👍🏻😍
We’re one very happy customer here!!

Allie Higashi.

March 5th at 22.14 PM

Excellent first car buying experience in Japan! I could not have asked for better service or help than I received from Paul. They gave me all the details I needed to know and took care of all the rest. I went in thinking I wanted one car, but Paul had a better car with a similar price point coming in a few days later & I was so glad he suggested I wait. Truly not the normal car buying experience! I’m loving my new car & know it will keep me happy for my stay here in Japan.

Moniece Montoya.

March 5th at 21.36 PM

Great customer service. Ken and Paul matched me with a car perfect for my family for a great price.

Bing Flores Zhivago.

March 2nd at 15.01 PM

Paul... Its a real pleasure to do business with you and looking forward to seeing your business up in Iwakuni. Great car, great service and amazing car buying experience... what can I ask for???

Chris Kashou.

February 26th at 15.52 PM

Paul was very easy to work with. Through multiple back-and-forth conversations and some misunderstanding, they still delivered a satisfactory service. They definitely make purchasing a car easy and fair.

Brittany May.

February 22nd at 07.36 AM

So thankful I found Paul! I had such peace of mind knowing that I was dealing with a reputable, licensed, tax registered company vs taking the risk of making an illegal transaction with an individual with no credentials to back him. So if you are wary of cutting corners like me then Paul will put your mind at ease.

In addition to that, they did EVERYTHING for me! I literally only had to pick my car, pay & sign. STRESS-FREE! I was in & out.

I got the complete package: two FULL years of JCI and a new inspection! There is even an insurance provider located in the same building. Hassle-free process! And my car was spotless their detailing service is on point💯

Moving overseas is stressful enough so finding an all-inclusive, inexpensive, reputable dealership has truly been a gem in the entire process. The car buying experience was too good not to share!

Rogelio Aglibot.

February 20th at 21.07 PM

Thank you Paul and all the staff. I'm super satisfied with their service. This is "D" BEST used car dealerships around the area and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a very reliable car. Paul is an honest person and he'll make sure you're taken care of. Truly a 5 star rating.

Alec Culpepper.

February 9th at 08.46 AM

Best car buying experience ever! Friendly, helpful, convenient and straight forward. No bait and switch, like doing business with a trusted friend. 100% recommend.

Jason Blackmon.

February 9th at 06.07 AM

I had a great experience with Paul! I got the car I was looking for and he helped handle all of the confusing stuff for me! Paul and Ken are awesome and I can't thank them enough for the great experience and beautiful car!

Ed Narsico.

February 7th at 21.07 PM

Always a great experience with Paul Wright! He’s very reliable, committed to finding the car you want based on your budget and always put his customers first. Thank you Paul for all your help getting a car again!

Jora Maddex.

February 7th at 8.29 AM

We had an awesome buying experience. Paul was very helpful to find us a perfect car. The car was very affordable and looked almost brand new!!! Paul is the guy to go to in finding the best car for your family. Highly recommended and definitely exceeds our expectations! Thank you Paul! Looking forward to have business with you again soon.

Zachary Buckwash.

February 4th at 21.54 PM

Paul and his associates are top notch. I messaged Paul late at night telling him what I was looking for and he delivered and then some. The crazy paper work and car buying process was very simple thanks to his help. Having the 30 day warranty and also knowing that all his cars are serviced and looked over by a mechanic put my mind at ease. The Honda Stream RSZ is very clean inside and out and drives very smoothly. I can’t believe I got all of this car for under $3500.00. Paul told me exactly how much he paid at auction, how much he put into the car and how much he walked away from with this deal. He even gave me a discount so that the 3% charge for using a credit card would equal itself out. Who does that? If you need a car look no further and go talk with Paul!

Aaron Rogers.

February 2nd at 07.48 AM

First off, Paul and his team were very responsive to every message I sent. Believe me, there were countless inquiries on every vehicle i was interested in. But they took it one step further, and would message me with pictures and details on incoming vehicles that matched my wants and needs. They walked me through every step of the registration and de-registration process, alleviating any issues on the spot, as they arose. If i am in the market for another vehicle, this will be my first stop. Furthermore, I will recommend my friends and coworkers to peruse their inventory before purchasing anywhere else. They have my highest recommendation for high quality service, customer satisfaction, and just being genuine honest people. This is the perfect combination for success. Cheers!👍🏻👍🏻

Taylor Rodgers.

February 1st at 19.13 PM

Helped me every step of the way and even worked with me on the price to fit my budget. highly recommended to anyone looking for a vehicle in the yokosuka area👍🏻👍🏻

Ryan Naka.

January 28th at 21.39 PM

Buying a car from Paul was the easiest car purchase I have ever made! I appreciated Paul’s up front approach and his customer service made the normally stressful buying process extremely easy. He was very accommodating and was willing to work within our criteria to provide us with an awesome purchase! He is highly knowledgeable about cars and the purchasing process on base, which really made the experience as stress free as possible. Would definitely go to Paul again in the future! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Jeff Abalos.

January 20th at 19.32 PM

Awesome customer service. Buying from Paul who made the PCS process so much easier when needing a car. You can put your total faith in Paul to help you out in a friendly, fair and no pressure way. They will guide you through the whole VRO registration process every step of the way. The exact car and color I was looking for was available at a discounted price. I was recommended by many people to go to Paul and knew I would be buying from him. They went above and beyond my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to them or recommend them to others looking to buy a car. Not the typical “used car buying experience”. Thank you Paul!!

John Mendiola.

