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Vehicle Warranty Information


We strive hard to make your purchase here with Fuji Automotive Yokosuka a good one, and we will try our best to ensure that the vehicle you drive off the lot with is in good working condition! But, we would we like all our customers to be advised of a few key details prior to purchasing. 

Vehicle Warranty Information

At Fuji Automotive, we check all cars before we sell to ensure that they are road worthy when you leave the lot!

Our Free Standard warranty will cover Engine and Transmission issues (powertrain warranty) for the next 1,000 kilometers driven or for 1 month, whichever comes first. However, Please NOTE vehicles exceeding the age of 20 years & to include all European made vehicle such as BMW is sold as seen which means you are on your own once you take ownership, in regards to old vehicles, once vehicle is inspected and in good mechanical order, once delivery has taken place Fuji Automotive cannot be held responsible for any failures of any kind due to age, in regards to the European vehicle the reason for exclusion to warranty is because it is easier for previous owners to manipulate servicing and warning lamps to be turned off prior to sending to auction. Team Fuji Automotive apologies in advance for this clause.

We want you to be satisfied with your car purchase! During test drives, if any faults or flaws are determined to exist on your new vehicle, we will take care of those issues before you take delivery of that vehicle! In addition, we will provide vehicles with basic maintenance, such as with changing oil and fluids. We make sure brakes and tires comply to what is required in order to pass Japanese safety inspection, in the event inspection is failed due to low tread we change them at no charge. Concerning the car's onboard battery we will check if it’s more than 2 years old, and if it is over that age we will change it. In addition, if the test meter indicates low power or the engine will not immediately turn over, we charge the battery and run the vehicle till it is good to go at next startup. 


Fuji Automotive standard warranty plan does NOT cover THE FOLLOWING, electronic parts, such as window controls, air conditioning power, steering system, Brakes, CV boots, drive shaft boots, suspension, shocks and any other components are not part of our limited powertrain warranty! This additionally means that the vehicle's suspension, coil overs, dampers, and mounts of any kind will not be covered by our warranty. Please be advised that these are used cars and your test drive is for you to not only see if the car is right in size and options but to also point out any concerns to be addressed prior to delivery, after delivery smaller things like lights, lightbulbs, Interior lamps, check engine lights, ignition coils and spare plugs also we CANNOT cover as the vehicle ages. 

Since we never know how the car is treated once it’s off our lot, things such as engine oil leakage, radiator leakage, AC compressor failures and ETC can happen after purchase such as when the vehicle is revved high, driven over obstacles, driven recklessly, or the vehicle underside is damaged so please drive carefully.


Please note! The Japanese authorities will not pass the vehicle during inspection if there’s any leakage of any fluids or if there’s any check engine or other systems warning lights on. In so meaning that when we have possession of the vehicle they are in good condition to the best of our knowledge and we are selling them as such! It should be understood that used cars can have their own failure points at any time.


1 - Please note when purchasing a modified vehicle (not factory stock) Fuji Automotive will not be held responsible for any failures when trying to inspect the vehicle at LTO, when a client chooses a modified vehicle either from stock or direct at auction, it is their sole responsibility to make any adjustments or changes in order to pass the Japanese governing body inspection system.

2 - Fuji Automotive offers clients from other areas to purchase any of our stock vehicles or ordering direct at auction, however if we are required to deliver such said vehicle to any prefecture outside of Kanagawa, any failures or issues occurring to the vehicle during such journey, example Sasebo, Iwakuni, Okinawa, Misawa etc, Fuji Automotive cannot be held responsible for any repairs that occur during transport or being driven to client. We offer delivery service in order for service members to be able to source vehicles further a field than their local area, most times saving you huge amounts of $$$ under local dealer price. This service does come with certain risk, many of the vehicles requested are old vehicles, sometimes exceeding 20 years old a journey of such lengths can impact certain weak spots unnoticed at inspection.


We try our best everyday to find you quality used cars in the best condition possible and we do it all at a very cheap price. However, this means that our own profit is on slim margin and we would like a mutual understanding of these conditions. That’s how we can sell quality cars at cheap prices. Thanks so much for your cooperation and understanding, and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Fuji Automotive Management


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