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Fuji Automotive Auto Exports

Looking to import a JDM car to your home country? 
With more than 12 years of experience buying cars in the Japanese Domestic Market we can give you peace of mind and get you exactly what you're looking for all at the price you want!

Custom JDM Vehicle Purchasing and Export, straight from the source!

Are you looking for JDM vehicles but do not know a reliable source to buy and export them?

Fuji Automotive is here as an answer to your problem! As a part of Nipponz International, we deal in a variety of cars ranging from sports cars to kei cars, SUVs, classics, and trucks just for the international market with a special focus on the North American scene. We would love to help source, inspect, transport, certify and deliver a unique JDM car from Japan to you all with a focus on price, reliability, and peace of mind.

We are striving to become the favorite solution for buying & importing used cars directly from the Japanese Domestic Market and would love to help you get you into your dream car!

What does Fuji Automotive offer you?

  • Unlimited access to the Japanese Domestic Market via JAA and USS Auctions nationwide across Japan, allowing us to get whatever you need for the price you want!

  • Pricing and conditions set by you and met by us, all set to your custom order.

  • Easy customer support to help guide in locating your exact dream car and getting it to you.

  • Transparent car-buying experience with clear information & detailed photos of each car for you to examine.

  • All sourced cars are inspected and given Auction-certified ratings to assure you of their quality!

  • Thorough communication every step of the way till the car is safely in your drive!

If you have questions about a car you're interested in, or are wondering what car you should buy, don't hesitate to send us an inquiry: Our sale agents would be happy to provide you with any guidance that you might need! 
We hope that you will be able to find your dream car with Fuji Automotive, please let us know how we can help you, any step of the way! 

Nipponz International is a Japanese business conglomerate set up to support international customers in finding & purchasing quality Japanese domestic market vehicles direct from Japan! 日本国内専売自動車

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