January 18th at 21.42 PM

Highly recommended knowledgeable auto dealer who caters to military and civilian customers. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience when purchasing a car. Not only did he deliver our (new to us) 2005 Honda Elysion equipped with ALL of our desired features and accessories from Yokosuka to Atsugi; he also provided the best customer service I’ve ever received from a auto dealer! This included the most painless, quick and efficient process for all required fees, taxes and paperwork along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, wine and ensuring the car was exquisitely detailed and clean before handing over the keys. He also did a walk through of the car for us to make sure we understood how to work every section since it was our first foreign vehicle. Thank you very much Paul, Paul and his team for such a flawless process, reasonable pricing and unmatched customer service! We look forward to future business when looking for our next car in the near future!

Chantel White.

January 18th at 14.05 PM

I just drove away with my 2007 Racy two days ago and I still love it! I am super glad Paul was here to help me get my car. Pauls team is the closest you'll come to a one stop shop in Yokosuka, and they work with you step by step to make sure when you drive away you're really good to go.
They don't hide fee's and they standby you through the process.
They're also always ready to answer questions good or bad. They definitely live up to the reputation of being the best out here, if not the best period.

Don L. B Jr..

January 16th at 19.26 PM

I'm probably the last person who would take the time to post a review for a purchase, but I had to do this!!

I’m new to Japan, coming from Europe, clueless on how to find a car, let alone register it, taxes, inspection, etc. Paul was the consummate professional, from the day I saw the car(s) we wanted on his website, in which he reserved for over a month until we arrived, to delivering the cars to us with all necessary steps completed by him and his team. I have purchased many cars throughout my lifetime, I have never received this degree of service....NEVER!

If you’re looking for a nice used vehicle during your time in Japan, please do not hesitate to contact Paul. You won’t be disappointed. Oh - the flowers and wine at the end of the transaction is a nice touch. Thank you Paul!!!

Daniel Georgalas.

January 16th at 17.10 PM

Outstanding customer service. Paul was able to help both my wife and myself throughout the whole buying process for both our cars. Without a doubt the convenience and knowledge shows why this is the place to go when purchasing your car. Once again  Paul thank you for all your help and time in making this experience much easier.

Kevin Geno.

January 10th at 20.04 PM

The staff at working with Paul was amazing with their customer service. Not only did they help us with the car we bought from them, they also helped with my wife's car she bought from someone else.

If you want great customer service and be treated well even after the sale Paul is the place to go!

Edgar Lopez Jr.

January 9th at 19.14 PM

Great customer service, plus the best product for your money, they even took care of my old car!! Highly recommended if you are looking for a new used car!!!

Bernardo Carlos.

January 4th at 18.23 PM

I highly recommend Paul for the best in customer service you won’t get anywhere else. Paul Wright and Dane were both outstanding - topnotch overall! they really worked with us specially with our budget that’s why we were able to afford and drive away with a beautiful and very clean Honda Freed. Their is committed in helping military members and their families - trust me, they are the best and no one else comes close - none! Thanks to Paul for the wonderful experience.

Calvin David Partosa.

December 21st at 14.23 PM

We just picked up our new car from Paul. And we love it. Great experience and really helpful staff. I love that it really is a one stop shop to make the whole car buying process in Japan a breeze. Thanks guys!

Chris Alvarez.

December 21st at 08.41 AM

We just picked up our new car from Paul. And we love it. Great experience and really helpful staff. I love that it really is a one stop shop to make the whole car buying process in Japan a breeze. Thanks guys!

Jôe Delgado.

December 20th at 19.16 PM

Great services, great prices!! 2nd car I bought from Paul and no regrets! I had no problems with my 1st car and I have no doubt that I will not have any with my 2nd one. Totally recommended! The team is very friendly and will make your car-buying very simple and pleasant! Thanks again to Paul for the service he provides to all military members in this area!

Spencer Unsbee.

December 20th at 16.42 PM

Just picked up my car from cheap2drive. Great experience from the start. Friendly and helpfully all the way to the end! Definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy a car! A++++

Evelyn Menchaca.

December 15th at 20.36 PM

Can’t say enough positive things about Paul! I started following this page months before we arrived in Japan just to see what kind of prices he had to offer. As soon as we got the green light to purchase a vehicle I knew I wanted to go through Mr. Paul. He worked with us in our budget, took his time to show us many vehicles and was straight forward. He made the buying experience easy and fast which was we were going for. Definitely have Paul help you out! Thanks again!

James Gozon.

December 13th at 21.14 PM

They are not worthy of a 5 star! They are worth more than that! Outstanding customer service and great team. Money well spent.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

JuJu Bee.

December 11th at 22.43 PM

I had been searching a good car dealership in San Diego before PCSing to Yokosuka, and I’m very glad that we have found Paul. Both Paul and Dane helped us so much and also made this transaction went very smoothly. Paul always gave us his honest option and went above and beyond to help us out. I definitely recommend them to anybody who is looking for an affordable and best match for their family. Thank you so much, guys! Hopefully I’ll get my license and purchase my second car with you guys ��

Cris Mixer.

December 11th at 20.13 PM

Thanks! Paul we are enjoying our new ride. I recommend Paul’s excellent service if you are looking for a car!

Fast, honest and fully knowledgeable and can most certainly help you find the right car 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Chunchun Meares.

December 9th at 18.34 PM

Thank You Mr. Paul and to your colleague Mr. Ken, both are PHENOMENAL! You two provided a first-class service from the start to finish. Moving to a new place could be daunting to some, but your service has helped mitigate some of the stress. Thank you all again!

Jeremy Smith.

November 30th at 7.32 AM

If you want a honest good deal on a car, Paul is your guy. From the vast inventory to the regular auction visits he’s sure to find what you’re looking for. No hassle, takes care of everything you need. Plus- he’s just a fun guy to deal with.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Marcelino Salazar.

November 30th at 21.18 PM

Great service first time and even greater the second time around.... Paul is a sincere person that cares about the customers needs and will go out of his way just to help you. I highly recommend his services to anyone that needs a clean and affordable car... 5 star rating!!!!!!👍🏻

Jose Mendez.

November 27th at 21.58 PM

By far the most amazing experience buying a car I've had, is easy and convenient. Paul puts the costumer first always and makes purchasing a car in Japan easy and stress free. Me being part of the military and always having a changing schedule Paul worked around my schedule so i didn't worry about anything, everything was explained to the smallest detail. Would definitely buy another car from him if i ever needed to. I highly recommend Paul Wright when purchasing a car in japan.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Hazel Villegas Sangle.

November 23rd at 08.58 AM

We love our car, thank you for helping us find our car. We greatly appreciate your business, you guys are very nice and surely know how to make us happy. I definitely recommend everyone to come and have them see all your cars, they are all nice, again thank you Paul and Abby you guys are wonderful.👍🏻👍🏻

Joseph Covey.

November 13th at 18:37 PM

Loved dealing with Paul, he was willing to work around my schedule and was completely pleasant. I told him what I was looking for, he drove me out to the lot and in no time had me in a car. The fact that they take care of everything really makes a difference. 10 out of 10 recommend going to Paul first. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Justin Tessandori.

November 10 at 19:04 PM ·

Good company! Paul will get you the car you want at the price you want. Great service, very friendly. Will be buying another car from him if I ever need to upgrade or feel like a change! Thanks again Paul! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Tyler Cobb.

November 10 at 5:04 PM ·

Highly recommend Paul, helped my wife and I find a car that we love and that’s great for our family. They were really helpful and explained every step to make sure this was a pain free process. Very friendly and professional staff. Would direct any of my friends looking for a car to Paul. Thank you! 👍🏻👍🏻

Terence Sanders — 5 star

November 8 at 2:03 PM ·

Outstanding service, lightning fast. Saw the car 1600, had the keys 1215 the next day. Makes the process simple. Go with a dealer line Paul for peace of mind. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Jennifer Candra Stavers.

November 3 at 7:41 PM ·

Great experience! Love everyone !👍🏾👍🏾 Paul is great and makes the process so easy!

Kavon Smith.

October 24th 07.52 AM

The staff were very professional, helpful, and welcoming to me and my wife coming to Japan. They were very patient and willing to help as much as they could with anything we needed. I highly recommend them. Thanks again for the great car and the service you provided for me and my family. 👍🏾👍🏾

Ozzie Melendez.

October 16th 20.18 PM

Positive experience from beginning to end! Working with Paul was very easy. He was available to answer any and all questions during the buying process and while I waited to have the vehicle delivered to Camp Zama. I highly recommend Paul and his business and if you have any questions on what my experience was don’t hesitate to inbox me.

Tammy Marie.

October 16th 15.39 PM

Just picked up our Beauty (2005 Toyota Ractis) today in perfecting timing for our move out of the lodge on Friday!

Paul was recommended by a colleague and we couldn't be happier with our experience. He did us a HUGE, and I mean HUGE, favor. We had a hectic start arriving to Yokosuka and really needed to get around town but there wasn't a car available yet that fit all.of our needs. Paul let us borrow one of his cars, AND, guided us through the insurance and base paperwork until our car came in.

We borrowed his car for over a week and it was a lifesaver for handling some lingering PCS issues. Buying a car is usually a stressful experience, let alone in another state, but Paul had us in good spirits and laughing through the entire experience. We bought a car without even seeing it in person. We told him what we were looking for; he found it and got it to yokosuka. You can trust his judgment 100%- you may have your mind set on one thing, but he knows the ins and outs of every car and get help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

Head to his shop across the street from the main gate in the Volvo building and get yourself a car!👍🏾👍🏾

Robert Longest.

October 16th 11.47 AM

Going to Paul is the best option for getting into an affordable car with minimal effort on your part. Paul and his people take care of you and help make the car buying process very easy! 👍🏾👍🏾

Nick Heller.

October 10th 21.09 PM

Got us a new ride the other night! A 2007 Mazda MPV (a Mazda 5 in the US). Paul Wright hooked this bitchen family circus hauler up, and wrapped in all the magical insurance paperwork involved as well! Cuz when you buy a car in Japan it’s similar to hiking the Himalaya in search of a holy grail. Seriously... the paperwork and runaround is no joke! AND THIS DUDE HOOKED IT UP WITH WINE AND FLOWERS! And took time out of his day to make sure it fit into my parking spot! The guy literally drove it out to my new home on his own time with me to make sure it would fit... cuz yea thats a thing here! You gotta register your spot with the five-o or ya get fined! Anyhow, we are happy and the deal we got was awesome. Time to put as many miles on ‘er as I can!

Ed Denney.

October 10th 16.47 PM

The best service you'll ever receive! Paul & Ken thank you for the excellent care and I'm very glad I made my vehicle purchase with you guys. I am super happy and thankful for the vehicle you sold me. And I highly recommend to anyone else who is looking for a car to go through Paul! Much respect to the both of you.

Monique Martinez London.

October 4th17.52 PM·

One of the best experiences in japan so far!!! We didn’t think we’d find a nice car for such a great price!! The staff was super friendly from start to finish. Everything was done in one place which was super convenient. being pregnant my mind was put to ease and literally had no stress choosing our family car and knowing it was going to be reliable!! With low miles which was a definite plus!! Thank you Paul and your staff for all that you do and services you provide!!! I’ve already recommended you to a few new comers and will continue to refer you all!!

Daawud Horne.

October 4th 13.29 PM·

Great salesmanship!
Definitely don’t regret taking to the time stop by and leave with a car that fulfilled my expectations�
Wine was great as well says the misses�

Chris DeConti.

October 3rd 19.43 PM·

Awesome customer service & a great car. Ken, Paul and the whole staff were very considerate and helped make buying a car in Yokosuka smooth & simple. Able to get the liability insurance & LTO run by the great staff in the same building.

Cool, Comfortable & Carefree to drive.

Thanks Paul

Chris & Ramon

Adam Harvey.

October 1st 16.18 PM

Buying a car here in Japan can be intimidating, Paul walked me through the whole process and made everything simple. Highly recommend him when purchasing a vehicle here.

Tricia Crary-Adkins.

September 27th 16.06 PM 15

We really enjoyed working with Paul and Ken. Buying a vehicle through Paul was the most pain-free process we went through during our PCS. Paul was able to find exactly what we wanted at a fair price and found a way to get us into the vehicle quickly when our timeline for needing the vehicle accelerated. He also put up with a lot of pestering and was pleasant throughout the process. We would highly recommend working with him..

Chelsea Rene.

September 26th 17.12 PM

Amazing service! Great people! My husband and I were in need of a car and here is our story: With many unpredictable situations in the military, PCSing with a family is a true struggle. Especially when life happens and backpay from the Navy hasn’t caught up yet. My husband and I heard about Paul through many individuals on base the moment we asked about vehicles. One couple ( our neighbors) were in the process of purchasing a vehicle from Paul and told us to go with them to meet him and see the vehicles that he had. The moment we met him we were sold. A down-to-earth man with a passion to listen and provide the customer with what they need/want. He is incredibly knowledgeable about what is needed for the VRO and will provide step-by-step instructions (which I found very helpful!) After meeting with Paul we picked out the car we loved, that was also in our price range, and only had to wait to take our AOB class/ driving test. Paul told us that he would hold the car for us until we were done. All we had to do was stay in communication with him. 🤗 WELL.....When my husband checked his LES, about a week later, he realized that the Navy had not processed his pay correctly. At All! We had to come out of pocket for a lot of bills, which meant that we would not be able to pay the car out right like we planned. We never discussed payment options with Paul, and where feeling very foolish. My husband and I went in to tell Paul to not hold on to the car for us. To sell it to another family while we save up the money. Well, Paul was incredibly understanding and told us that he would gladly do payments with us! He would work with us so that we wouldn’t have to struggle. He was very kind and straight forward! Something that is extremely rare in a car salesman!! He never told us something or directed us in a way that was purely beneficial for him, but for us!! The next day my kids and I were in the car ( my husband was flown out to the carrier), and they were VERY excited to not be walking in the rain😅 Paul let me know that if I need any kind of assistance with the vehicle that he was only a message/ phone call away.

I highly recommend this man and his company for any family that is looking for a vehicle that works for them, because he will find it and do all the labor for you! I am very grateful that Paul has helped my family out in our need for transportation, as well as making us feel very comfortable during the process.

Thank you very much!!! We couldn’t be happier with our Ractis or blessed with the services you have provided! You have been amazing! God bless!!

Nancy Monzon

September 21st 15.05 PM

I wasn't a fan of mini vans but this one is a beaut! Luckily, Lou lets me drive it every once in a while. Thank you for finding us two great cars. I am loving the Mazda as well! You guys are awesome and we will definitely see you again for our next car purchase. Those damn Ginos keep looking at me.....


Jonathan Parks

September 21st 13.25 PM

Paul was absolutely awesome! I purchased a Lexus GS350 from him a few months back and he was more than accommodating. Even with my busy schedule and having to move/cancel appointments, he continued to work with me. He's straight forward and honest. The paperwork was easy and smooth. I highly recommend going to Paul if you're in search of a car while you're in Japan!

Mary Kantorowski.

September 14th 18.06 PM·

Great experience start to finish! Got the perfect car with amazing service. Paul handled all the details, making purchasing a car in a foreign country a breeze. Many thanks to you and Ken!

‎Yoshiko Tacey‎

September 14th 19.18 PM ·

Shout out " Arigato" for getting us cars. My husband got first car from Paul , he really trust Paul the way he do business so he said we getting second car from paul again . And here it is , Paul got us second car Honda fit . Runs great , so clean , and so cute and so me . Thank you so very much for your professional business ,. Raise the roof ! Woo Hoo !!😜😜😜😘😘😘

Brandon Kobes.

September 5th 14.26 PM

My wife and I recent moved to Japan and we knew a vehicle would be a priority. We looked at a lot of different options but there was always something we didn't like. We found Paul. Paul is a great guy and a totally straight forward kind of person, right to the point and no bull****. when it comes to car buying, that's the kind of person I like to deal with. we made several visits to his place and we looked at many different cars, sometimes twice, but we found a really good car at a really good price. I'd definitely recommend cheap2drive to anyone coming to Yokosuka. Dane also worked with us and helped us in deciding the right vehicle for us as well as presenting several similar options. the overall experience we had wasn't pressured at all and we got a good deal. Thanks for all your help Paul and Dane!

Albert Pabloff.

September 4th 12.03 PM

I wanna thank the Paul and his team for setting me up in my new used car. From the first day I walked in till the day I got my keys and wine Paul treated me as a long old friend on a mission to help me find the car I needed. I would recommend him to any newcomer to japan looking for a vehicle.

Odysseus Solis.

August 31st 7.10 AM ·

By far, the best car buying experience I ever had!!! Paul and his team are exceptional people who make an incredible team! Paul went out of his way to find the exact vehicle we wanted, took over all the frustrating running around associated with the legalities, and had all the paperwork and the vehicle ready and waiting on our ever-changing availabilities. Paul will not waste your time or energy, he takes care of it all! Took two days to finish the transaction due solely to VRO timelines. Only downtime was by choice, chatting it up with Paul in his office. Awesome guy with an great, entertaining, and humorous personality! I cannot say enough about Paul and his team, they are simply the best!!!


Michael Preston recommends Cheap2Drive.

August 30th 11.26 AM

Paul Wright is a gem. We all know that the occupation of "used car salesperson" carries a negative connotation of fast talking pitches and hiding material issues with the vehicles for sale. I was pleasantly surprised at the open approach and the level of support he gives to the person new to Japan. Paul bent over backwards to make the purchase of our 2006 Mazda Demio as painless as it can be with the layers of red tape to cut through here. Thank you Paul!

— with Wendy Ellis Bacher Preston.

Benzy Fagen.

August 26th 5.23 PM ·

Outstanding service provided with Paul with our Toyota Ractis. One thing that I liked about Paul was, you’re not pressured into buying a car from him. He made our car buying experience enjoyable and painless. He’s very honest and will put you in a car that’s best for your needs. We are very happy with our purchase and recommend him. Thanks for the wine and flowers! Overall great experience!

Louie Ecnop.

August 25th 10.01 PM·

Great customer service and with good quality vehicles for sale. The overall process was easy and seamless also PAUL will help you dispose your old car at no time if needed. Highly recommend Paul to anyone who is purchasing a car in Yokosuka! Domo Arigato!😊👍

Lamont Williams.

August 21st at 10.53 AM ·

Awesome customer service and high quality vehicles! I tried shopping around with folks selling their vehicles and even poked around the lemon lot on base. Paul and his team offer a top notch service, packing the vehicle along with the registration, JCI, and road tax all in one price! There were no hidden fees, what you see is what you pay! The overall process was easy and seamless. Just choose the car and Paul does the rest! I 100% reccomend Paul to anyone who is purchasing a car in Japan. Stop by and give them 10 minutes of your time, you will be glad you did!

Romeo Agulto.

August 16 at 10:10 PM ·

I was in need of a car ASAP after my first car had failed on me (that I purchased from an MWR authorized dealer BTW!). That’s when I met Paul!! What a blessing it was for my wife and I to have found them! I contacted them via Facebook and they responded almost immediately. They answered all my questions with no run arounds. I’m rarely the type of person to make a quick purchase when it comes to cars, but this time it was different. Paul and Ken showed me their lot of vehicles and it made choosing a vehicle that was right for me and my family easy! Talk about a quick turnaround. The team had me driving the next day!! Yes, the very next day!! They took care of all the leg work from JCI, road tax, inspections, etc. only thing I had to do was follow the simple steps they provided for me. Yes, it was that simple! Also not only did he help me purchase a new vehicle, he even took care of junking my old vehicle!! What a relief I tell you! If you’re looking for great customer service and a No BS Auto Dealership then Paul is your answer! I just wish I had known about them before making my first vehicle purchase mistake. Thanks again Paul!! The wine was delicious btw...

Anthony Diana Filkins.

August 17 at 8:29 AM ·

It cannot be overstating it to say that buying a car from the amazing folks working with Paul is the best decision you can make if you are in need of a vehicle. They have an amazing selection, and never hesitated to answer all my questions. I have bought 2 vehicles, and would not hesitate to buy my next vehicle either! Thank you so much for taking the hassle from the car buying experience!

Bubba Fett.

August 19th 13.14 PM

I bought a car from Paul, because from the first intraction to the moment I drove off the lot, Paul and his team made this evolution effortless! So you made it to Japan, and through AOB and you've exhausted the thrills of the shuttle and Chili's. Let Paul help you with the next step. Paul and Ken showed me the inventory on screen and on the lot. They provided me with all the proper info, paperwork and sequencing to purchase, register and insure the vehicle I chose. They were patient, highly informative, helpful and easy going. I had my wife and kids with me and this coud have been a difficult adventure, but to the contrary, the lads made this a memorable experience. If you're new to the area and are shopping for a car, Cheap2Drive is the way to go! Save the hassle and running around. Paul is a one stop shop. Paul and Ken are a totally different and welcome car shopping and buying experience!

Donna Hudson-Coakley.

August 17th 09.22 AM

I picked up my car from Mr. Wright on August 14 and I want to say working with him and his team was such a smooth process that did not require much on my part. I must say it was one of the most hassle free and accommodating businesses that I have ever worked with and they really worked with me. They are really such a professional team to work with and know how to provide quality service to their customers!!!

Romeo Agulto.

August 16th 10.15 PM

I was in need of a car ASAP after my first car had failed on me (that I purchased from an MWR authorized dealer BTW!). That’s when I met Paul!! What a blessing it was for my wife and I to have found them! I contacted them via Facebook and they responded almost immediately. They answered all my questions with no run arounds. I’m rarely the type of person to make a quick purchase when it comes to cars, but this time it was different. Paul and Ken showed me their lot of vehicles and it made choosing a vehicle that was right for me and my family easy! Talk about a quick turnaround. Paul and his team had me driving the next day!! Yes, the very next day!! They took care of all the leg work from JCI, road tax, inspections, etc. only thing I had to do was follow the simple steps they provided for me. Yes, it was that simple! Also not only did he help me purchase a new vehicle, he even took care of junking my old vehicle!! What a relief I tell you! If you’re looking for great customer service and a No BS Auto Dealership then Paul is your answer! I just wish I had known about them before making my first vehicle purchase mistake. Thanks again Paul and Ken!! The wine was delicious btw...

James Thompson.

August 10 at 3:36 PM ·

I absolutely happy with my first car buying experience with Paul and will be buying my next car from him too. They take car of all the paperwork for a seamless vehicle transfer and they care about their customers.

David A Uliasz — 5 star

August 3rd at 8.17pm

So very satisfied with the car I purchased. A quality car at a unbelievable price. Paul is great to work with. The upmost in professionalism. They make the car buying process super easy in a place where things are usually anything but. I recommend their service to anyone looking for a vehicle in the area. They are top notch!

Margie de Guzman — 5 star

August 3rd at 10.41pm

thank you Paul for making our car buying experience the best so far. excellent customer service & car buying process was so easy. we just picked the cars that we wanted from their website, gave them a call to set up an appointment to see our choices, selected the one that we liked, paid for it and done. the cars are reasonably priced and all inclusive. we didn't worry about LTO, etc. they handled that for us, too. we absolutely love the van that we got. their service also comes with a warranty, so if you find something wrong with the car that you bought, you can just give them a call and they will take care of it asap. i highly recommend Paul. so, if you are looking for a car, check them out first. you won't be disappointed!

Lauren Foss-Howarth — 5 star

August 1st at 10.39 am

Working with Paul and Ken was an amazing experience! They had the perfect car for my husband and I. It was below our budget and in excellent condition. They are very open about their pricing and really care about their customers. I would recommend Paul to all military stationed in Japan. They know all the ins and outs of working with Military clients and are more than willing to help their customers figure out how to buy a car in Japan. Thank you so much Paul and Ken! We love our Mazda Tribute and our dog loves that he has a car big enough to go for rides!

Jordan Drinky Crow Cutting — 5 star

July 21st at 11.09 AM ·

Finding out about Paul was a stroke of luck in an otherwise hectic PCS process. He is an absolute professional, personable and incredibly straightforward. Purchasing a car from him (and Ken) was one of the simplest experiences I’ve had since moving to Japan. It’s clear that they work off an honour system. We ended up leaving their office in exactly the car we set out to buy, freshly detailed and with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and bottle of wine in tow. I cannot recommend the attention to detail, friendliness and overall experience enough. Thanks again Cheap2Drive! It was truly a pleasure doing business with you.

Crystal Guzman — 5 star

July 21st at 16.24PM ·

This review is long overdue. Better late than never though, right? �

Although there was one small mistake (car year was wrong), it wasn't a deal breaker. The price we got for the car was very reasonable. Plus the customer service is phenomenal. Paul let us borrow a car for us to use to easily get around while we decided on which car we wanted to get. Even when I said no thank you he just said "well if you change your mind, it's parked right here waiting for you." We took it. It was a relief to finally have that choice of not taking the bus! �

Maryann Conley — 5 star

July 20th at 10.21AM ·

Thank you so much Paul & Ken for assisting me, I love the car so much and the easy process that went through especially with lto runner paperwork, definitely will use cheap2drive first as a referral to anyone I know whose looking for a car in the future, again thank you so much!!!!!!!
George Hammil — 5 star

July 20th at 13.12 PM ·

Best car buying experience ever. Buying (and driving) a car in Japan can feel overwhelming. But Paul Wright made the experience fun. No high pressure sales, no stress. We got a good deal! Paul and Ken are a great team. They take care of all the registration for you. I love my car - very cold air. We plan to buy a second car soon. And so convenient - right across the street from main gate. Thanks, guys.​

Terry Martin — 5 star

July 8 at 12:48 PM ·

Had my arm twisted twice to write a review, however it is worth it. Over the last two years we have bought two vehicles from Paul. The second one recently was as easy and painless as the first.
When I decided to change my car, I did not hesitate to give Paul a call first. No pressure, told him what I was looking for, showed me what he had at the time and we made a plan. So when the right car showed up, it was as simple as agreeing this was the one.
He is straight forward, no BS and let’s you decide what you want. In a few years when it is “time again” for a change, he will have the first shot.

Brandon Mizuhara — 5 star

July 8th, 2018·

My wife and I had an awesome experience working with Paul. For the duration of my tour we don't have to worry about maintenance, JCI, etc. Paul took care of everything and gave me a ride that everyone compliments and that I get a lot of utility out of. I even misquoted the price by mistake and he split the difference with me, just because!

Ashlee Colvin Espiritu — 5 star

July 5th, 2018

Paul was super helpful and straightforward. Even days after buying the car he is answering our silly questions. The buying experience was quick and painless. We love our Honda Freed from Paul!

Mami Howell — 5 star

July 3rd, 2018·

Fast pace workers with excellent service! They take their time into listening and helping us find the perfect car out of what we have requested, and they are not afraid to step in and speak their opinion! Over all it was great buying a car from here.
Mr. Paul who speaks very fast but is very friendly� and Mr. Ken Who’s very relaxed and laid back but works very fast� Thank you to both of you�

Patrick Gilbert — 5 star

July 3rd, 2018

I came to Paul for this car because my wife and I loved it. I message him saying I wanted to see the car and when I decided to buy the car he had me driving within a hour. He definitely lives up to what he promotes. He help me and my wife given our circumstances, quickly and efficiently. I would recommend all.

Jeff Stoke — 5 star

July 1st, 2018

Thank you Paul, buying from you was a great experience. No pressure, and your willingness to let the customer take an extended test drive was really nice. I enjoyed talking and working with you. Thank you very much!

Erin Shand Waite — 5 star

June 27th, 2018·

Thank you Paul for such a great car buying experience! His first priority was always for our family to have a safe vehicle. He worked within our budget and found us the perfect vehicle!

William E. Crago — 5 star

June 25th, 2018

Paul helped us get a car that was just perfect for our family, and made sure that we were satisfied with our purchase. The service was top notch, and I would recommend Paul to any military member looking for a great car at a reasonable price, with first-rate customer service.

Ryan Jones — 5 star

August 29, 2017 ·

Paul is an experienced professional that never misses a chance to put a personal touch on things. We thought buying a car was going to be nerve wracking, but Paul made it easy! Thanks again!!!

Josh Cote — 5 star

May 30 at 7:39pm ·

It goes to say that without a doubt, this was not just simply a car buying experience. There were no extra sales, add-ons, hidden gibberish or whatever else you can think of that would occur back in the States. The overall experience itself was akin to meeting a good friend (or mate), checking out some cars, having a good laugh and at the end of the day leaving genuinely happy. There’s no added stress because everything is literally taken care of for you. No headaches dealing with an LTO run, hardly any paperwork to deal with, and bottom line no unnecessary bs. The level of transparency is astounding and really puts all the potential worries and concerns at ease. Overall, it was a joy and a pleasure finding an awesome Mira Gino to zip around in Japan as well as working with Paul to make it all happen. Plus you can’t go wrong with wine and the most dashing bouquet of flowers handpicked by the man himself.

Thanks again Paul

Michelle Matheny Kolbasowski — 5 star

June 18th, 2018

My husband just purchased a car this month and came home with the most beautiful wonderful smelling bouquet of flowers. Thank you so much. That is such a wonderful personal touch and gesture. He is very happy with all the above and beyond friendly service you provided not with just the car, but also the LTO runner and paperwork.

Spencer Whompfapotamus — 5 star

May 22 at 3:39pm ·

Paul is awesome! Bought a great luxury car from him. Extremely friendly and personable! It was easy to do business and he takes care of all the leg work with off-base paperwork! Great for someone that’s extremely busy. I would HIGHLY recommend him!

Shawna Vitarbo Griffin — 5 star

June 15th, 2018

I had to wait for my Subaru because Paul was out searching for another one and he even put it on hold until my husband I arrived back from vacation so that I could have first chance at it! Ended up being a wonderful car, low miles, and the perfect fit for my family! Paperwork was super easy and turn around time was flawless! Thanks again! My kids even said, “what a nice guy” � great service!

Hannah Lynn — 5 star

May 10 ·

Thank you to Paul, Johnny in assisting me to find a new car!

Since the selection of cars in my area were limited I was happy to see the variety of cars offered online for my selective taste. Paul's team was professional, kind and accommodated all my needs. They answered all my questions via Facebook with honesty, kindly brought the car I was interested in to me so I could test drive it and took care of all the LTO paperwork. I was very happy with the car and customer service, I bought the car the day it was brought up to me.

I genuinely recommend buying a car from  Paul if you want professional service, honesty and reasonable prices for solid cars!

Monique Leila Kleine — 5 star

May 7 ·

Finally getting around to writing this review, however, it’s definitely one worth taking the time to write. Upon our arrival here in Yokosuka we instantly started following all of the “used car sales” pages. I was a bit overwhelmed with all that was out there and with all of the steps you need to take when buying one (ie: inspections, LTO run, VRO..). I decided I wanted to go through a car lot because that would be the easier route. And boy was that the right decision.
Once I met with Paul he showed me two cars that I had expressed interest in and then developed a plan with how we were going to take care of business, and by that he meant he was going to take care of everything. I was even able to get my insurance there! The only unfortunate thing was me having to make the run to VRO. That wasn’t anything he could help with, though. I ended up having an issue with my Power of Attorney and Paul was quick to explain what I needed to do (there was a language barrier at VRO so I had no idea what they wanted). He walked me through it and I was able to get it all resolved that day. The next day I headed over made my payment and picked up my cute lil Mira Gino.
All in all, I could not be more satisfied with how easy the whole process was. No LTO runs, no inspections. Easy peezy. I highly recommend Paul and his business.

Cari Duke — 5 star

May 3 ·

I’m so excited about my new Mira Gino classic Japanese car! PCSing is exhausting, but Paul took all the stress out of buying a car and made the experience so easy. Between the inventory he has available, the fair pricing, and the hand holding through the process of registering a car, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. On top top of that, ever car comes with a free LTO run, car detailing, bottle of wine and beautiful flowers. Save your previous time and start with Cheap2Drive.

Karen Noah — 5 star

May 3 ·

Paul is awesome!! Hubby requested a Noah, and we got one in just a few days. He was so easy to work with, we HIGHLY recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to get a car!!

Arthur Bailey — 5 star

April 28 ·

Awesome service, in my 14 years here in Japan by far one of the easiest seller transactions I’ve ever done.
-No pressure environment, works with you to find a car that meets your needs
-With registration, junking and LTO services I couldn’t ask for a more efficient transfer.
- Aside from the wait for a parking certificate(3 days), once I had the certificate I was driving fully registered in one day. Additionally, junked a car at the same time.

Mark Ackerson — 5 star

April 25 ·

Paul is extremely easy to work with and makes sure to earn your business! We found the car buying experience with him to be the best we’ve had so far. We will be looking for another car soon and we will go to Paul first (and likely only) to find our second perfect ride! If you are looking for someone who will actually listen to what you are looking for and provide excellent customer service as well as a great car for your tour here in Japan, you’re already on right site, just contact him and he’ll take it from there!

Chris Salmn — 5 star

April 24 ·

I highly suggest Paul. He was very professional and honest. There was a mistake in the year of the car we bought and he was honest and remedied it immediately. He went above and beyond in making sure that we had the car we loved. He touched up the paint on the inside of the door jam to ensure that we would not have any problems with rust in the future. He even tried very hard to find a matching color.

We love the Nissan Cube that we bought. It is a great car and my wife is super happy with it. If I need another car I will definitely be going through Paul. Thank you for the professionalism and honesty. You give used car salesman a good name.

BelleMac Martin Macasa — 5 star

April 24 ·

Unquestionably the best car dealer in the area. We bought our van from Paul last week and we are very satisfied and happy with it. I don’t normally write reviews but I feel the need to send the message out to all military families out here who’s looking into buying a vehicle as we are very impressed with Paul’s honesty, flexibility and outstanding customer service. If you’re in search of the best deal on a clean, reliable and worry-free car without any hassle on the process(JCI, Road Tax, Base inspections), Paul is your guy! Look around and compare since there is absolutely no pressure in doing business with him.

Raymond Lau — 5 star

April 23 ·

Paul did a super job making the whole car buying process so easy. I spent no more than 3 hours in his shop from not knowing what I wanted to actually driving a nice BMW on the road. I don’t have to worry about JCI, road tax and all other the troublesome Japanese details. Paul took care all those matter for me. It is time saving and super important for sailor like me who has crazy schedule all the time. Also, I like the fact that Paul has his own mechanic who make sure the car he sold are all good for the road.

John Tran — 5 star

April 20 ·

I came here looking for a small fun vehicle to drive around base and for daily use. I found Paul Business and began talking to him. He is an excellent person and willing do work with you.
I highly recommend anyone who needs a used vehicle to stop by Paul. He can assist you with everything you need and you will be driving off his lot in a matter of less then 1 hour.

Thank you again mate!! for the outstanding customer services and assistants. I recommend anyone who needs a vehicle to contact Paul.

Shenna Anderson — 5 star

April 19 ·

I can’t say enough about Paul! We arrived in Japan a few months ago and needed a car. I had my heart set on a red Mini Cooper for many many years. Paul was able to get me into one soon after my arrival, a 2002 BW Mini Cooper.

Upon delivery, we realized that the AC was not blowing cold. Paul had it checked out and discovered that the car needed a new compressor. Paul assured me that he would take care of it. He covered the cost of the new compressor as well as the labor. He even loaned us a car while the compressor was being installed.

The next day we picked up our car. The AC was working great, but as we neared home, we began to hear a grinding and scraping sound. We stopped and checked the car, but didn’t see anything. As we drove home, the sound was still there.

I called Paul as soon as I got home to let him know what was going on. Paul offered to come to my home along with his mechanic to see what was going on. They came by the next evening and fixed the car at my home. It was an easy fix and my car is now driving like a dream.

I must say that I have never experienced this type of service and commitment from any business. Paul has been so nice and responsive to any questions that I have presented to him. He was a Godsend when registering my vehicle, because I had no clue!

So if you are in the market for a vehicle and desire to work with someone who genuinely cares, please give Paul a call. Thanks again, Paul!�

Justin Sinclair — 5 star

April 18 ·

Amazing service, Amazing Deals, and just an overall amazing experience. I appreciate you going above and beyond Paul! I’ve been in Japan going on 6 years and this hands down has easily been the best car buying experience my family and I have had. Again Mate I can’t thank you enough!

Shari Anne — 5 star

April 13 ·

I was in the search for the perfect car for my husband, Paul not only had the perfect one for us, but also made sure we knew our options. Ultimately we chose a neat old Gino for my hubby and he LOVES IT! Most importantly Paul is SUPER helpful and does anything he can to make it an easy process and relaxing for you to get in a car of your choosing. His main goal is to make you happy with every aspect of your purchase. He was even super helpful and supportive with our two little guys terrorizing his office � 10 out of 10 would recommend! Just give him a chance, he will more than exceed your expectations!! Thanks again Paul!

Amber Baker-Ruiz — 5 star

April 12 ·

This was the best experience, and I mean experience! Paul made every step of the way a smooth process. He thinks of all the little details and quickly gets you to the freedom of owning a vehicle in Japan. He got us in the perfect car for our needs while in Japan. We highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a great car and dealer who truly has your best interest at heart!

Jessica Wormull — 5 star

April 5 ·

Fantastic experience buying a car in Japan. Paul is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and truly goes above and beyond for his customers. Being almost 35 weeks pregnant and exhausted from walking everywhere, Paul took care of me and my husband and got us the car we wanted in no time. The process was smooth, painless, and incredibly fast. Buy your car from him!

Ricky Dyer — 5 star

April 3 ·

With all the things that have to be done to drive a car here in Japan, I really appreciate everything Paul did to help make this process less stressful. From getting me a car that will be great for me and the family at a reasonable price, to taking care of all the registration steps necessary here in Yokosuka, Paul took great care of me. If you’re looking for a dealer who has well taken care of cars at a fair price, with great customer service, Cheap2Drive is the place for you.

Stephanie Conlin Almaguer reviewed Cheap2Drive — 5 star

March 30 ·

Paul, you were absolutely amazing. We came to you with exactly what we wanted and our price range, and you found it. You were patient and we really appreciate it! Unlike most dealers who try to get you into anything they can, you were just the opposite. We will definitely recommend all of our friends your way!!!

Amy Cheatham Hayes reviewed Cheap2Drive — 5 star

March 29 ·

Paul provided us exactly what we needed, and then some. He was extremely flexible, super patient and accomodating, but also just the right amount of cheeky. It was a pleasure to buy our cars from him.

Jabari Johnson reviewed Cheap2Drive — 5 star

March 29 ·

Been in Japan for about 10 years. Best car buying experience ever!! Paul was very transparent and professional. Put all the information up front with no “oh by the ways”. If you are interested in a vehicle, he will hold it, then tell you to think about it. He took care of all the necessary paperwork. WE recommend seeing Paul before heading to the commissary lemon lot (afterwards he will never go there). He is strictly SERVICE 1ST, then PROFIT, 2ND!!!!! He is a very dedicated car salesman, & we would HIGHLY recommend his services.

Chie Veneracion-Peace reviewed Cheap2Drive — 5 star

March 22 ·

Paul exceeded our expectations and gave us new meaning to used vehicle, putting us in exactly the car we were asking for in color, size and price.
The purchase was hands down the smoothest process as well. With Pauls handling of the necessary footwork and his knowledgeable step-by-step guidance, he was able to get us into a new vehicle quickly making our car buying experience painless and worry-free.
We would highly recommend Cheap to Drive to anyone looking to buy a vehicle.

Stacey Dawn Grigsby reviewed Cheap2Drive — 5 star

March 16 ·

I’m so glad that we decided to purchase our vehicle from Paul. Being in a foreign country and making big decisions like getting a vehicle can be overwhelming. We discussed with Paul what we needed and how much our budget was and he went over and beyond to find us everything we wanted and more without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a vehicle Paul is your guy. He’ll make sure you’re safe and comfortable with your decision.

Meia Ruch reviewed Cheap2Drive — 5 star

March 16 ·

My family & I have purchased two vehicles through Paul. Our experience with buying vehicles with him has been spectacular. He’s very honest, experienced, & goes above & beyond to make sure you get exactly what you want. He is a very dedicated car salesman, & we would highly recommend his services.

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